Creameos are an ingredient used in many of Papa Louie's restaurant time-management games.

In Papa's Freezeria/HD/To Go!, Creameos are a start placeable topping in all games. Creameo Bits are a mixable unlocked with Doan (Freezeria)/Johnny (Freezeria HD) when the player reaches Rank 5 (Freezeria)/Rank 6 (Freezeria HD). Creameo Bits are made available from the start of Papa's Freezeria To Go!

The badge "Sandwich Cookie" is awarded when to customers when serving 30 orders with Creameos. The badge "Cookies 'n Cream" is awarded when serving 30 orders with Creameo Bits.

In Papa's Cupcakeria/To Go!/HD, Creameo Bits are a standard shaker unlocked with Scarlett when the player reaches Rank 6. The badge "Crushed Cookies" is given when Creameo Bits are served to 30 customers.

In Papa's Donuteria/To Go!, Creameo Bits is a standard shaker unlocked with Doan when the player reaches Rank 14. Creameo Drizzle is a holiday-exclusive drizzle available during New Year. It is unlocked on Day 6 of the holiday.

In Papa's Bakeria, Creameo Crust is a pie crust unlocked with Carlo Romano when the player reaches Rank 5.

Customers who order this


Papa's Freezeria - Creameo Bits





Papa's Cupcakeria - Creameo Bits

Freezeria HD

Creameo Bits



Freezeria To Go!

Creameo bits




Papa's Donuteria - Creameo Drizzle


Creameo Drizzle

Cupcakeria To Go!

Unlocking creameo bits

Cupcakeria HD


Unlocking creameo crust

Donuteria To Go!


Creameo Bits- DTG!
Burger building

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Creameo Drizzle- DTG!

Creameo Drizzle

Specials using this ingredient

Papa's Bakeria

Papa's Donuteria To Go!


  • Ninjoy is the only female customer to order Creameos and Creameo Bits in Papa's Freezeria.
  • Doan loves Creameos according to his Flipdeck.
  • Creameos are the Flipline version and portmanteau of Cream-O and Oreo cookies.
  • Before Rank 5 in Papa's Freezeria, Tony is the only customer to order Creamos.


Appears in Picture Bonus Cost Points Theme
Papa's Freezeria HD
Creameos (Freezeria HD)
Creameo Bits Bonus $45.00 30 points LouieHot
Papa's Cupcakeria HD
Creameo Bits (Cupcakeria)
Creameo Bits Bonus $45.00 30 points Sugarplex icono
Papa's Donuteria/To Go!
Creameo Bits Poster
Creameo Bits Bonus $45.00 20 points (Donuteria)

30 points (Donuteria To Go!)

Halloween icon
Papa's Bakeria
Creameo Crust Poster
Creameo Crust Bonus $45.00 20 points Halloween icon
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