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Following Holiday Cherry Blossom Festival (Scooperia/HD)
Easter (Scooperia To Go!)
Unlocked with Mindy

Holi is a holiday celebrated in Papa's Scooperia/HD/To Go! when the player reaches Rank 6 in all of the games. Upon reaching this holiday in the game, Mindy makes her first appearance as well.

The sticker "Colorful Scoops" is earned when all the Holi holiday-exclusive ingredients are unlocked.

Customers who favor this holiday

Holi-Exclusive Ingredients

PapasScooperia - Holi Ingredients

Papa's Scooperia/HD/To Go!


  • Holi is celebrated across most of India. It starts during the first full moon day of the month of Phālguna in the Hindu calendar and ends the next evening, in the Gregorian calendar the date varies. People celebrate this holiday by covering each other in colorful powder and dyed water. The wild festivities usually leaves both the people and the town covered in a smattering of vivid colors.
  • Steven is the only male customer to favor this holiday so far.
  • The theme icon for this holiday is Holi.


Cities during Holi

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