• Cookies & Huntee

    Many customer's order tickets for Pancakeria To Go need to be uploaded. I don't play that game, and I've been editing as many Wingeria orders as I can. We need everyone's help to make Flipline Studios Wiki the best Wiki of all!

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  • Mokeymokeysheep

    It's cold here

    I was standing there

    All alone

    The chatroom is inactive

    The community is as empty as a convinient store at 1 a.m.

    It's still ongoing

    But something's missing

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  • Mokeymokeysheep

    Where art I?

    March 14, 2019 by Mokeymokeysheep

    Deep Inside 誰の為
    Deep Inside 何の為
    チカラ求めて 彷徨う Du Fragst MICH, ob ICH mit dir Komm Flusterst Du mir en mein Or Du Fragst MICH, ob ICH Deine Mano Nehm Ich hab Keinen Grund, Dich Abzulehnen 世界でいちばんおひめさま 気がついて ねえねえ 待たせるなんて論外よ もうなんだか あまいものが食べたい! いますぐによ  

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  • RedRubyTwilight

    Yeah I know this isn't YouTube but I'm bored so yeah. Every single one of these are unpopular.

    1. I said this before but I'll say it again I won't eat anything that has any sort of peanut butter flavor(I'm not allergic).
    2. I never really understood the hype around finding Nemo its rather boring.
    3. I don't like salmon at all.
    4. I prefer dark chocolate(I researched this and it's popularity is increasing) though I admit it has a weird after taste.
    5. I don't think Adam Levine is as hot as everyone says he is.
    6. Also Maroon 5 is mediocre at best.
    7. Grape jelly(or jam whichever one you say) is better than strawberry. (I'm not saying grape jam is disliked ik it isn't but strawberry is most popular according to research)
    8. One Direction is one of the most generic bands(I…
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  • YJnD747MqP

    This logo is futuristic design(with a pattern of lines like a circuit).

    • The atmosphere of stations is futuristic
    • We can make our own order
    • We can order and receive orders from other players online communication
    • We can also specify complicated specifications that were not in past versions
    • There is a concept of holidays in all
    • We can keep up to 2 items of our favorite holidays and use it during other holidays

    Title list and features at the moment

    Adding more normal Ingredients Holidays of it(There are some differences here )

    • New Year
    • Mardi Gras
    • St. Paddy's Day
    • Easter
    • Cinco de Mayo
    • Summer Luau
    • Starlight BBQ
    • BavariaFest
    • Gondola 500(or Grōōvstock)
    • Halloween
    • Thanksgiving
    • Christmas

    Multiple Mixables and Syrups in an Ice Cream Holidays of it(There are some differences…

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  • Nikospa1000
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  • Nikospa1000
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  • Tahmina180

    Kingsley: Welcome back, my dearest folks! Last episode, the contestants ran a blindfolded race. Of course they couldn't tell who was and wasn't bypassing them, but yeah. It looks like last episode was the final time we do our traditional elimination style. You wanna know why? Because for this episode, I will NOT be guiding the contestants! As a matter of fact, they're not even here with me right now! They're somewhere else in which our writer writing this chapter will show you. She knows everything, not me. Haha. But anyways! Find out who's going to leave and who's going to stay today on Kingsley's! Custooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolimination!

    The scene pans to a stage with a purple curtain facing the audience, who are the eliminated …

