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Papa's Bakeria is the twelfth game in the Papa Louie restaurant time-management game series. The game takes place inside Whiskview Mall, with the workers being Timm and Cecilia. Steven, the winner of Kingsley's Customerpalooza 2015, makes his first appearance as a customer in the game. The game was first teased on November 30, 2015, before an official announcement on December 7, 2015. It was officially released on March 14, 2016, also known as Pi Day.


Celebrate Papa Louie's 10 year anniversary with his biggest restaurant ever, Papa's Bakeria!

You're Hired!!! But can you handle running a big-time bakery serving the most sought-after pies in town? Centered in Whiskview Mall, Papa's Bakeria gets its fair share of foot traffic from some of the pickiest customers around. You'll be tasked with choosing the correct crust, filling them with a variety of wild ingredients, and baking them to perfection! Before you're done, head over to the Top Station to give your pies the finishing touch with a huge assortment of toppings to choose from.

Papa's Bakeria is first to introduce the brand-new Sticker Section! During the game, you'll be able to earn 90 colorful Stickers by completing a wide variety of tasks. As you play, you'll unlock 101 wacky customers. Each of these customers are assigned 3 specific Stickers. When you have earned each of those stickers, you'll be rewarded with a brand new outfit to give to that customer!

Game Features

  • Papa's unique time-management cooking style
  • Use tons of flavor combinations to craft the perfect pie
  • Bake the pies and garnish with countless toppings
  • Earn colorful stickers by completing unique tasks
  • Use stickers to unlock new outfits for your customers
  • Master 40 unique Special Recipes
  • Hire a server for the dining room
  • Customize your chef and server
  • Buy festive furniture to fill your lobby
  • Play through 4 seasons and 12 holidays
  • Unlock 123 menu items
  • Over 100 crazy customers to unlock
  • 7 fun Mini-Games with tons of prizes to win
  • Use your tips to buy upgrades for your shop
  • Weekly paychecks and raises as you level up
  • Free to play online!

Blog Announcement

Hey Everyone!!!

Papa’s got a brand new restaurant… repeat… PAPA’S GOT A BRAND NEW RESTAURANT!!!!!

It’s official, Whiskview Mall will be home to the very first Papa’s Bakeria! Serving up deliciously sweet Pies in a dizzying array of flavors and styles!

We are sooo excited to share each and every awesome detail of this game with you all… but one thing at a time. So stay tuned for more sneak peeks of Papa’s Bakeria!! [1]


  • 11/12/2015: Kingsley’s Customerpalooza 2015 Champion… STEVEN!!! [2]
  • 11/30/2015: Sneak Peek: Whiskview Mall [3]
  • 12/07/2015: Sneak Peek: Papa's Bakeria! [4]
  • 12/14/2015: Sneak Peek: Inside the Mall! [5]
  • 12/21/2015: Sneak Peek: The Workers! [6]
  • 12/28/2015: Sneak Peek: New Customer! [7]
  • 01/04/2016: Sneak Peek: New Holiday! [8]
  • 01/11/2016: Sneak Peek: Customer Clean-Up! [9]
  • 01/14/2016: Wally: All Cleaned Up! [10]
  • 01/18/2016: Sneak Peek: Steven's Debut! [11]
  • 01/21/2016: Penny: All Cleaned Up! [12]
  • 01/25/2016: Sneak Peek: Build Station Part 1 [13]
  • 01/28/2016: Akari: All Cleaned Up! [14]
  • 02/01/2016: Sneak Peek: Build Station Part 2 [15]
  • 02/03/2016: Rico: All Cleaned Up! [16]
  • 02/08/2016: Sneak Peek: No More Badges! [17]
  • 02/10/2016: Yippy: All Cleaned Up! [18]
  • 02/15/2016: Sneak Peek: Specials are Back!! [19]
  • 02/17/2016: Cooper: All Cleaned Up! [20]
  • 02/22/2016: Sneak Peek: The Bake Station! [21]
  • 02/25/2016: Wendy: All Cleaned Up! [22]
  • 02/29/2016: Sneak Peek: The Top Station! [23]
  • 03/03/2016: Jojo: All Cleaned Up! [24]
  • 03/07/2016: Papa’s Bakeria launching on Pi Day!! [25]
  • 03/09/2016: Ninjoy: All Cleaned Up! [26]
  • 03/10/2016: Sneak Peek: Gifting Clothes [27]
  • 03/14/2016: Play Papa's Bakeria Today! [28]



Timm/Cecilia/Custom Worker has his/her own dream job of working at a dance studio (or one of five other businesses that players can select if using custom workers; see trivia for the full list) located inside Whiskview Mall. The store is now hiring, with Timm/Cecilia/Custom Worker applying for the job. He/she gets a call from the manager, who informs him/her that he/she got the job. Timm/Cecilia/Custom Worker confidently arrives at Whiskview Mall, only to find out that the business is closed for lease. While he/she is devastated by the loss, Papa Louie alerts Timm/Cecilia/Custom Worker that Papa's Bakeria is now hiring, insisting that he/she works there instead, much to his/her dismay.


