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This article is about the game. If you're looking for the character, go to Jacksmith (Character).

Jacksmith is a weapon-building game in which the player must help Jacksmith create weapons for local fighter clans to fight enemies. The game was officially released on September 27, 2012.


Man the forge and craft your best weapons for your warriors in Jacksmith! You’re a donkey on a mission that takes you across the land, but the trails are blocked by a variety of monsters — time to call in the local warrior clans for help! You’ll design swords, bows, shields, and other weapons in a completely hands-on blacksmith shop. When all of your soldiers are equipped, it’s off to battle to fight your way further down the path! While the warriors fight, you’ll need to gather loot and help out with your trusty cannon. Collect better ores and parts to make even better weapons, and keep making progress across the land towards the evil wizard Dudley!


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  • 09/27/2012: Jacksmith is released! [14]


Fighting Clans


Please refer to this article for a more detailed description of the weapons.

Epic Weapons

Please refer to this article for a more detailed explanation of Epic Weapons.

Epic Weapons are weapons made with specific parts that provide a bonus to all weapons on the day that they were created. There are 14 Epic Weapons per weapon type (i.e., there are 14 Epic Swords, 14 Epic Maces, etc) and 84 Epic Weapons in total.

Players obtain Epic Weapon designs by defeating all the monsters on the trail in a day.


Please refer to this article for a more detailed explanation of the cannonballs.

  • Bombs: Fired by Scout; to use them, the player can either click on a bomb's icon or press its hotkey (1 for Cannonball, 2 for Fireball, etc.). Two of them are beneficial for the soldiers, and the rest damage or hinder enemies.
    • Cannonball
    • Fire Bomb
    • Repair Bomb
    • Electric Bomb
    • Booster Bomb
    • Ice Bomb

Weapon Parts

Please refer to this article for a more detailed explanation of the weapon parts.

Weapons in Jacksmith are composed of individual weapon parts that are assembled together. Some parts are common to multiple weapon types (e.g., grips are used in swords, bows, axes, maces and pikes), but the quantity and types of parts used vary among the different weapon types.

There is one weapon part for each type of parts with no Elemental Bonus that the player has an infinite supply of. Other weapon parts have Elemental Bonuses but must be collected during battle or bought from Gander's shop.

Weapon Stats

Each weapon has two main stats: Power.png Power and Durability.png Durability. Power is the attack strength of the weapon, and Durability is how long the weapon lasts before breaking. Some weapon parts also have a Luck.png Luck stat. Luck is the chance to make enemies drop more loot or better loot when attacked.

Hammering the blades of swords and pikes poorly, stretching the arms of a bow crookedly, attaching the blades and spikes of an axe poorly, painting a shield incompletely and attaching the spikes of a mace incorrectly will decrease the Power of a weapon.

Dropping the weapon parts onto a weapon off-center, placing a crest of a shield off-center and overheating the metal used for a weapon will decrease the Durability of a weapon.

Attaching a weapon part poorly will make the weapon fail to receive the full Elemental Bonus (if there is one).


There are eight different elements in Jacksmith: Fire-0.png Fire, Water.png Water, Ice-0.png Ice, Stone.png Stone, Wind.png Wind, Lightning.png Lightning, Plant.png Plant, and Shadow.png Shadow. Some enemies are Elemental Enemies (they are enchanted with a certain element). They are weak to the element they are enchanted with (e.g. enemies enchanted with Fire are weak to Fire-boosted weapons). Enemies that are not Elemental Enemies are Basic (no element).png Basic.

Each weapon type has one Elemental boost (available once the player unlocks that weapon type) and three extra Elemental boosts that can be unlocked by filling the weapon type's Star Meter. The player can collect or buy weapon parts that give Elemental boosts to their weapons.



