Papa's Donuteria - Cinnamon Sugar

Cinnamon Sugar is a standard icing available in Papa's Donuteria/To Go!. It is unlocked with Vicky when the player reaches Rank 35. In the desktop version, the "Cinnamon Coating" badge is received when 30 orders are served with this ingredient.

In Papa's SushiriaCinnamon Sugar is a holiday-exclusive shaker available during Maple Mornings. The shaker is unlocked on Day 6 of the holiday.

Customers who order this




Cinnamon Sugar Sushiria Transparent

Donuteria To Go!

Burger building

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Specials using this ingredient

Donuteria To Go!


Appears in Picture Bonus Points Cost Theme
Papa's Donuteria/To Go!, Papa's Sushiria
Cinnamon Sugar Poster (Sushiria)
Cinnamon Sugar Bonus 20 points (Donuteria, Sushiria)

30 points (Donuteria To Go!)

$45.00 Maple Mornings icon
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