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The Order Station in Papa's Burgeria.

The Order Station is the first station in all of Papa Louie's restaurant time-management games.

Customers will make their way to the order counter on the left side of the screen. When the player is ready to take the customer's order, a screen showing the worker taking the customer's order is shown. In games where there is a Dining Room (since Papa's Pastaria), the worker who takes on the role of waiter or waitress is shown taking the order from the Dining Room. In games where there is a Delivery Phone (Papa's Pizzeria HD and all To Go! games starting with Papa's Scooperia To Go!), a phone on the bottom-left corner of the screen will ring; upon answering, the worker who takes on the role of driver is shown to be answering the phone on what is presumed to be the office of the restaurant. They take note of what the customer, who can be seen on the left side, is ordering.

While orders are being created by the player, the customer moves from the order line to the Pick-Up line and will either interact with the decorations that are on display in the lobby or will stand patiently waiting for their order to arrive.

However, if a customer waits in line too much before the player clicks the "Take Order" Button or it takes too long for the player to prepare the order, the player will lose some points.

When it is time to present the final order to the customer, the scene returns to the Order Station as the worker watches the customer judge the meal, gives their response and provides a tip in the tip jar (and points to earn tickets for the mini-games). A point total and percent ratings from each of the three or four stations will appear on the screen. The point total is all the percents added up, divided by 3 or 4 (not rounded up), times 4/3 if bronze customer, 5/3 if silver, 2 if gold, and 3 if all 5 stars are obtained. Depending on how well or how poorly the player does when building the order, the customer will react positively or negatively, with emotions ranging from:

  • Delighted (90-100)
  • Happy (80-89)
  • Decent (70-79)
  • Disappointed (60-69)
  • Upset (50-59)
  • Angry (0-49)

The more positive the response, the higher the tips the customer will give. Negative responses (from decent to angry) will incur the player losing progress in their minigame ticket bar. If the player gets a decent or disappointed response, the player will not earn a star with the order. If the player gets an upset or angry response, that customer's star meter will drop back down to zero stars.


The player can also decorate your lobby with posters, wallpaper, flooring, and furniture, starting from Papa's Burgeria and on. From Papa's Freezeria and on, the player can manually place decoration wherever they want. The items in the lobby can only be changed before or after a game is played. Players are not allowed to change items or posters in the lobby while the game is being played. Customers can also interact with your furniture items, such as dancing to a boombox, drinking beverages, or playing an arcade game.


Image Upgrade Price Description
Doorbell Upgrade Transparent.png
Doorbell $30.00 Burgeria-Donuteria

$4.50 Cheeseria-Present

Alerts the player whenever a customer comes into the restaurant