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  • KaliofDarkness:

    Thank you very much for adding all of the ingredients for each of the 40 Sushi Specials in Papa's Sushiria. Thank you also for creating the tables for each of them as well (some had to be fixed, but they all are good now).

    I've had two of our regular contributors asking if they should do the same thing for the other special recipes from the Cheeseria, Taco Mia HD, and Bakeria games. I told them I wasn't sure if I wanted the tables on those as it took a lot of coding. If you're willing to revise the ingredients for the specials for either or both games, that's great. I'm sure the two that asked about this would be more than happy to help.

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    • Looks good. Change "Additions" to "Toppings" and it looks good.

      Thank you very much for going over these. The bakeria ones you did look great.

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    • Cool. And thanks (: I'll see about changing the cheeseria ones tomorrow, but I've gone ahead and changed the example to the new table plan.

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