Closer is a special type of customer who is extra picky that comes at the end of the day.They first appeared in Papa's Taco Mia!. Closers include the Food Critic. Their scoring is more tougher than the regular customers. You may need to be lucky or buy a lot of upgrades to get stars on them and you risk losing stars you got by luck if you aren't lucky again. The closers are the following:

Some closers are exclusive to one or two of the games.

The closers

  • Closers

    Closers from Papa's Taco Mia!

    Boomer (Papa's Wingeria - present) (her mean face is like Captain Cori's face) (Status: Ongoing)
  • Quinn (Papa's Taco Mia - present) (Timm's former strict boss) (Status: Ongoing)
  • Xolo (Papa's Wingeria - present) (Xandra's obese twin brother) (Status: Ongoing)
  • Johnny (Papa's Pancakeria - present) (Allan's bratty brother) (Status: Ongoing)
  • Jojo (Food Critic/Leader of the Closers) (Papa's Taco Mia - present)(he created the blue ribbon) (Status: Forever Closer)
  • Ninjoy (Papa's Pancakeria - present) (always causing trouble in Calypso Island) (Status: To leave soon)
  • Professor Fitz (Papa's Wingeria - present) (Hank's father-in-law and mad scientist) (Status: Ongoing)

Former closers

  • Akari (exclusive to Papa's Taco Mia) (her face was like her father's face) (Status: Ended, Not angry)
  • Kahuna (Papa's Freezeria and Papa's Pancakeria) (he still strict) (Status: Ended)
  • Xandra (Papa's Taco Mia, Freezeria and Pancakeria) (she still inside) (Status: Ended)
  • Rico (exclusive to Papa's Taco Mia) (he is never angry) (Status: Ended, Not angry)
  • Hank (exclusive to Papa's Pancakeria) (he is never angry) (Status: Ended)
  • Gremmie (exclusive to Papa's Freezeria) (he first appeared in Freezeria as an agressive teenager, but since Pancakeria he is an calm guy) (Status: Ended, No longer angry)
    • The Closers Of Pancakeria
    • The Closers Of Wingeria
    • Taco Mia closers
  • Captain Cori (exclusive to Papa's Freezeria) (her mean face didn't go away) (Status : Ended)
  • Allan (exclusive to Papa's Burgeria HD and Papa's Taco Mia) (he was bratty in Taco Mia, but in HD Version of Burgeria and other games he doesn't get mean) (status: Ended, not angry)
  • Robby (exclusive to Papa's Taco Mia, Papa's Freezeria and Papa's Burgeria HD) (he wasn't angry) (Status: Ended)

    BOOMER >:(

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