Burgerburgh, one of the many cities in the Flipverse.

Burgerburgh is a fictional town within the Flipverse. It is home to Papa's Burgeria.

Burgerburgh is represented in Griller Stadium by the Burgerburgh Sizzlers. There is also a professional basketball team, the Burgerburgh Broilers. [1]

The local high school is Burgerburgh High, and the sports teams that compete for the school are called the Dumplings. [2]

Burgerburgh also is host to the "world-renowned" Burgerburgh Marathon held annually, which has been won 3 times out of the past 5 years by Lisa. [3]

The Sugarplex Theater is the town's movie theater. [4]

Burgerburgh also has an airport, confirmed in the intro of Papa's Pastaria when the character looks at the plane ticket.

Burgerburgh State University is Burgerburgh's local university.

With regard to time zones, Burgerburgh is two hours ahead of Sakura Bay and one hour ahead of Tacodale[5]


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