Arachnips are enemies that appear in Jacksmith. They are spiders that have fallen under the control of Dudley and been turned into monsters by him. During battle, they attack by biting and shooting web projectiles.

Arachnips are quite common enemies in the game; they first appear in the Lowlands, and their elemental counterparts appear frequently in other areas. The Tarantulights, a lightning-elemental version of Arachnips first seen in Boneyard Dunes, received a Flipdeck.

Flipdeck Info (Tarantulight)

Tarantulights are a form of Arachnips that have been enchanted with elemental lightning. They produce a large electric charge that can be used to stun their enemies. Tarantulights have tungsten-laced webbing that can turn their entire web into an inescapable, electrified trap. Other Arachnip varieties include Burning Longlegs, Waterstalk, Spincicle, Pebblefang, Windweaver, Pine Recluse, and Webwindow. All of these dangerous Arachnips are under the complete control of the great wizard, Dudley.

Types of Arachnips


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