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Neapolitown is the fictional location of the third level in Papa Louie 3: When Sundaes Attack!.


  1. Rescue Robby
  2. Rescue Gremmie (needs Wall Climb)
  3. Rescue Foodini (needs Dash)
  4. Find 5 Locals (needs Gliding)
  5. Defeat 10 SundaeSaurus (needs Wall Climb)
  6. Find 100 Coins (needs Swim Boost)

The five "citizens" that the characters with Gliding Skills (Papa Louie, Foodini, Trishna, Professor Fitz) will meet include:

Upon encountering each local for the first time, he or she will introduce himself or herself. Return visits will have each local say something different.


Buildings in Neapolitown


  • Rocky Road is the only local that doesn't require Gliding to meet him.
  • Neapolitown locals are called 'Scoopians'.
    • An unnamed Starlight Jubilee-themed Scoopian is featured in the 2018 4th of July holiday poster.