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Flipdecks are virtual cards that are posted periodically on the Flipline Studios Blog. Eventually, Flipline Studios indicated that if there was enough demand, they would look into the idea of creating a set of trading cards to sell to their fans. On October 13, 2014, Flipline Studios announced that the cards were now available for sale at their online store at a cost of $2.99/pack.

There are currently 222 cards in the physical set plus an extra 42 cards featuring locations and settings from the various games that can only be found in the packs. Each pack of 12 cards contains the cards in sequential order (cards 1-10, plus the 2 bonus cards), and there are 21 different packs available for sale.



Gaming Card Packs


Bonus Cards

In each pack of Flipdeck Cards, there are 10 character-based trading cards as well as 2 Bonus Location Cards. These location cards are from a variety of Flipline games. These cards are: