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Chocolate Acorns were the thirteenth recipe featured in Papa's Cook Book, a feature on the Flipline Studios Blog.

Recipe 013


1: Find the Supplies

As Thanksgiving approaches, we have a real easy, real fun, and real tasty treat to celebrate the holiday. Chocolate Acorns made their first appearance in Papa’s Cupcakeria. Each acorn is made of 3 separate parts and glued together with chocolate frosting. Finding those parts will be the only challenge here. First you will need to find 24 chocolate chips and some chocolate frosting. Then you will need 24 Gold Creameo Mini’s, although you may have better luck looking for other brands like Nutter Butter Bites, Ritz Peanut Butter Mini’s, etc. Basically any small cookie or cracker that is about an inch in diameter. Next you will need Chocolate Smooches, you know, kisses, buds, drops, whatever you might call them, you’ll need 24.

2: Crafting the Acorns

If you are using mini sandwich cookies, you’ll want to first separate them and scrape off any residual frosting. Then dab some of the new chocolate frosting onto the flat/previously-frosted side of the cookie. Then, unwrap your Chocolate Smooch and stick it onto the cookie using the chocolate frosting as glue. Finally, take a small chocolate chip, coat the flat bottom in chocolate frosting, and stick it on the other side of the cookie so it looks like the acorn’s stem.

3: EAT!!!

You’ll want to let them dry for a bit to make sure that frosting holds everything together. After that, you’ll have a tasty treat for after your Thanksgiving Feast!!


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