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Maggie is a chef of Papa's Taco Mia with her co-worker Mitch. She first appeared in Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack!

Her burger bread, rare patty, cheese, lettuce, onion, BBQ, top bun.

Her Sundae:Small Banana Sundae Blueberries Whipped Cream Blueberry Syrup Tropical Charms Gummy Onion,Cherry,Gummy Onion.

Her meal: bacon pancake, chocolate chips, bacon pancake, 4 butter. drink: cranberry juice in small cup with ice.

Her Wings:4 Teriyaki Strips(Left),4 Of Celery and 1 Kung Pao dip.

She has a white shirt and purple pants and a black belt and her hair looks like seaweed in Papa's Pizzeria but Papa's Freezeria her pants are black and her hair is like Papa's Taco Mia hair, and since Papa's Taco Mia she wears the Taco Mia! uniform.

Her full name is "Marjorie Jina "Maggie" Stone"

In Papa's Next Chefs Round 1 she won to Rita and won with Marty.

In Papa's Next Chefs Round 2 she won to Vicky and won with Marty.

In Papa's Next Chefs Round 3 she lost to Cecilia and lost with Marty.

File:Nonecansee 02.jpg

Marty and Maggie having a sibling rivalry.

Maggie with other customers in Burgeria

Maggie before freezeria

Maggie in the taco eating contest

Maggie's appearance in Papa's Pizzeria

Her favorite food are tacos.

Her Order In Wingeria Is Very Hard.

Maggie in the Cinco de Mayo promo

Maggie makes her mom angry.

Maggie after winning the taco eating contest.