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  • I live in Chicago
  • I was born on March 2
  • My occupation is Human
  • I am Male
  • Bio Hello, I'm JK!
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JK55556 is an Administrator
An administrator is an enforcer of the wiki's policies, taking an active role in resolving disputes and combating vandals. He has a number of abilities to aid him in this task, such as protecting pages and blocking users. Please use the Ask the Staff board, or his message wall if you need his help.

Feel free to discuss any questions, comments, or concerns you have with me! I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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  • JK55556, Welcome to the Flipline Studios Wikia! You're receiving this automated message because you made your first edit or comment. Thank you!

    Please read our Policies before editing even more.

    Here are some links to get you started:

    • Recent changes allows you to view any new or recent activity done on the wiki.
    • Random page allows you to view a randomly selected article from the wiki.
    • Questions? If you have any questions feel free to leave a message on the the talk page associated with each article, or you can send a message to anyone's talk page.
    • Make sure to log in every time you edit, so that we can recognize you!
    • User page - All users have their very own user page. Your user page is where you can write about yourself and many other things.

    Also, make sure all the actions you do- editing, commenting, chatting, etc., are following the wiki's policy. Please note that if it is discovered that you are younger than 13, you will be blocked from contributing to this site as this Wikia complies with COPPA.

    Please leave me a message if you need any help!

    Happy Editing!

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  • JK55556:

    Thank you for your contributions so far to Flipline Studios Wikia. Many of your edits have improved upon the articles of this site.

    However, I have noticed your recent work and had to undo your edits because you were adding repetitive or unnecessary trivia to the articles like:

    • Papa's Hot Doggeria is located at Griller Stadium (Papa's Hot Doggeria)
    • Crystal has a pet mink called Cannoli (Papa's Pastaria)

    In the first case, it was already mentioned that the concession stand is in Griller Stadium, so it did not need to be repeated in the trivia section.

    Regarding the second case, Crystal owning Cannoli is not a good trivium piece for the Pastaria article because it's not about Crystal nor Cannoli. It's about the game itself.

    I also noticed that you had asked about the Coffee Badge, the one where it is achieved when making 100 edits during the course of one day. While it is a unique badge to earn, it is one that comes with controversy as anyone can spend the day here, pick 100 random articles, edit and update (even if no changes were made) and then earn the badge. If you're shooting for the badge, then good luck. But I would encourage you to make the edits worth doing, not just to earn the points.

    You've done a great job so far with the edits. Keep up the good work. If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me or any of the other admins.

    See you around on the Wikia.



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    • Bdj610:

      Thank you. I did not know that some of my edits are not helping. I will try to make more helpful edits. It was because I was trying to earn a badge, and maybe I was rushing to earn it. I am glad that some of my edits have helped the wikia, and I will try to improve my edits in the future.



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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Calling everyone! Join my wiki. You might become a chat moderator or admin!

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • How can you create new wikia? It needs email!

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  • Due to school I can't come to chat often, but I will be back on October 22 or 23

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  • Hello we are new users here sorry for using only one user. Am, where can i see the things i need to do?

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    • You don't need to do anything. Admins have a list of tasks, but no one else does.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • We don't know why did you need to find evidence to prove that we are connected to Halbeard/Matt Neff and those Unicorns who make an account beofre the day we created an account. Just like what we say, we are NOT connected to them.

    If you are still believing that WE are connected to those guys, it's fine to us to not trust us for a while. But ONLY for a while. But we are telling you, you are wrong.

    We don't know how we become somewhat a big deal in this wiki just because of what you think. I already told Bdj and Shaira about this problem and it is now DONE. So stop bothering us. Please?!

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    Windowswind123 closed this thread because:
    Matter closed for now. WW123 will be watching after the Elf Twins.
    21:29, November 20, 2015
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    • This is getting very complicated now with all 4 accounts.

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    • The Elf Twins:

      This case is closed as of now. 

      I still think that the coincedences are in fact, NOT coincedences. It seems extremely weird that Hailbeard claims to have two children that share the EXACT same names as you. And, Harry Copter has written a fan fiction about twin wrestlers that also share your names.

      1. If indeed you are connected, please confess.

      or 2. Do NOT mention anything like this again. It will lead us to believe that you guys are somehow connected.

      Since Bdj and SVR are busy with work, AH is in high school (I believe, so she has a lot of work), and Shaira lives in Asia, so she will most likely be offline when you are online, I will be watching you two, due to my moderator status. Anything suspicious and I automatically report it to one of the four admins, or someone shall message me and I will approve it to be sent a an admin,

      Thank you,


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  • Hi. My old account Colgatepony234 got globally disabled but I am back now.

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  • i did stop blocking people on that one wiki i didn't know whatt i was doing i'm kinda new to wiki

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