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  • SF13579

    Papa's Freezeria HD Update

    February 27, 2019 by SF13579

    • Order Station
    • Build Station
    • Mix Station
    • Topping Station

    • Mandi (Tutorial)
    • Tony (After Tutorial)
    • Steven (Random)
    • Rita (Random)
    • Shannon (Random)
    • Hugo (Random)
    • Akari (Time)
    • Ninjoy (Time)
    • Whiff Time)
    • Ember (Time)
    • Mousse (Time)
    • Timm (Time)
    • Yui (Time)
    • Ripley (Time)
    • Marty (Time)
    • Olga (Time)
    • Ivy (Time)
    • Elle (Time)
    • Nye (Time)
    • Sue (Time)
    • Cherissa (Time)
    • Radlynn (Time)
    • Carlo Romano (Time)
    • Skyler (Time)
    • Doan (Time)
    • Mayor Mallow (Time)
    • Koilee (Time)
    • Austin (Time)
    • Liezel (Time)
    • Peggy (Time)
    • Cletus (Time)
    • Mitch (Time)
    • Rhonda (Time)
    • Franco (Time)
    • Nick (Time)
    • Connor (Time)
    • Perri (Time)
    • Trishna (Time)
    • Lisa (Time)
    • Wally (Time)
    • Indigo (Time)
    • Vicky (Time)
    • Deano (Time)
    • Cameo (Time)
    • Wendy (Time)
    • Brody (Time)
    • Clover (Time)
    • Greg (Day 2)
    • Roy (Rank 2)
    • James (Rank 3)
    • Hank (Rank 4)
    • Skip (Rank 5)
    • Willow (Rank 6)
    • Ninjoy (Rank …

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  • Shallow.exe

    So there is this guy at the end of level four which you need to push a boulder to access him. When do I get a person that can push things, like captain cori or james?

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  • Tahmina180

    Before I begin this chapter, there is an important message above the polls. I highly suggest you read it before you vote. With that being said, let's get to the chapter!

    Kingsley: Welcome back folks! Last episode, the contestants went to a place that seemed like a laser tag place. But it had all your favorite baddies from your shooting games in the Flipline mini games! So yeah. Find out who will stay and who will go today on Kingsley's! Custoooooooooooooooooolimination!

    Kingsley: Okay contestants, ready for your next challenge?

    Cooper: Ready when you are.

    Kingsley: Alright! For today's challenge, come over here. Let me tie some blindfolds around your eyes.

    Olivia: BLINDFOLDS?! Why blindfolds?!

    Kingsley: Oh, you'll see.

    One by one, the contestants…

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  • Hacky Zak


    February 21, 2019 by Hacky Zak
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  • Hacky Zak


    February 21, 2019 by Hacky Zak
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  • I Am MonkeyBoy

    Question 2

    February 19, 2019 by I Am MonkeyBoy

    Here it is: What do you think/know that you are known for at your school, workplace, home, and etc.? Would anyone like to know what I'm known for at my school?

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  • JustDavis

    (sadly i cannot publish this blog due to a "new rule" at this wiki)

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  • Tahmina180

    Kingsley: Welcome back, folks! Last episode, the contestants had to go through a series of dares commanded by their team captains. I saw some really crazy ones. And boy oh boy, Olivia NAILED the dare Mousse gave her! Isn't it such a nice sight to see? Anyways, find out who's going to stay and who will go today on Kingsley's! Custooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolimination!


    Kingsley: Alright contestants, today's challenge will be preeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetty fun.

    Mousse: Cool! Is it gonna be about us racing?

    Kingsley: Not exactly. But today's challenge is uh... hey, people of Flipline Studios? Have you ever played these mini games called Sundae Shot, Saucy Shot, Cool Shot, you name it? Well, this is gonna be today's challenge, with every single…

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  • RedRubyTwilight

    I recently started taking Spanish class on Wednesdays and right after this one I went on a trip for Valentine's day and our parents put us to bed early and they went out to dinner. We are getting ready to leave leave now. Can you guess where we went.

    Edit:OMG it's 11:30 p.m. and we're finally home. We first started leaving and we at around 11:30 a.m. we took a different route than normal(I've been there a few times) because they closed that pass. So we're driving through the mountains, we got stuck a few times but my dad would be able to push the car, one time however we got really stuck and the left side of the car was right next to a hill of snow so you couldn't even come out that way. We had to get someone to help us. Then we were stu…

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  • I Am MonkeyBoy


    February 15, 2019 by I Am MonkeyBoy

    Here it is: What would you do if your teacher told you to write a 40 page essay? I asked my brother and he said that if a teacher told him to do that, that he swears on his soul that they wouldn't be getting one back. My niece said that she wouldn't do it. I also asked my momma, but I can't mention what she said because there were swear words involved so....    

