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Chicken is an ingredient used in various Papa Louie restaurant-time management games.

In Papa's Taco Mia!/HD/To Go!, it is a standard meat unlocked with Zoe when a player reaches Day 2 in either game. It must first be cut, then flipped before it finishes cooking. In Papa's Taco Mia!, the "Chicken Champ" badge is earned when serving 50 orders of chicken tacos to customers.

In Papa's Pastaria, it is a standard pasta topping unlocked with Clover when a player reaches Rank 3. The "Chicken Champ" badge is earned when serving 30 pasta orders with chicken.

In Papa's Pizzeria To Go!/HD, it is a standard pizza toppings unlocked with Zoe when the player reaches Rank 5 (To Go!) or Rank 9 (HD). In Papa's Pizzeria To Go!, the "Chicken Chopper" badge is earned when serving 30 pizza orders with chicken.

Unlocking grilled chicken

In Papa's Cheeseria/To Go!, Grilled Chicken is a standard topping unlocked with Doan on Day 2. In Papa's Cheeseria, the "Chicken Griller" badge is earned when serving 30 orders with chicken to customers.

Customers who order this

Chicken 1

Taco Mia!


Papa's Pastaria - Chicken

Pizzeria To Go!

Chicken (2)



Taco Mia HD

Taco Mia To Go!

Chicken TMTG

Pizzeria HD

Chicken Pizzeria HD

Cheeseria To Go!

Specials using this ingredient

Papa's Cheeseria/To Go!

Papa's Taco Mia HD/To Go!

Papa's Pizzeria HD



Appears in Picture Bonus Points Cost Theme
Papa's Pastaria, Papa's Taco Mia HD/To Go!, Papa's Pizzeria HD
Chicken Poster
Chicken Bonus 20 points $40.00 Halloween icon
Papa's Cheeseria
Grilled Chicken Poster
Grilled Chicken Bonus 20 points Earned in Mini-game Maple Mornings icon
Papa's Cheeseria To Go!
Chicken (CTG)
Grilled Chicken Bonus 20 points Earned in mini-game Pirate bash icon
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