Title Card of Freeze-Putt


The Freeze-Putt mini-game

Freeze-Putt is a minigame featured in Papa's Wingeria, Papa's Freezeria HD, Papa's Donuteria, Papa's Cupcakeria HD, Papa's Sushiria/To Go! and Papa's Pizzeria HD.


The player must try to get the golf ball in the hole in a specific number of turns. The holes become more complex over time, and the arrow will shorten as the player progresses through the minigame, so it'll take more time.

If the player manages to make it in:

  • First try: Ace
  • 2 less tries: Eagle
  • 1 less try: Birdie
  • On par: Par
  • 1 more try: Bogey
  • 2 more tries: Double Bogey
  • 3 more tries: Triple Bogey
  • 4+ more tries: Too Bad!

Papa's Wingeria Prizes

  1. Freezeria Poster
  2. Sm. Freezeria Table
  3. Guppy Sweater
  4. Freezeria Wall
  5. Md. Freezeria Table
  6. Orange Pants
  7. Light Tile Floor
  8. White Belt
  9. Surfboard
  10. Raincoat
  11. Lg. Freezeria Table
  12. Captain Hat
  13. Palm Tree
  14. Eyepatch

Papa's Wingeria Prize Gallery

Papa's Freezeria HD Prizes

  1. Rugby Shirt

Papa's Freezeria HD Prizes

Papa's Donuteria Prizes

  1. Sluau icon Round Poster
  2. Blue Knit Hat
  3. Easter icon White Short Shirt
  4. Sluau icon Luau Punch Table
  5. BigTopCarnival icon Top Dot Wallpaper
  6. Dark Beads
  7. Thanksgiving icon Chips Poster
  8. New year icon3 Md. Rainbow Table
  9. Thanksgiving icon Walnut Floor
  10. SkyNinjaReturns icon Coconut Poster
  11. Halloween icon Leather Jacket
  12. Starlightjubilee icon Blue Flag
  13. Round Window

Rare Prizes:

  • Bronze High Ball Lamp
  • Silver Pile of Tires
  • Gold Romano Painting

Papa's Donuteria Prize Gallery

Papa's Cupcakeria HD Prizes

  1. Vday icon Strawberry Gum
  2. Black Shoes
  3. Slate Cadet Cap
  4. Teal Zigzag Floor
  5. Sluau icon Puka Wristband
  6. Starlightjubilee icon2 Starlight Tank
  7. Halloween icon Sm. Halloween Table
  8. Maple Mornings icon Yellow Raincoat
  9. Starlightjubilee icon2 Starlight Bottoms
  10. Halloween icon Hanging Bats
  11. Cherry Blossom Festival icon Flufftastic Poster
  12. Thanksgiving icon Multigrain Wall
  13. Onion Knit Hat

Rare Prizes:

  • Bronze Anchovy Gum
  • Silver
  • Gold

Papa's Cupcakeria HD Prize Gallery

Papa's Sushiria Prizes

  1. Panel Shirt
  2. Maple Mornings icon Sm. Maple Table
  3. Ballcap
  4. Christmas icon3 Forest Wall
  5. Side Stripe Pants
  6. BavariaFest icon Pretzels
  7. Winter Parka
  8. New year icon2 Circle Floor
  9. CincodeMayo icon Cactus
  10. Two-tone Moccasins
  11. Starlight BBQ icon Blueberry Poster
  12. Stripe Scarf
  13. CincodeMayo icon Cinco Fence

Rare Prizes:

  • Bronze Sm. Groove Trunk
  • Silver Anchovy Gum
  • Gold Jacksmith Arcade

Papa's Sushiria Prize Gallery

Papa's Pizzeria HD Prizes

  1. Summer Luau icon2 Luau Boombox
  2. Summer Luau icon2 Sunset Wall
  3. Long Armwarmers
  4. Maple Mornings icon Lumberjack Log
  5. BavariaFest icon Mushrooms Poster
  6. Rugby Polo
  7. New year icon2 Stache Lamp
  8. Paisley Beanie
  9. Stripe Scarf
  10. Halloween icon Halloween Poster
  11. Tan Zigzag Floor
  12. Wide Stripe Pants
  13. Cropped Overshirt

Rare Prizes:

  • Bronze Hanging Plant
  • Silver Hyper Rocket
  • Gold

Papa's Pizzeria HD Prize Gallery

Papa's Sushiria To Go! Prizes

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  1. Rugby Polo
  2. Cherry Blossom Festival icon Md. Blossom Table
  3. Christmas icon3 White Rice Poster
  4. Mocassins
  5. Cherry Blossom Festival icon Blossom Wall
  6. Starlight BBQ icon2 Blue Flag
  7. Open Knit Gloves
  8. M Tan Cobblestone
  9. Cargo Pants
  10. Thanksgiving icon Pumpkin Pie Gum
  11. Color Block Hoodie
  12. Vday icon Vase of Roses
  13. Striped Knit Hat

Rare Prizes:

  • Bronze Lg. Groov Trunk

Papa's Sushiria To Go! Prize Gallery


  • When this game first debuted in Papa's Wingeria, the prizes were all related to elements from Papa's Freezeria.
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