Papa Louie calls over Timm/Cecilia/Custom Worker for a special surprise. He has opened the dance studio/other location specifically for him/her as a Christmas present, to which he/she cheers in response.


The workers in this game are Timm, Cecilia, and the Custom Worker. The default uniform consists of a white shirt, black pants, a red & black plaid apron with black ribbons, matching red & black visors, and shoes with white toes, yellow laces, and black soles.

Chefs bakeria


(Debutants in bold)


(Debutants in bold)


(Closers in bold)


(New holidays in bold)


(New mini-games in bold)



Pie Crusts


Pie Fillings


Top Crusts

Crust Tops

Syrups and Whipped Creams



Drag And Drop Topping

Pourable Toppings

Sprinkle Toppings

Holiday Ingredients

Holiday ingredients consist of these unlocked in this order: filling, top crust, first placeable topping, syrup, and second placeable topping.

Holiday Rank/day Ingredient Picture
New year logo Rank 6
Day 2
Rank 7
Day 4
Rank 8
Tutti Frutti Filling
Spiral Crust
Yum n' M Cookies
Flavor X Syrup
Rainbow Meringue Dollops
New Year Toppings - Bakeria
Valentinesday logo Rank 11
Day 2
Rank 12
Day 4
Rank 13
Pomegranate Filling
Heart Crust
Heart Cookies
Lollipop Drizzle
Valentine's Day Ingredients - Bakeria
Stpaddy logo Rank 16
Day 2
Rank 17
Day 4
Rank 18
Choco Mint Custard
Celtic Knot Crust
Clover Cookies
Mint Syrup
Chocolate Coins
St. Paddy's Day Ingredients - Bakeria
EasterHoliday Rank 21
Day 2
Rank 22
Day 4
Rank 23
Jellybean Jam
Flower Bloom Crust
Cremebury Eggs
Wildberry Whip
Lavender Cheeps
Easter Ingredients - Bakeria
Cherry Blossom Festival-Logo Rank 26
Day 2
Rank 27
Day 4
Rank 28
Hakuto Jelly
Cherry Blossom Crust
Matcha Syrup
Blossom Cookie
Cherry Blossom Festival Ingredients - Bakeria
Summer luau logo Rank 31
Day 2
Rank 32
Day 4
Rank 33
Passionfruit Filling
Sunburst Crust
Luau Punch Drizzle
Maui Meringue Dollops
Summer Luau Ingredients - Bakeria
Starlightjubilee logo2 Rank 36
Day 2
Rank 37
Day 4
Rank 38
Mulberry Medley
Star Crust
Dipped Strawberries
Rocket Whip
White Chocolate Star
Starlight Jubille Ingredients - Bakeria
Logo-CometCon Rank 41
Day 2
Rank 42
Day 4
Rank 43
Starfruit Filling
Crater Crust
Astronaut Ice Cream
Hyper Green Syrup
Planet Cookies
Comet Con Ingredients - Bakeria
Grōōvstock-Logo Rank 46
Day 2
Rank 47
Day 4
Rank 48
Mission Fig Jam
Lightning Crust
Music Notes
Chai Reverb Drizzle
Marshmallow Drums
Grōōvstock Ingredients - Bakeria
Halloween logo Rank 51
Day 2
Rank 52
Day 4
Rank 53
Shadowberry Filling
Spiderweb Crust
Skull Cookies
Scream Cream
Candy Corn
Halloween Ingredients - Bakeria
Thanksgiving logo Rank 56
Day 2
Rank 57
Day 4
Rank 58
Pumpkin Filling
Autumn Leaves Crust
Harvest Leaf Cookies
Candy Corn Drizzle
Chocolate Acorn
Thanksgiving Ingredients - Bakeria
Christmas logo Rank 61
Day 2
Rank 62
Day 4
Rank 63
Peppermint Swirl Cream
Snowflake Crust
Frosted Wreaths
Candy Cane Drizzle
Frosted Gifts
Christmas Ingredients - Bakeria