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  • Tahmina180

    Before I begin this chapter, there is an important message above the polls that you have to read that is regarding this series. If you do read it, thank you so much. So yeah. That's what I have to say. Enjoy the episode!

    Kingsley: Welcome back, folks! Last episode, the contestants played extreme basketball in a track Professor Fitz made. I could tell they all had a great time, yet they were having a biiiiiiiit of trouble. And there our friend Amy had to leave us. So now we are down to 11 contestants! Find out who's gonna stay and who will go today on Kingsley's! Custoooooooooooooooooolimination!


    Kingsley: Okay contestants! For your next challenge, this is gonna be pretty fun.

    Mousse: Oooooh, tell us!

    Kingsley: It's gonna be a challenge with…

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  • Hacky Zak

    Hey Guys, welcome to Mama Louie's Best Customer 2019! It's basically like Papa's Best Customer Male And Female but slightly different. Firstly, all the characters are ones that I have created, and although it says that the customers are all Mama Louie's, some of them aren't. Some of the characters competing are based on real people and aren't part of the Mama Louie restaurant franchise but are part of the same canon and want to prove to Mama Louie that they are the bosses around here. Here are some differences to this tournament

    • 64 characters are competing instead of 120.
    • There will only be one winner
    • There are 8 divisions instead of 15
    • 50% of the characters are Mama Louie's characters and the other 50% are real people.

    Each division is named a…

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  • JoelPalencia12
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  • Skyline97

    Well it was a handful for me to fill in the rest of the missing order tickets for Pizzeria HD, but I finally uploaded the rest today! Though I hope other people can upload the order tickets for Hot Doggeria HD/To Go!, Taco Mia To Go!, and Scooperia versions, so that I don't do a lot of workload because I deleted Hot Doggeria HD since I got all gold customers, and I didn't know some customers didn't have their order tickets uploaded yet. So I'm determined to not make the same mistake again. Maybe I'll replay Hot Doggeria HD once I get the rest of the HD games in all gold customers.

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  • OcFanatic

    Previous: Danganronpa: Flipping Tears of Despair: Chapter 3 - In The Name Of Their Inner Self (Class Trial)

    Next: Danganronpa: Flipping Tears of Despair: Chapter 4 - Now You Sea Me (Deadly Life)

    Last time, many craziness happened in the class trial on what and who murdered both Julep and Kenji. It turns out that their murderers are the same and it is none other than Zoe, the least person to expect to be a murderer. Zoe's reasoning to murder is really insane and unjustifiable unlike the first two murderers, that Zoe wanted to induce despair and more murders due to being the one who got her memories back from the motive video which is still missing. After Zoe's execution, Captain Cori gone insane that she got herself sick and went to the hospi…

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  • Tahmina180

    Kingsley: Welcome back, folks! Last episode, the contestants did a competetive challenge by trying to take the flag and plant it first. There Robby had a bit of a fit when he wasn't the one who made his team win, but it doesn't matter! Also, our good ol' ice cream expert Koilee has been melted out of the game. But right now, find out who's going to leave and who will stay today on Kingsley's! Custooooooooooooooooooooolimination!

    Kingsley: Alright contestants! Are you up for the next challenge?

    Mousse: You bet! I don't even think I need Whippa anymore! Forget her!

    Olivia: Don't tell me you're gonna abandon her for me. She's your BLOOD.

    Mousse: But she was the reason I was so insecure!

    Olivia: I am still happy I helped you though.

    Kingsley: The ne…

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  • Tahmina180

    Before I begin this chapter, I'm going to say I will be delaying my chapters every now and then just so that I can get some ideas for new challenges. And also, this is going to be a bit short like always, so yeah. Furthermore, Tohru is going to speak a lot of Japanese in this chapter, so at the end, I will add the translations to what she said. That's all I gotta say. Enjoy!

    Kingsley: Welcome back, folks! Last episode, the contestants had to dig up Captain Cori's hat in a big dirt field! There Robby didn't get to find it for his love, but that didn't mean his team lost! In fact, we had to kiss Hacky Zak goodbye on that day. I really liked him as a contestant, but that's ok. At least he was here! But, find out who's gonna leave and who will…

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  • Tahmina180


    January 25, 2019 by Tahmina180

    I tried to make the next chapter, but when I was gonna publish it the whole blog thing wiped out... I don't know how I will write it all over again...

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  • KK899

    Sign Up My Cube Competition!

    January 20, 2019 by KK899

    This is estimated to be the first Rubik's cube game in wiki, mainly to raise the love of the Rubik's Cube and let more people know the Rubik's Cube.

    Registration notice:
    1. Currently reportable items: Rubik's cube, 2*2*2 cube, 4*4*4 cube, pyramid, skewb, 3*3*3 blindfolder, fun project (gear cube)
    2. Planning schedule:
    The first round is a qualifying session. Each registered player will send his own single-shot screenshot (which can be an online timer and an offline timer) to my discussion post for a backup. It is a day), everyone can send their grades at any time. After the backup is completed, all the players' scores will be numbered according to the level. Each lower ranked player can choose a player who ranks higher than himself to challeng…

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  • SkinnyLedgend

    Six months badge!

    January 20, 2019 by SkinnyLedgend

    After a long journey, I finally got to reach the six month badge that I’ve worked hard for. I hope to get the Wikia hero badge later in the future~

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  • Tahmina180

    Hey guys, it's your girl Tahmina, and today I'm gonna make a list on what I liked about the past year of 2018! Some of them are related to Flipline, and some are just experiences that I love talking about. So without further ado, let's jump right into it.

    1. Papa's Scooperia. Oh my god. This had to be the biggest hit ever. I had always wondered what the new Gameria would be called, and after what seemed like ages, the name of the game got revealed! I was so excited for it to come out, especially since it made a great addition to one of my Flipline fanfics I wrote in 2017. When it came out I asked my mom to get it for me on my iPad, and she said yes! I played until I reached kinda near the end. But I reset all my info on my iPad for some re…

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  • Adiwow0916

    Since Flash will shut down in 2020, we only got eleven months remaining to play all of Flipline's web browser games. Flipline has always been my most favorite game franchise, and the games that Matt and Tony created always has a special place in my heart. I don't want to be dramatic, so I'm going to list down all the games and my memories with them.

    • Papa's Pizzeria - This is the very first gameria and Flipline game that I've ever played. I remember the first time I saw this game, where my sister is playing it in our computer (we only had one computer back then). It was heavily raining that day and it forced our afternoon classes to be cut off. At first, I couldn't care less about what my sister is playing. But then, when I played it myself,…

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  • JK55556

    As you may know, the Fandom Customers Tournament 2019 has begun as of Monday, January 14! This is the third edition of the three month tournament composing of 64 customers from four different groups. One group is composed of Facebook Fans, while the other three groups are different Flipline Fanon Wikis. The tournament is officially being hosted on Flipline Fanfiction Wiki, but I will be collecting votes from users of this wiki as well.

    To cast your vote, please comment on this blog post with your voting selections.

    Every vote counts, so we need your valuable input! New rounds begin every 3 days.

    So, please cast your vote! We'd appreciate it!

    The tournament is still ongoing, however, I have stopped updating this blog post due to a lack of votes…

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  • Tahmina180

    Kingsley: Welcome back, folks! Last episode, the contestants were sucked into the classic Flipline game, Slider Scouts. Everyone was a slippin' and a slidin' down the track! However, our friend Perri had to go back to her missions to defeat Dr. Doofenshmirtz. Wait, that's Perry The Platypus. What's the difference? Oh, whatever. Anyways, find out who's gonna stay and who will go today on Kingsley's! Custooooooooooooooooolimination!

    Hacky Zak: Man, that previous challenge was brilliant! I never thought Kingsley's magical remote had the ability to take me places other than places not on this planet.

    Tohru: I know! Sugoi desu!

    Hacky Zak: Soggy what?

    Tohru: (facepalm)

    Kingsley: Okay folks! Today's challenge will be sorta fun, because on my handy dan…

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  • Cassie Moats

    Before the Wiki became more serious and developed...

