Chip McMint is a Scoopian (Neapolitown inhabitant). He appears in the second area of Neapolitown in Papa Louie 3: When Sundaes Attack!. The gliding skill is required to find him.

Flipdeck Info

Chip McMint is the star quarterback for the Neapolitown Mayberries. This position along with his incredible winning streak has made him one of the biggest celebrities around town. Because of this, Chip's cool confidence has slowly evolved into outright arrogance. Although his personality may be grating at times, the locals overlook it as long as the Mayberries continue to win. When Neapolitown was besieged by Luau LePunch many hoped their town hero would save the day. Unfortunately, Chip McMint was nowhere to be found.


  • In Rocky Road's flipdeck card, Rocky can be seen looking at Chip's x-ray.


Fan Art

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