Brownie Bops are baddies that appear in Papa Louie 3: When Sundaes Attack!. They are first seen in Vanilla Heights.

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Male Bops are often referred to as Brownie Bops by the Scoopians of Neapolitown. Most reside in dens located deep within the Cookie Caverns. However, Radley Madish scared them all out when he built his subterranean base. Now these grumpy Bops can even be found thumping around town in Vanilla Heights. Since Brownie Bops are on the loose, it's best to always look up before running into unfamiliar areas.


They resemble brown rectangular prisms, but with angry bear-like faces. They have thick black eyebrows, two beady eyes, a black nose and a frown. They have small circular ears and powdered sugar on top.


They attack similarly to Swiss Zacks, hanging on the ceiling and waiting for the player to come close, then falling down to try to crush the customer. And then they will repeat their pattern, smashing into the ceiling and floor repeatedly.

Unlike the Swiss Zack, however, Brownie Bops can actually be defeated by hitting them once.


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