    I gave out semi-fake families, until I was temporarily kicked off. I stayed away from putting false info on the wiki since, however some of the fake information I put on this wiki turned out to be true later on, shocking the fans as a result. I now do headcanons on the characters particularly Kahuna and Nick having a father and son type bond (because there was no mention of their families) and as of yet, no one/none of you complained about it and Matt and Tony haven't released information about their (Kahuna and Nick's) families as of now/yet.

    I hope you guys know why I don't do much for the Wiki now.

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  • DiddyVelvet

    Oh wow

    January 11, 2019 by DiddyVelvet

    Well i lost my 100th day award cuz i rarelly online but hey! I got my 2nd or 3rd lucky award!

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  • Zomi-bea

    I'm zomi-bea

    January 8, 2019 by Zomi-bea

    I'm zomi-bea. I'm a new artist in this fandom. You can chat with me if you like Here's my Deviantart link

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  • Tahmina180

    Kingsley: Welcome back, folks! Last episode, the contestants had to fill in for Santa's elves by making toys for the kids. Everybody did such a great job on teamwork! However, one of our friends had to say goodbye, and that was Mitch. But anyways! Find out who's gonna stay and go today on Kingsley's! Custooooooooooooooooooooolimination!

    Tohru: *looking at her phone*

    Rudy: What'cha looking at?

    Tohru: A viral video about slime.

    Rudy: Slime?! Oh my god! That's so cool!

    Tohru: Yeah. People do a lot of things with slime.

    Rudy: And it is fun to play with. Haha.

    Kingsley: Alright contestants! Your next challenge is gonna also be special. You're gonna get sucked into the Slider Scouts game!

    Hacky Zak: Oh boy! I remember when I used to play that game a lot…

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  • Skyline97

    BDJ told me to ask the community to see if I can merge Cajun Shrimp into the Shrimp page, so I figured the best way would be to make a blog here and ask everyone if it’s okay to merge cajun shrimp to the Shrimp page.

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  • OcFanatic

    Previous: Danganronpa: Flipping Tears of Despair: Chapter 3 - In The Name Of Their Inner Self (Deadly Life)

    Next: Danganronpa: Flipping Tears of Despair: Chapter 4 - Now You Sea Me (Daily Life)

    Welcome back!! Last time, the remaining survivors are divided due to one group being stuck in the crime scene where Julep is. Thanks to that, they have to investigate separately but that is when they discover Kenji being dead. With that, they have no choice but to investigate both murders with the discovery of both suicide notes...why did Julep and Kenji killed in the same time? Are there two killers? Will they find the truth? Find out... Click for Truth Bullets

    Monokuma: Now, let's begin with a simple explanation of the class trial! During the class t…

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  • Dlsja

    Your scene

    January 4, 2019 by Dlsja

    I want to see your scenes from Papa Louie Pals!!! My scenes

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  • Tahmina180


    January 1, 2019 by Tahmina180

    Happy new year everyone!

    I'm really happy 2018 is over. Here comes 2019, with more things to enjoy.

    I had a fun time during my Canada trip. Went to the mall to get chocolates, visited my relatives, and purchased things for my friends back in my state at the dollar store.

    Hopefully I'll return by afternoon tomorrow. So I can write the next chapter of my series.

    Stay tuned!

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  • RedRubyTwilight

    I've been gone for Thanksgiving 2014 and Halloween 2015 but never Christmas and New Year until last year when I went to Turkey for Christmas time and Germany for New Year. On December 19th we went to the airport and flew to LA then to Paris then finally to Instanbul. We took a cab to the hotel and arrived at around 8:00ish.

    Day 1:

    We go downstairs and ate breakfast and visited the Hagia Sophia.

    Day 2:

    We stayed in the hotel most of the and ate dinner at a nearby restaurant.

    Day 3:

    We road the train to the Grand Bazaar and went shopping and we ate lunch at a restaurant near there. I got pink beanie.

    Day 4:

    We visited the Basilica cistern and then we go to this travel center schedule for a boat ride down the Bosphorous river

    Day 5:

    For Christmas me an…

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  • JustDavis


    December 28, 2018 by JustDavis

    Hello dear Flipline Studios Wiki,

    I didn't see you guys commenting on my last blog, so I am gonna tell you this now - I am going to make my own Flipline Studios Discord Server! It will take a lot of time to make it, but I hope editing bots and making relevant channels will be easier. I will spread the link to the Discord server at the end of my winter break.

