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Foodini's Friday Games

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When Flipline features games outside of Flipline, they posted them every Friday from May 4, 2012, until July 21, 2017. The old banner featured Akari and Robby with their thumbs up. The current banner features Foodini to the left of the image saying "Wanna Play?". According to the August 15, 2017, edition of Quinn's Q&A, the reason that Foodini's Friday Games was canceled is as follows:

  • "Foodini's Friday Games have been a staple of our blog since 2012. However, if you have been noticing over the last year, we have slowly been phasing out the amount of Foodini's Friday Games on our site. We started off with 3 new games a week. Then we dropped it to 2 new games a week and a classic from the past. Then 1 new game and 2 classics. Soon, it became just the classics. Ultimately, the pool of quality Flash games has been diminishing, so there wasn’t much to choose from and we needed to wrap it all up."

Quinn's Q&A

Quinn's Q&A are selected questions from Flipline Uservoice. The banner features an angry Quinn yelling at Matt and Tony while pointing her finger at them.

The Q&A Banner

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