Mini Game - Grab - a - Roni - Gondola

Grab-a-Roni Gondola is the first mini-game in Papa's Pastaria. You have to collect a certain number of elbow macaronis on Deano's gondola. If the goal of macaronis is reached, a prize is won. If the player grabs macaronis that's under the goal, and he or she makes it to the finish line, a certain amount of money is won. If the player crashes into a meatball, he or she is done with no prize.

Grab-A-Roni gameplay


Papa's Pastaria

  1. Chilifest icon Brown Chilifest Shirt 
  2. Vday icon Pink Zag Wall 
  3. Chilifest icon Md. Chili Crate
  4. Thanksgiving icon Multigrain Floor 
  5. Gondola500 icon Gondola Golf Shirt 
  6. Vday icon Valentine's Poster 
  7. Gondola500 icon Burgundy Bottoms
  8. Black Shoes 
  9. Vday icon Valentine Balloons 
  10. Gondola500 icon Black Track Jacket
  11. Eyepatch 
  12. Vday icon White Tile 
  13. Gray Shoes 
  14. Gondola500 icon Check Trim Wall 

Papa's Pasteria Prize Gallery


  • If played during Halloween, Deano wears his astronaut costume.
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