Greasy Gear Garage
Greasy Gear Garage is a repair shop under the ownership of Wendy. Wendy's shop fixes cars and motorcycles. Greasy Gear Garage is located at the foothills of Maple Mountain, not far from Papa's Pancakeria. The winding mountain roads cause many accidents, leaving Wendy very busy. Rico and Akari find her garage very helpful, as they are both motorcyclists.

From Travel Trout Tours

Hey Everyone,

Welcome back to Travel Trout Tours. This week we are at Maple Mountain to visit the Greasy Gear Garage.

Need a break from the crisp mountain air? Then head over to Maple Mountain’s one-and-only auto repair shop, The Greasy Gear Garage. There you can take in the city-smells of gasoline, motor oil, and the faint scent of new tires. Although you can comfortably lounge in the waiting room, you should really take a peak in the back garage. It is there that you will find the shop owner, Wendy, hard at work on some of the coolest bikes, cars, and karts that you have ever seen. [1]

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