Calamity Cave is the 7th area that appears in the game Cactus McCoy 2: The Ruins of Calavera. Round stones are falling in these area, they can hurt Cactus McCoy.


  1. Put out all of the torches with Water Balloons.
  2. Beat the level in 4:45.
  3. Kill 6 enemies by setting of TNT Explosives.
  4. Cross the Bottomless Cave without dying.
  5. Break 7 Boulders in the cave by any means necessary.

Locations of the treasures

Chest 1

To get the first chest, you'll need some explosives. Go into the level equipped with some bombs, an Enemigo at the top of a shaft will throw Cherry Bombs. Explode the breakable blocks, head to the left, and go up to expose the first chest.

Chest 2

Ascend in the room with the falling boulders until you find a boulder flinging Enemigo. Kill him, grab a boulder and throw it to an edge of the floor and you must jump up and find a platform conjoined with a chain. You will see a zipline. Ride it, and you will end up in a cave and nearby is the second chest.

Chest 3

In the second section (the bottomless pit area), you will find a Barrel Rocket. Ride it, go left and go down over to find the third chest.

Chest 4

The fourth chest is impossible to get until a hidden button is depressed above it. To do that, keep ascending in the last cavern until you find a mine cart. Push it right until it drops down a narrow hole with a torch in it. Descend a few levels, and walk across a small room that you hid the mine cart in. Push the cart across to hold down the button. Descend one last level and you will hop up a few useable platforms, and sweet treasure victory.

Chest 5

Find some explosives and cross the long spike floor. Drop down a wooden platform into a pit with an up barrel rocket. Use the explosives to find some breakable blocks and use the barrel rocket to get onto a platform. Then keep blasting your way to the final treasure.

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