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The Delivery Phone is a gameplay mechanic that was first added in Papa's Pizzeria HD and the To Go! games starting with Papa's Scooperia To Go!. Just like the Dining Room, the player hires a second default worker or custom worker to take care of the delivery phone. While the player takes care of customers in the lobby, a customer calls the delivery phone and the second worker takes their order. When the player is done finishing an order for a customer who calls the delivery phone, the second worker delivers the food to the customer's house or apartment room so the customer can grade their order.


  • The colored light bulbs of the phone represent the station lineup colors in Papa's Pizzeria.
  • Just like the Dining Room:
    • Orders taken from the Delivery Phone are normally from the second and the second-to-last customers during the day.
    • In-game Closers will never place orders from the Delivery Phone.
    • Customers who arrive with special envelopes will not call through the Delivery Phone.
    • Starting in Papa's Pizzeria HD, both the driver and the chef will appear in the end of day cutscene.