Cheddarwurst is a sausage available in Papa's Hot Doggeria/HD/To Go!. It is unlocked with Sasha when the player reaches Rank 28 (Hot Doggeria) or on Day 4 of New Year (HD/To Go!). In Papa's Hot Doggeria/To Go!, the "Cheesy Dogs" badge is earned when the player serves 30 orders with Cheddarwurst.

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Hot Doggeria

Hot Doggeria HD/To Go!

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Papa's Hot Doggeria HD/To Go!


  • These cook fast but not as fast as veggie dogs, so if you go to another station, be sure to come back and check if it's cooked through before flipping or putting it on a bun. If it's almost done, use the cooking booster before flipping it or dragging it to the bun before going to another station.


Appears in Picture Bonus Points Cost Theme
Papa's Hot Doggeria
Cheddarwurst Bonus 20 points $60.00 FurniLogoL.png
Papa's Hot Doggeria HD/To Go!
Cheddarwurst Hot Doggeria HD.jpeg
Cheddarwurst Bonus 20 points $45.00 Sugarplex icon2.png (Hot Doggeria HD)

CincodeMayo icon.png (Hot Doggeria To Go!)

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