The Bake Station is a station that appears in Papa's Pizzeria/To Go!/HD, Papa's Cupcakeria/To Go!/HD, Papa's Bakeria/To Go!, and Papa's Scooperia/HD/To Go!.

In Papa's Pizzeria/HD/To Go!, it is referred to as the Baking Station, and in there, the player bakes the pizzas for the customer's desired amount of time. Customers will choose to have their pizzas cooked to different points on the timer dial (in Pizzeria To Go!/HD, customers can choose to have their pizzas light, regular, or well done). When the pizza is finished baking, the player clicks on it to move it to the next station.

In Papa's Cupcakeria/To Go!/HD after filling the liners with batter, the player drags the cupcakes to a spot in the oven. When the cupcakes are finished baking, the player drags them to the finished counter with the checkmark on it. They will then be sent to the Build Station.

In Papa's Bakeria/To Go!, the only step required in the Bake Station is to bake the pies. All the pies take the same amount of time to bake, and there are no extra steps like stirring or flipping afterwards. Once the pies are done, the player drags them to the check-mark tray to send them to the next station.

In Papa's Scooperia/HD/To Go!, the Bake Station once again only requires one step, that being to bake the cookies in the oven. Once a cookie is done baking, the player drags it over to one of the three plates below the oven. If the player is filling an order that calls for more than one cookie, the plate will expand to fit up to three cookies, as that is the most amount of cookies a customer can order in this game.


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