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Crags are one of four classes that appear in Remnants of Skystone.



Remnants of Skystone Crag Training Alpha-0

Flipline's YouTube video showing the Crag training

Crags can swing through the air using grappling ropes. They can break barriers that have a red outline in Etherea. While they cannot directly climb up and down walls like a Ferric, they can latch onto walls. They attack with flails, and they can attack in all directions.

Sprocket Info

Arsenal Sprocket

Arsenal: Grapple Arm: The Grapple Arm was initially used by Crags to aid in climbing rocky cliffs and repelling into dark mines. It has a pressurized steam piston that launches a retractable spike tethered by high tension cable.

Class Conflict Sprockets

Class Conflict: War of Grittop Mountain: A year after the Etherite Rush started, the Aeronauts declared war on the Crags living upon Grittop Mountain. The Aeronauts hoped to gain control of the mountain known for its unusually high amounts of Etherite.

Class Conflict: Battle of Blueridge: The Battle of Blueridge started in 6AH. The fierce conflict arose over the Blue Ridge River which was a major source of fresh water and commerce for the Crags and Ferrics. A treaty was signed two years later, ending the land dispute.

Crag Lore Sprockets

Crag Lore: Steadfast Stones: Steadfast Stones are prominent talismans found wherever Crags dwell. They consist of 3 or more stones balanced on top of each other, to bring good fortune to the surroundings. They originated from the Tall Tale of Febold Steadfast.

Crag Lore: Jack McCrag: Jack McCrag was a tall, tall man. With an ironclad arm and a steam engine for a pipe, he could gut a mountain in two days flat and grapple a boulder from 40 miles away. He supplied the townsfolk with a bounty of ores and minerals.

Crag Lore: Jack vs. Skystone 1: After some time, the hills dried up, leaving the townfolk sad and out of work. Jack McCrag proclaimed that he would grapple the second moon from the sky, so that the townfolk could have an endless supply of minerals to mine...

Crag Lore: Jack vs. Skystone 2: After two long nights, Jack McCrag gave one last tug, freeing the Skystone, & bringing it hurdling towards him. Its crust, rich in ore, rained down across the land. But poor ol' Jack was crushed, with the Skystone as his own giant tomb.

Ridgeback Highlands Sprockets

Ridgeback Highlands: Copperstone Mine: The Copperstone Mines were a huge source of Etherite, Gold, and many other ores. The mines were carved out by the Crags of Deadrock Canyon centuries ago, and contain many undocumented tunnel systems.

Ridgeback Highlands: Paydirt Tramway: The Paydirt Tramway was built in 12 BH by the original inhabitants of Deadrock Canyon. It was heavily used in 36 AH to haul fleeing Crags up the peak to be taken to Nidaria.


Banderos are the descendants of Crag outlaws.

Banderos Sprockets

Banderos: Intro: The Banderos are native to Paydirt Summit. Their ancestors were outlaws amongst the Crags, stealing ore and holding up supply ships. For this, their ancestors were not granted refuge in Nidaria.

Banderos: Mining: The exiled Banderos took over the mines when the Crag miners fled for Nidaria. Years ago, when Haze and Mimics spread rapidly through the mines, they barricaded the doors and retreated to their camps on Paydirt Summit.

Crag NPCs


  • The Crags' traditional currency was the Tinchip before all classes switched to using Spores and Brass.