Special Picture Prize Bonus
Apple Crisp Apple Crisp Chef Hat 1.5x Coin
Banana Cream Banana Cream Short Shrug 160% Points
Banana Split Bananasplit Striped Pants +2 Ticket
Banoffee Pie Banoffee Pie Big Knapsack 155% Points
Caramel Apple Caramel Apple Side Stripe Pants +1 Customer Star
Cherry Cheesecake 20200227 151501 Shields 160% Points
Cherry Cordial Cherry Cordial Long Overshirt 140% Points
Citri-Shock Citri-Shocks Sombrero 2.1x Coin
Cloud Nine Screenshot (205) Denim Jeans +2 Ticket
Cocoa Key Lime 100pxe Aviators 2x Coin
Creameo Cheesecake Creameo Cheesecake Banded Tank +1 Customer Star
Derby Pie Derby Boater Hat 155% Points
Fluffernutter Fluffer Nutter Tone Overshirt +1 Ticket
French Silk Screenshot (140) - Copy Wide Stripe Pants 2x Coin
Graceland King Graceland King Classic Vest 2x Coin
Granny Smith Granny Smith Gaming Glove 200% Points
Kiwi Strawberry Kiwi Strawberry Headphones 2.3x Coin
Lemon Meringue Lemon Meringue Backwards Cap 2x Coin
Luau Punch Luau Punch Hoodie 2x Coin
Mallow Haupia Mallow Haupia Backpack +1 Customer Star
Mississippi Mud Screenshot (160) Two Tone Dark Polo +1 Customer Star
Neapolitan Pie Neapolitan-1 Scarf Wrap +1 Customer Star
Nutty Buttercup Z Beret 190% Points
Orchard Tart Orchad Tart Letter Jacket +2 Ticket
Peach Cobbler Peach Cobbler Track Jacket +1 Customer Star
Pineapple Upside Down Pineapple Upside Down Onion Knit Hat 180% Points
Pink Lemonade Pink Lemonade Color Sport Shades +1 Customer Star
Piña Coolada Coolada Fruit Tee (Pineapple) 2x Coin
Plantain Crunch Plantancrunch Flat Cap 2x Coin
Prune Creek Prune Creek Army Helmet +1 Customer Star
Rhuby Tuber Rhuby Tuber Cape 2.2x Coin
Rocky Road Rocky Road Blazer 170% Points
Royal Anne Royal Anne Fiery Polo 150% Points
S'mores Pie S'Mores Pie Short Western +1 Ticket
Shoofly Pie Shoofly Groovy Headband 2.5x Coin
Southern Pecan Southernpecan Camping Pack +1 Ticket
Sugar Dragon Sugar Dragon Skater Shoes 2.3x Coin
Strawberry Rhubarb Straw Butterfllies 185% Points
Tiramisu Screenshot (260) Cowboy Hat +1 Ticket
Wild Berry Wild Berry Burple Tee 190% Points


