Papa's Cupcakeria - Confetti Cake

Confetti Cake is one of the standard cake batters in Papa's Cupcakeria. It is unlocked with Peggy when the player reaches Rank 39.

In Papa's Cupcakeria To Go!/HD, it is a holiday-exclusive cake batter available during New Year. It is unlocked with Xandra when a player reaches Rank 61.

The badge "Cupcake Party" is received when you serve 30 orders with Confetti Cake.

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Cupcakeria HD/To Go!


  • This is the only cake batter from Cupcakeria that changes to a holiday cake batter in Cupcakeria HD/To Go!.


Appears in Picture Bonus Points Cost Theme
Papa's Cupcakeria/To Go!/HD
Yum n Ms
Confetti Cake Bonus 20 points $40.00 New year icon (Cupcakeria)

New Year 4 (Cupcakeria To Go!)

New year icon3 (Cupcakeria HD)

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