Balloons are platforms in Papa Louie 2 and Papa Louie 3 that the player can use to traverse through the air. They come in different varieties, each one with a different movement pattern; they also appear in different sizes. They make their first appearance in level 2, Lettuce Lane (PL2) and level 4, Vanilla Heights (PL3).


Fizzo Balloon-0

Fizzo Balloon

They have the Fizzo logo. They float in one place and never move.

Tangerine Pop Balloon-1

Tangerine Pop Balloon

They have the Tangerine Pop logo. They move back and forth.

Purple Burple Balloon-0

Purple Burple Balloon

They have the Purple Burple logo. They move up and down.

Lemon Mist Balloon

Lemon Mist Balloon

They have the Lemon Mist logo. They move in a circle.

Diet Fizzo Balloon-0

Diet Fizzo Balloon

They have the Diet Fizzo logo. They normally float in one place, but will slowly float downward as long as the player is standing on them.                

Collectible Balloons

In level 6 of PL2 (Cheddar Hills) & level 7 of PL3 (Lake Chocodunk), one of the objectives is to collect 5 Foodini balloons.

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