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Aeronauts are one of four classes that first appeared in Remnants of Skystone.



Remnants of Skystone Aeronaut Training Alpha-0

Flipline's YouTube video showing the Aeronaut training

Aeronauts are able to fly and hover. They attack by shooting steam out of their Blaster Cuffs. They cannot attack downwards.

Sprocket Info

Arsenal Sprocket

Arsenal: Blaster Cuffs: Aeronauts use Blaster Cuffs both for navigation and battle. Ether-infused steam is piped into each cuff allowing for temporary flight. When battling, they can shoot bursts of steam, or quickly switch to close range steam-throwers.

Class Conflict Sprockets

Class Conflict: The Ferric Removal Act: In 15 AH, the leader of the Aeronauts, Admiral Chivington, signed the Ferric Removal Act. It started a campaign against the Ferric tribes that inhabited the lush foothills of the Cedervale Mountains.

Class Conflict: War of Grittop Mountain: A year after the Etherite Rush started, the Aeronauts declared war on the Crags living upon Grittop Mountain. The Aeronauts hoped to gain control of the mountain known for its unusually high amounts of Etherite.

Aeronaut NPCs


  • Aeronauts built Nidaria.
  • Steamport City was an Aeronaut town before the Haze spread there.
  • The Aeronauts' traditional currency was the Shiner before all classes switched to using Spores and Brass.