    If there are any known Flipline Studios Discord Servers, please send me an invite on my Discord (Just Davis#2822).

    Have a good day/night,
    Davis (aka Matty).

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  • DiddyVelvet

    Name Change or Keep

    December 26, 2018 by DiddyVelvet

    Should i use my Forum username or keep as this?

    That the only thing i want to ask and Happy late Holiday 2018~

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  • JustDavis

    I'm Back

    December 25, 2018 by JustDavis

    Dear Flipline Studios Wikia,

    If you think we don't know each other, I am Matty0502. I know I can contribute from my old account, but since I got interest in Just Dance and in other games than Flipline Studios, I prefer to contribute from this account, instead of replacing my two accounts over and over again. I will may keep contributing from my first account, but it will probably be rare. Also, with Matty being to problematic to this wiki, and getting caught for being underaged week before his 13th birthday [2 fun facts: 1) i've got blocked in my Matty account for more than 100 days, and Bdj610 even planned to block me for a year. 2) I joined this Wiki when I was 10. Luckily, people tried to pull this information from me]. I want this accou…

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  • Summerleo

    Merry Christmas!

    December 25, 2018 by Summerleo

    Where I live it's already the 25th so... Merry Christmas everyone! 🎄✨ Hope you have a great day. 😊 x

    ~ Summerleo

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  • ISS600
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  • Tahmina180

    Kingsley: Welcome back, folks! Last episode, the contestants had to slide down a giant hill using a matter of force and control. Unfortunately, our friend Allan had to say farewell to us. But! We are almost halfway through the competition. Find out who's gonna stay and who will go today on Kingsley's! Custooooooooooooooooooooolimination!


    Olivia: I wonder if today's challenge is gonna be violent.

    Mousse: Me too. I wonder if it'll be fun.

    Sasha: What's life without fun?

    Kingsley: Okay folks! Since Christmas is around the corner, I'm gonna take you to somewhere special for today's challenge! Check this out! (takes out a remote control thingy) This here doohickey is something Professor Fitz helped me with. It teleports us to different places to…

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  • JK55556

    Note: I don't know why it looks like . It's probably because of the quotes or the slash. 

    Anyways, now to the main point!

    As you know, "Ranks required to unlock him/her" and "Unlockables" are two different sections on the customer pages. "Ranks required to unlock him/her" lists the game along with the rank that he/she is unlocked on, and "Unlockables" lists the game along with the ingredient that he/she is unlocked with.

    These two sections can easily be combined into one section (Unlockables) using the following format. (this would be seen on the Hacky Zak page)

    • Onion Zest, Rank 19 (Scooperia)

    This format makes it much easier for users to see the game, ingredient, and rank all in one section instead of having it spread out into two sections.


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  • Tahmina180

    Should I give up?

    December 18, 2018 by Tahmina180

    You think I should just give up trying to get the 60 day badge? Because I literally forgot about coming here today. Every time I have so many days in, I lose my streak. It seems like it's impossible for me to get the badge. I keep trying but I keep failing. I don't even think it's worth trying anymore. Everyone else who got the badge are lucky. So what do you think? Should I dismount my strength and just not try anymore?

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  • Zoomer3539

    Previous: Prologue - Savory Survival

    Next: Chapter 1 - Paradigm of a Criminal (Deadly Life)

    Hey guys, it's Speedo. Welcome back to Danganflipa MM! Last time, a brand-new cast of sixteen students found themselves trapped in Munchmore, where they found Monokuma and Radley. Radley told them that the sixteen students would work for him, but Monokuma had other plans. He told everyone that they had to kill someone and get away with it if they wanted to get back to the real world. And what's more, Monokuma revealed that half of the students, called the Vipers, masterminded this killing game, the Killing School Transfer. How will Roy and the other students live their new deadly lives among a group of killers?

    Roy: After Monokuma finished laughing mani…

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