Note: This article is about the enemy character Burgerzilla from Papa Louie 2. For the minigame, see Burgerzilla.

Burgerzillas are one of the many enemies of Papa Louie 2: When Burgers Attack! They are anthropomorphic burgers who hop around in their territory.

Flipdeck Info

Hometown: The Saucelands
Loves: Heat lamps
Hates: Customers
Occupation: Monster Guard

Burgerzillas are towering watchdogs designed to keep out any would-be intruders with a hero complex. These mega monsters were concocted by Radley Madish to aid in his quest for world domination. Burgerzillas are loaded to the brim with toppings, so you’ll need to hit them many times to bring these behemoths toppling down.


Burgerzillas have olives for eyes, pickles for tongues, cheese for teeth, and a tomato, hamburger patty, onions, and lettuce making up the rest of the body.

Method of Attack

Burgerzillas attack by occasionally making huge jumps across the ground. They are not aggressive, but in the later levels some Burgerzillas will try to hop towards the player's general direction rather than jump around randomly.

In order to defeat a Burgerzilla, you have to hit it 4 times with your weapon, with each hit knocking out some of its toppings. When you hit it once, the onion falls out. When you hit it second time, the patty falls out. Hitting it a third time knocks out the tomato, and the fourth hit kills it.


  • Burgerzillas can be instanty killed by one slide from a hill.
  • You can bounce on a Burgerzilla's eyes.


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