Dumbbell is a character who first appeared as a boss in Cactus McCoy 2: The Ruins of Calavera.

Flipdeck Info

Hometown: Driftwood Wharf
Occupation: Third Mate
Loves: Fishing
Hates: The Color Red

Dumbbell may be large and incredibly strong, but he’s very simple minded. He was originally a crew member of Sawtooth Calhoon aboard the Brass Urchin. That is until one night when Malana Mire stole the ship while Dumbbell was fast asleep on guard duty. When Dumbbell woke up, Malana simply told him Sawtooth gave her the ship, and she was the new captain.


Dumbbell has two attacks in combat: he can either jump into the air and try to land on you, or he'll try to charge into you. It's important not to stop moving while fighting Dumbbell; even though he only has two forms of attack, he can be surprisingly unpredictable and equally dangerous. When Dumbbell charges at you, it's not possible to outrun him, so the best way to dodge the charge attack is to jump onto one of the platforms on the ship and jump as Dumbbell passes underneath you.


  • He is a guard on board the Brass Urchin.
  • The player can earn an achievement for getting Dumbbell to destroy all the crates on the Brass Urchin with his charge attack.

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