A customer coupon can be used to lure a customer back into the restaurant if they disappeared or have been gone for a long time. They first appeared in Papa's Sushiria. These can be used to complete certain tasks faster (such as serving a special to a certain customer or putting a certain ingredient or ingredients on that customer's food).
Customer coupons

How it works

You can buy customer coupons from the upgrades section of the shop for $25. You are allowed to have more than one on hand, but you can only deliver one per day. To deliver a coupon, go to a customer's profile and click on the mail icon on the top right. It will show Vincent delivering the coupon to the customer outside their home. You cannot deliver coupons to the closers or Jojo.


  • If delivering a coupon to Vincent, Akari will give the coupon to him.
  • If Vincent is in his B outfit, he'll deliver in his B outfit.
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