Calypso Island and Papa's Freezeria

Calypso Island.

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Calypso Island in Freezeria intro

Calypso Island is the island where Papa's Freezeria is located. The population on the island is 12 people. In Papa's Hot Doggeria, there is a baseball team named the Calypso Island Coconuts and a hockey team named the Calypso Island Krakens that is based from this location.

Local Businesses


  • Captain Cori - The captain of the S.S. Louie.  She rescued Robby from a deserted island he got stranded on for three years.
  • Gremmie - A surfer & freediver who also serves as a guide to the nearby Great Saltine Reef.
  • Ivy - Travel Trout travel agent working at the Calypso Island branch.
  • Kahuna - The owner of the Surf Shack next door to the Freezeria.
  • LePete - A teen who hangs out around the boat docks and takes odd jobs around the harbor.
  • Nevada - Utah's older sister and organizer of the farmer's market and craft show.  She sells handmade jewelry from shells she finds on the beach.
  • Utah - Nevada's younger sister, a local guide, and Papa's Pastaria worker.


  • Nevada and LePete are the only known locals from Calypso Island not to debut in Papa's Freezeria.
  • Ninjoy is the only character who made her debut in Papa's Freezeria who is not a local on Calypso Island.
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