Makopa Jungle is the tenth area in Cactus McCoy 2: The Ruins of Calavera.


  1. Green Thumbs: Cut down all of the large Stinkflowers.
  2. Run in the Jungle: Beat the level in 4:00.
  3. Caught in the Crossfire: Kill 8 Enemigos with Heat Seeker Rockets pursuing you.
  4. Feed me, McCoy!: Kill 12 Enemigos with a Venus Fly Trap Whip.
  5. On a Roll: Get a x50 Combo while fighting.


  • Makopa Jungle is the Green Guerillas' hometown, according to their Flipdeck.
  • The treasure at the end of this level (the Jade Skull) is an ancient Reptara relic that Malana Mire gave to the Green Guerillas as payment to keep Cactus McCoy out.
  • The Hangmen were chased into Makopa Jungle before being cornered at Whiplash Rapids.
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