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Hatchwood Wilds (referred to as Ferric Forest prior to the introduction of Ridgeback Highlands) was an area in Remnants of Skystone. It was the second area that players could access in the game.

Development Blog Info

"Ferric Warriors" post

Deep in the Ferric Forest, there is an isolated tribe of Ferric Warriors who have tried to defend their land, though the continued spread of haze has brought more powerful Mimics to roam the areas around their camp.

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"Ferric Forest" post

Here’s a sneak peek at the first area within the Ferric Forest and some of the Mimics and obstacles you’ll encounter.

Blowgrubs are curious Mimics that float towards you, wanting to see what you look like up close. This breed of grub doesn’t attack you, though they do get in your way. Attacking Blowgrubs sends them floating backwards for a moment, before pursuing you again.

Hexaboars lurk deeper in the forest, waiting for someone to cross its path before charging at full speed. While looking mostly like a mammal, it has six legs like an insect, which gives it an extra boost of speed. It’s best to jump out of the way before they overtake you, and wait for it to ram its head into a wall before attacking.

Further in the Forest you’ll find tree trunks engulfed in flames, preventing you from passing. You’ll have to look around your surroundings to find a way to extinguish the fire before continuing on.

When you make your way to the Rook Commander in the Forest, you’ll find your path is blocked by even stronger flames, as the center of the forest is ablaze with a wildfire. In later Missions, you’ll work towards exploring alternate paths around the fire in the Forest, and help the Rooks solve the issue of the spreading wildfire.

There’s much more in the Ferric Forest beyond this, and as a whole the area is larger than the Steam City Ruins.

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Thicket Woods

Thicket Woods.png

Thicket Woods was the first area of Hatchwood Wilds that players could access.

Mimics and Fungi found in Thicket Woods

Camp Calluna

Camp Calluna.png

Camp Calluna was the second area of Hatchwood Wilds that players could access. The Calluan Ferrics reside in this area.

Sprocket Info

Camp Calluna: Rondavels: Rondavels are the traditional type of houses found inside Camp Calluna. They are made of a lightweight wood frame and suspended from tree limbs. Although they appear small, they can comfortably fit a Ferric family of four.

Camp Calluna: Ferric Lifts: As a security measure, the Calluan Ferrics have installed a complex system of Lifts throughout their camp. The Lifts helps slow the movement of the more clever Mimics, to allow time for defensive measures.

Mimics found in Camp Calluna

  • Blowgrub
  • Dewdrop
  • Ferromimic
  • Grabrat
  • Hazegrub
  • Hellhopper
  • Hexaboar
  • Hivehat
  • Hookbill

Charred Forest

Charred Forest.png

Charred Forest was the third area of Hatchwood Wilds that players could access.

Sprocket Info

Hatchwood Wilds: Evergreen Lake: Evergreen Lake is a thin, long lake whose western coast stretches into the now Charred Forest where it is only 1000 feet across. Its coastline stretches for 6.5 miles. It was a major water source for the surrounding Ferric camps.

Hatchwood Wilds: Charred Forest: To the west of Camp Calluna lies the dangerous Charred Forest. Once lush and green, the forest was set ablaze by the residents of Camp Calluna. The fire was the camp's last resort to purge the growing Mimic threat.

Mimics and Fungi found in Charred Forest

  • Fungus Head
  • Great Ferron Mimic
  • Hazegrub
  • Hellhopper
  • Hexaboar
  • Hivehat
  • Hookbill
  • Jellywog
  • Pugcrawler
  • Pustosser
  • Quilltoad
  • Rockrat
  • Silksnake
  • Slugrat
  • Snapshell
  • Stiltskin
  • Stinkbird
  • Stinkstrider
  • Swampfoot
  • Pustosser
  • Wallworm
  • Webdangler