Mallow Men are baddies first introduced in Papa Louie 3: When Sundaes Attack! They are first encountered in Neapolitown. Many Mallow Men live in the houses of Neapolitown.

Flipdeck Info

Mallow Men are air-puffed patrollers originally from Wintergreen Way. Being soft and weak, Mallow Men walk in tall stacks to appear more intimidating to their natural predators. They quickly joined Radley’s army when he promised safe homes for all Mallow Men in the recently conquered streets of Neapolitown. Soon, hordes of Mallow Men arrived in the town wearing their finest clothes to match their big city dreams.


Mallow Men resembles white marshmallows with two beady eyes. They can either wear nothing, a blue tie on their forehead, a brown bowler hat on their head, or a pair of pants with a black belt and a blue trim.

Method of Attack

They stack on top of each other, while slowly sliding, hoping to get in the way of a customer. An easy way to take them down is to jump on them and wait until you've defeated the horde. If you are attacking straight on it, it is best to take from the bottom up, as they will fall as the bottom ones are defeated. If there is only one left in the stack, it will attempt to run away most of the time.


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