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Luau LePunch is the tertiary antagonist of the Papa Louie franchise. He is a baddie that appears in Papa Louie 3: When Sundaes Attack!. He is the first of the two bosses the player encounters in the game.

Flipdeck Info

Hometown: Gummy Grotto
Occupation: Boxer
Loves: K.O.'s
Hates: Neapolites

Luau LePunch is a champion boxer from the sugary shores of Gummy Grotto. He is unbeatable in the ring because, despite his size, he is quite nimble and very quick. Upon teaming up with Radley Madish, he was sent to Neapolitown which was recently taken over by the radish’s brigade. LePunch was placed in charge of watching the chef of chefs himself, Papa Louie.


Luau LePunch is a large anthropomorphic coconut. His head is half a coconut shell filled with pink punch, and his eyelids are seen in an angry expression and are a lemon and a lime. The back of his head also sports a light blue paper umbrella. Inside his head, he appears to have fruit punch in it.

Luau has colorful gummy worm arms capable of stretching at long distances with pink boxing gloves on his fists. He wears turquoise pants and a blue-yellow boxing-champ belt with a large octagon-shaped plate with a star in the middle of the plate.

Flipline Blog

Before Radley could start his attack, he needed some major muscle. So he traveled to Gummy Grotto to recruit the widely feared boxer, Luau LePunch. Watch out for this guy! [1]


Luau is encountered at the end of the fourth level, Vanilla Heights. He has five hearts. Initially, Luau only uses one attack, a straightforward punch. The best way to dodge this is by jumping, as Luau's gummy arms can stretch to a considerable length. The only way to damage Luau is to jump on him first (which can be difficult when he begins to slide under you to avoid being jumped on), then hit him. After being hit, Luau will start swinging his arms furiously while running all around the arena. Attempting to jump on him at this point will only result in you losing a heart, so stay away from Luau until he calms down and stops running. Later in the battle, Luau will start using a new attack: he'll jump straight up into the air and then slam his body down. This attack can be dodged by constantly moving so he doesn't land on you.


  • Radley Madish assigned him to personally watch over an imprisoned Papa Louie in Papa Louie 3: When Sundaes Attack!. [2]
  • The boss fight with LePunch is foreshadowed in Vanilla Heights by numerous posters with Luau's face and name on them, some of which have been vandalized.
  • Luau LePunch's name was likely based on the topping, Luau Punch Drizzle.
  • Luau is the only boss in the entire Papa Louie series who doesn't summon any additional enemies during his battle. He is also the only boss who doesn't have a smaller enemy variant of himself.
  • He is the first enemy who debuted in Papa Louie 3: When Sundaes Attack! to receive a Flipdeck.
  • His belt is similar to Kenji's, but colored teal.
  • On March 18, 2015, Luau LePunch's Flipdeck was released, albeit with a mistake. His Flipdeck number is 130, but Flipline wrote it as 30. A few minutes after posting it, Flipline fixed the mistake.
  • In Papa's Bakeria, there is a special called Luau Punch
  • According to his Flipdeck, LePete loves Luau LePunch.
  • According to his Flipdeck, Rocky Road hates Luau LePunch.


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