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The Flipverse is the universe where all of Flipline Studios' games take place, from the Papa Louie restaurant management games to the Cactus McCoy series.


  • The Cactus McCoy games and the Steak and Jake games take place on different planets, but they are all interconnected with Warp Coins.[1]
  • The Kingdom of X is the "core realm" of the Flipverse, according to Xolo's Flipdeck.
  • Each Flipdeck pack contains two Flipverse cards that feature locations in the Flipline games.

Locations in the Flipverse

Papa Louie universe

A physical map of the Papa Louie universe, excluding Oilseed Springs.

The Papa Louie universe contains all of the towns and cities where Papa Louie's customers live. Countries do not exist in this part of the Flipverse.[2] Almost all of the mobile gamerias are described as "hands-on... shop[s] in the Papa Louie universe." The Papa Louie universe has at least three different time zones.[3]

Towns in the Papa Louie universe:


Munchmore is an alternate dimension that is populated by sentient food. It contains all of the locations in Slider Scouts and the Papa Louie platformer games.


Jacksmith universe

The Jacksmith universe is populated by anthropomorphic animals. It contains all of the locations in Jacksmith


Cactus McCoy universe

The Cactus McCoy universe contains all of the locations in Cactus McCoy and the Curse of Thorns and Cactus McCoy 2: The Ruins of Calavera


Steak and Jake universe

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