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Paleteria Rewind
June 28, 2024: Flipline Rewind: Papa's Paleteria To Go!
We hope everyone has been enjoying Papa’s Paleteria To Go!
We usually don’t have many drawings from the development of our games, but for Paleteria, we created a lot of sketches while planning how the game would work. We thought it would be fun to do a special edition of Flipline Rewind, sharing some of these early sketches to give everyone a small peek into what goes into the game development process. Click each of the sketches below to see a larger version!
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June 21, 2024: Flipdeck 254
Toby is an endearing albino sea lion who calls the rocks and barnacle-encrusted pilings of San Fresco Wharf his home. His passion for frosty paletas is only rivaled by his obsession with shiny accessories, which once led to a high-stakes, globetrotting chase with Papa Louie. Despite this mischievous adventure, Toby remains a beloved resident of the wharf, often found lounging on the sun-bleached planks outside Papa's Paleteria, impressing tourists with his bespoke golden pendant.
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Wheels indigo
June 14, 2024: The MoonBeamer
This week's exhibit is a custom kart created for Indigo called...The MoonBeamer. The kart is a illuminated longbill design showcasing a color scheme inspired by Moon Mist ice cream. Equipped with double alternator chambers, The MoonBeamer emits a dazzling array of lights, ensuring no detail goes unnoticed during nighttime adventures.

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Papa's Paleteria To Go!
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Papa's Paleteria To Go!

Game is now live on all devices!!!

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Papa's Paleteria To Go!
Starlight Jubilee
Cactus McCoy

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Flipline Studios is an American-based Flash game development company founded in 2004 that is best known for its series of Papa Louie restaurant time-management games. It was founded by Tony Solary and Matt Neff.


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