Cherry Bombs are a group of baddies that made their first appearance in Papa Louie 3: When Sundaes Attack!. They are first seen in Vanilla Heights.

Flipdeck Info

Cherry Bombs are the hot-headed henchmen of Radley Madish. When attacked, Cherry Bombs will start to feverishly chase their enemy. They will quickly blow up once Cherry Bombs catch their prey unless their fuse blows them up first. A Cherry Bomb dipped in chocolate becomes a dangerous Cordial Bomb. This thick chocolate shell allows Cordial Bombs to take more damage before their fuse ignites. Whether they are Cherry, Cordial or even Truffle Bombs, it is best to avoid them altogether.

Flipline Blog

The Cherry Bombs! They may look familiar to you because they can be seen in Foodini’s mini-game called Cool Shot, on the back of Scooter's skateboard, and as a holiday drizzle in Papa’s Donuteria.

In Papa Louie 3, when triggered, Cherry Bombs will feverishly chase after you until they finally blow up! There are also several varieties like the hard-shelled Cordial Bombs, and the aquatic Cherry Mines. Be very careful around these guys.[2]

Cherry Bombs

The Cherry Bombs resemble red angry walking cherries. Their stem has a fuse at the end and they wear brown shoes.

Cherry Bombs will walk around until they get hit. Once they get hit, they will run after you, trying to explode near you, thus killing the Cherry Bomb and taking away a life from the player. In order to dodge the attacks of the Cherry Bomb, the player must repeatedly hit the Cherry Bomb. Even though it doesn't kill it, it will slow down the Cherry until it finally explodes. Another way to defeat it is to go to an area that is inaccessible to the Cherry Bomb, as they cannot jump. Wait there, until the Cherry Bomb explodes. Then you are safe.

Cordial Bomb

The Cordial Bombs resemble the Cherry Bombs, but instead they have a brown coating on them, like armor. Their coating prevents them from exploding, but it can get broken if you hit it three times.

They will walk around until they get hit. Once they get hit, they will not run, but still walk towards you, trying to hurt you like regular baddies. It takes three hits to break their coating. Once the coating is broken, they will chase quickly after the player, behaving like the normal Cherry Bombs.

Truffle Bomb

For more information, see Truffle Bomb.

Truffle Bomb
The Truffle Bombs are exactly like the Cordial Bombs, but instead have a white coating on them. Aside that, they are exactly the same thing.

Cherry Mines

For more information, see Cherry Mines.

Cherry Mine
The Cherry Mines are found underwater. They resemble red cherry bombs, but with a shorter fuse, and holes on the sides of their bodies. They lack feet.

They will circle their territory until the player bumps into them. They will explode, and the player loses a life. There is no exact way to kill it, as even the Swim Boost cannot defeat it without losing a life. You just simply avoid it until the coast is clear.


  • The Blog and the game itself do not mention or list the Truffle Bomb that behaves exactly the same way as the Cordial Bomb, but with a differently colored shell.
    • However, the Truffle Bomb is mentioned in the Cherry Bomb's Flipdeck.
  • In the game Plants vs. Zombies there is a plant with the same name.



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