Nick is an Asian-American boy, his best friend is Mitch. He first appeared in Papa's Taco Mia! but he had Chinese eyes. He quickly lost to Cooper. He is easy to please and doesn't get mad. He is Flipdeck #29

Nick also enjoys kayaking with his best friend Mitch.

His favorite foods are cookies and pork.

In Papa's Next Chefs Round 1 he lost to Cooper and lost with Olga.

It was confirmed on Mother's Day by Tony and Matt that Nick is a cautious kayaker.

About Nick:

On his free days, Nick enjoys kayaking and whitewater rafting with his buddy Mitch. Although Nick is a pro on the rapids, out of water he can be rather clumsy. To cut down on the bumps and bruises, Nick started wearing his life-vest and helmet when walking around town. He may get some strange looks, but better safe than sorry!

  1. Papa's Taco Mia!
  2. Papa's Next Chef's
  3. Papa's Pancakeria


  • Papa's Freezeria

Nick has a facebook page


Now it was just his eyes that were changed. They were changed from Chinese to Asian/Japanese eyes


His taco: pita, pork, hot sauce, rice, onions, tomatos.

His breakfast: french toast, chocolate chips, maple syrup, french toast 4 butter, maple syrup, w/ a large OJ with ice.

His Wings: 3 Garlic Shrimps, 8 Medium Wings, Mango Chilli Dip , Ranch Dip (x2)

Nick (Taco Mia)

Nick in his debut


Nick smiling


Nick's thumb up

Th Nick

Nick's full body


Nick angry at his sidekick's brother

FileMad nick ppa 1

Nick Is Not Pleased

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