  1. Newbie
  2. Trainee
  3. Apprentice
  4. Cannoneer
  5. Axe Grinder
  6. Journeyman
  7. Defenseman
  8. Sheepshearer
  9. Swordsmith
  10. Bombardier
  11. Pike Pro
  12. Defroster
  13. Arrow Fletcher
  14. Stonemason
  15. Mace Master
  16. Party Healer
  17. Axesmith
  18. Wind Warrior
  19. Arms Painter
  20. Lightsmith
  21. Master Swordsman
  22. Chargebomber
  23. Polearm Pro
  24. Forest Trekker
  25. Bowstringer
  26. Spike Sharpener
  27. Battle Booster
  28. Axe Master
  29. Shadow Boxer
  30. Shield Champion
  31. Master of Blades
  32. Cannon Master
  33. Mad Crafter
  34. Onwards: Monster Slayer


A total of 80 badges can be earned in this game:

  • Traveling Blacksmith: Travel to Cinder Springs - 20 Gem.png
  • Mountain Climber: Travel to Apline Ridge - 30 Gem.png
  • Desert Trek: Travel to Boneyard Dunes - 40 Gem.png
  • Forest Trail: Travel to Evershade Forest - 50 Gem.png
  • Trail of Shadows: Travel to Wormwood Hollow - 60 Gem.png
  • Storm the Castle: Travel to Castle Ruins - 70 Gem.png
  • Full Circle: Leave the Castle Ruins - 80 Gem.png
  • Sword Collection: Unlock all types of Swords - 30 Gem.png
  • Bow Master: Unlock all types of Bows - 30 Gem.png
  • Axe Arsenal: Unlock all types of Axes - 30 Gem.png
  • Shield Builder: Unlock all types of Shields - 30 Gem.png
  • Pike Possibilities: Unlock all types of Pikes - 30 Gem.png
  • Mace Collection: Unlock all types of Maces - 30 Gem.png
  • Getting Started: Craft 5 weapons - 5 Gem.png
  • Swordsmith: Craft 10 Swords - 20 Gem.png
  • Bow Builder: Craft 10 Bows - 20 Gem.png
  • Axe Grinder: Craft 10 Axes - 20 Gem.png
  • Shield Forger: Craft 10 Shields - 20 Gem.png
  • Pikesmith: Craft 10 Pikes - 20 Gem.png
  • Macemaker: Craft 10 Maces - 20 Gem.png
  • Bronze Builder: Craft any 5 weapons using Bronze - 20 Gem.png
  • Iron Age: Craft any 5 weapons using Iron - 20 Gem.png
  • Arms of Steel: Craft any 5 weapons using Steel - 20 Gem.png
  • Golden Gear: Craft any 5 weapons using Gold - 20 Gem.png
  • Crystal Crafter: Craft any 5 weapons using Crystal - 20 Gem.png
  • Epic Weapon: Find a scroll with an Epic Weapon Design - 10 Gem.png
  • Weapon Recipes: Find 10 Epic Weapon Designs - 25 Gem.png
  • Design Catalog: Find 30 Epic Weapon Designs - 40 Gem.png
  • Sword Designer: Get 3 different Weapon Designs for Swords - 15 Gem.png
  • Bow Designer: Get 3 different Weapon Designs for Bows - 15 Gem.png
  • Axe Artist: Get 3 different Weapon Designs for Axes - 15 Gem.png
  • Shield Designer: Get 3 different Weapon Designs for Shields - 15 Gem.png
  • Pike Plans: Get 3 different Weapon Designs for Pikes - 15 Gem.png
  • Mace Designer: Get 3 different Weapon Designs for Maces - 15 Gem.png
  • Stick to the Plan: Create a weapon using an Epic Weapon Design - 10 Gem.png
  • Epic Arms: Craft 10 Epic Weapons - 25 Gem.png
  • Boosted Builder: Craft 20 Epic Weapon - 40 Gem.png
  • Cannonballistic: Unlock all of the Cannon Balls - 20 Gem.png
  • Field Surgeon: Repair your troops' weapons 10 times with your Repair Bomb - 15 Gem.png
  • Finishing Blow: Finish off 10 enemies using your basic Cannonball - 10 Gem.png
  • Overkill: Use your Fire, Ice, and Lightning Bombs on your same enemy at the same time - 15 Gem.png
  • Fight Fire with Fire:  Attack 10 Fire Enemies with Fire-boosted weapons - 10 Gem.png
  • Water Weapons: Attack 10 Water Enemies with Water-boosted weapons - 10 Gem.png
  • Ice Attacks: Attack 15 Ice Enemies with Ice-boosted weapons - 10 Gem.png
  • Clashing Stones: Attack 15 Stone Enemies with Stone-boosted weapons - 10 Gem.png
