Frostfield is a fictional town within the Flipverse. It is home to Papa's Cupcakeria. In Papa's Hot Doggeria, there is a baseball team for Frostfield called the Frostfield Batters and a hockey team called the Frostfield Snowmen. The mayor is Mayor Mallow.

Other businesses in the town include the Biscotti Bookstore, the bookstore where Willow buys horror novels, and The Great Sprinkler Chalet, an indoor waterpark. [1]

The local high school in Frostfield is Hazelnut High.

The Frostfield Clinic is the local hospital.

The Frostfield University is Frostfield's local university



  • This city celebrates 18 holidays, which is the most of any city or location in the Flipverse.


Frostfield during holidays

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