  • Wind Warriors: Attack 20 Wind Enemies with Wind-boosted weapons - 10 Gem.png
  • Electrically Charged: Attack 20 Lightning Enemies with Lightning-boosted weapons - 10 Gem.png
  • Nature vs. Nature: Attack 30 Plant Enemies with Plant-boosted weapons - 10 Gem.png
  • Dueling Shadows: Attack 30 Shadow Enemies with Shadow-boosted weapons - 10 Gem.png
  • Baddie Basher: Defeat 30 enemies - 10 Gem.png
  • Monster Slayer: Defeat 150 enemies - 10 Gem.png
  • Clear the Trail: Kill all enemies on a trail on 20 different days - 15 Gem.png
  • Spectator: Battle on 3 days without using your cannon - 15 Gem.png
  • Durable Gear: Clear a trail on 5 days without breaking any weapons - 15 Gem.png
  • Expert Forger: Get 100% Forging score on any 20 weapons - 10 Gem.png
  • Hammer Hero: Get 100% Hammering score on any 20 Swords or Pikes - 15 Gem.png
  • Assembler: Get 100% Construction score on any 20 Axes, Shields, or Maces - 15 Gem.png
  • 20 Stretches: Get 100% Stretching score on any 20 Bows - 15 Gem.png
  • Joy of Painting: Get 100% Painting score on any 20 Shields - 15 Gem.png
  • Frequent Fletcher: Get 100% Arrows score on any 20 weapons - 15 Gem.png
  • Expert Handling: Get 100% Handle score on any 20 weapons - 15 Gem.png
  • Batch of Bronze: Craft all weapons out of Bronze on a single day - 10 Gem.png
  • Matching Set: Craft all weapons out of Iron on a single day - 10 Gem.png
  • Steel Set: Craft all weapons out of Steel on a single day - 10 Gem.png
  • Golden Gear: Craft all weapons out of Gold on a single day - 15 Gem.png
  • Unstoppable: Craft all weapons out of Crystal on a single day - 20 Gem.png
  • Loot Collector: Pick up 50 weapon parts dropped by enemies in battle - 20 Gem.png
  • Ore Forager: Pick up 250 pieces of ore dropped by enemies in battle - 25 Gem.png
  • Fallen Gems: Pick up 500 gems dropped by enemies in battle - 25 Gem.png
  • Bronze Beginning: Fill a mold's Star Meter and unlock an extra Element Boost on any weapon - 10 Gem.png
  • Bronze Boost: Unlock the Bronze Element Boost on 5 weapons - 15 Gem.png
  • Powered Up: Unlock the Bronze Element Boost on all weapons - 20 Gem.png
  • Silver Starter: Unlock the Silver Element Boost on any weapon - 25 Gem.png
  • Silver Stats: Unlock the Silver Element Boost on 5 weapons - 30 Gem.png
  • Set of Silver: Unlock the Silver Element Boost on all weapons - 35 Gem.png
  • Go for the Gold: Unlock the Gold Element Boost on 5 weapons - 40 Gem.png
  • Maxxed out: Unlock the Gold Element Boost on all weapons - 50 Gem.png
  • Liliana's Savior: Defeat Dudley and rescue Princess Liliana - 500 Gem.png


Please refer to this article for a more detailed description of the ores.

  • Copper
  • Bronze
  • Iron
  • Steel
  • Gold
  • Crystal


  • In the minigame Mitch's Mess, all the ores from this game are hidden in the scene.
  • This game and Papa's Pancakeria are the only games with grill/forge boosters that do not need to be bought.
  • There is a Jacksmith arcade game that can be bought from the shop in Papa's Hot Doggeria, Cupcakeria, and Pastaria. In Papa's Donuteria and Cheeseria, it is a rare prize.
  • When brainstorming ideas for the game, Matt and Tony initially thought of using small animals like mice instead of the larger barnyard animals that are currently in the game.[1]
  • Jacksmith was the second most difficult non-gameria game for Matt and Tony to develop, and they worked on it for close to a year.[2]


This game won the Best Strategy Game of 2012 on Armor Games[3][4] and a Mochi for Best Game Art.[5][6]



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