Rank Number Rank Name Minimum Total Points Weekly Pay Unlocks
1 Newbie 0 $150 -
2 Fudge Fanatic 260 $155 Sue
White Chocolate Syrup
3 Pie Decorator 650 $160 Taylor
Meringue Topping
4 Meringue Master 1,170 $165 Janana
Banana Filling
Dining Room
5 Banana Buddy 2,600 $170 Carlo Romano
Creameo Crust
6 Creameo Champ 3,510 $175 New Year New year icon
Chocolate Mousse
Tutti Frutti Filling
7 Fruit Filler 4,000 $180 Ivy
Toffee Filling
Yum n' M Cookies
8 Cookie Scout 4,550 $185 Rico
Rainbow Meringue Dollops
9 Rainbow Buddy 5,720 $190 Bruna Romano
Polka Dot Crust
10 Polkadot Pal 7,020 $195 Robby
Cheesecake Filling
11 Cheesecake Champ 8,450 $200 Valentine's Day Vday icon
Pomegranate Filling
12 Pomengrate Pro 10,010 $205 Prudence
Strawberry Filling
Heart Cookies
13 Heart Hero 11,700 $210 Kayla
14 Macaron Master 13,520 $215 Greg
Chocolate Syrup
15 Choco Champion 15,470 $220 Roy
Chocolate Crumb Topping
16 Crumb Buddy 17,420 $225 St. Paddy's Day Stpaddy icon2
Chocolate Meringue
Choco Mint Custard
17 Mint Master 19,370 $230 Doan
Clover Cookies
18 Clover Fan 21,320 $235 Skyler
Chocolate Coins
19 Coin Collector 23,270 $240 Mitch
Key Lime Filling
20 Keymaster 25,220 $245 Edna
Marshmallow Filling
21 Mallow Master 27,170 $250 Easter Easter icon
Crushed Wafers
Jellybean Jam
22 Jellybeam Jelly 29,120 $255 Mandi
Cremebury Eggs
23 Egg Expert 31,070 $260 Mindy
Lavender Cheeps
24 Cheep Champ 33,020 $265 Kingsley
Lemon Filling
25 Lemon Lover 34,970 $270 Perri
Blueberry Pie-Tarts
26 Tart Toaster 36,920 $275 Cherry Blossom Festival Cherry Blossom Festival icon
Ladyfingers Crust
Hakuto Jelly
27 Hakuto Hero 38,870 $280 Austin
28 Mochi Master 40,820 $285 Deano
Blossom Cookie
29 Blossom Buddy 42,770 $290 Marty
Sugarplum Filling
30 Sugarplumber 44,720 $295 Maggie
Dragonfruit Filling
31 Dragonfruit Hero 46,670 $300 Summer Luau Sluau icon
Passionfruit Filling
32 Passionfruit Pro 48,620 $305 Chuck
Pineapple Filling
33 Madeleine Fan 50,570 $310 Kahuna
Maui Meringue Dollops
34 Maui Master 52,520 $315 Nevada
Toasted Coconut
35 Coconutty 54,470 $320 Hacky Zak
Peach Filling
36 Peach Professional 56,420 $325 Starlight Jubilee Starlightjubilee icon2
Red Velvet Crust
Mulberry Medley
37 Mulberry Master 58,370 $330 Scooter
Dipped Strawberries
38 Berry Dipper 60,320 $335 Alberto
White Chocolate Star
39 Super Star 62,270 $340 Lisa
40 Berry Buddy 64,220 $345 Wally
Blueberry Filling
41 Blueberry Baker 66,170 $350 Comet-Con CometCon icon
Blackberry Bark
Starfruit Filling
42 Star Gazer 68,120 $355 Olivia
Astronaut Ice Cream
43 Astronaut Ace 70,070 $360 Wendy
Planet Cookies
44 Planet Hopper 72,020 $365 Professor Fitz
Kiwi Filling
45 Kiwi Master 73,970 $370 Sarge Fan
Huckleberry Syrup
46 Huckleberry Hero 75,920 $375 Grōōvstock Grōōvstock icon
Vanilla Crispies Crust
Mission Fig Jam
47 Mission Fig Fan 77,870 $380 Rudy
Music Notes
48 Musician 79,720 $385 Clover
Marshmallow Drums
49 Drum Beater 81,670 $390 Clair
Rhubarb Filling
50 Rhubarbarian 83,620 $395 Foodini
Grape Jelly Cookies
51 Cookie Champ 85,570 $400 Halloween Halloween icon
Chocolate Chip Crust
Shadowberry Filling
52 Shadowberry Fan 87,520 $405 Kenji
Skull Cookies
53 Skull Specialist 89,470 $410 Sasha
Candy Corn
54 Candy Fan 91,420 $415 Tony
Citrus Zest
55 Citrus Zester 93,370 $420 Ninjoy
Purple Yam Filling
56 Fan of Yams 95,320 $425 Thanksgiving Thanksgiving icon
Butterscotch Smooches
Pumpkin Pie Filling
57 Pumpkin Pro 97,270 $430 Yui
Harvest Leaf Cookies
58 Leaf Raker 99,220 $435 Hank
Chocolate Acorn
59 Acorn Collector 101,170 $440 Hugo
Peanut Butter Swirl Crust
60 Peanut Buddy 103,120 $445 Allan
Peanut Butter Fluff
61 Fluff Filler 105,070 $450 Christmas Christmas icon2
Gingersnap Crust
Peppermint Swirl Cream
62 Peppermint Pro 107,020 $455 Rita
Frosted Wreaths
63 Wreath Wrangler 108,970 $460 Olga
Frosted Gifts
64 Gift Giver 110,920 $465 Chester
Kiwi Slices
65 Kiwi Slicer 112,970 $470 Papa Louie
Slit Top Crust
66+ Better Than Papa! +1,950 each rank +$5 each rank Holidays all over again!


Picture Name Cost Description
Doorbell Upgrade Transparent Doorbell $4.50 You'll hear when new customers enter, no matter where you are.
Cook Booster 1 Sushiria Cook Booster 1 $120.00 Hold down the booster to bake pies faster.
Cook Booster 2 Sushiria Cook Booster 2 $120.00 Hold down the booster to bake pies faster.
Cook Booster 3 Sushiria Cook Booster 3 $120.00 Hold down the booster to bake pies faster.
Bake Alarm 1 Bakeria TG Bake Alarm 1 $90.00 Alerts you when a pie has finished baking.
Bake Alarm 2 Bakeria TG Bake Alarm 2 $90.00 Alerts you when a pie has finished baking.
Bake Alarm 3 Bakeria TG Bake Alarm 3 $90.00 Alerts you when a pie has finished baking.
Special Sign Special Sign $250.00 More customers will order Today's Special!

Lobby Items

See Papa's Bakeria/Lobby Items


Sticker Number Name Achievement Sticker Earned Sticker Picture
1 Spring Has Sprung Reach Spring Strawbuzzy Strawbuzzy Sticker
2 Summer Vacation Reach Summer Hot Dog Hot Dog Sticker
3 Fall Harvest Reach Autumn Toastwood Turkeys Toastwood Turkeys Sticker
4 Winter Wonderland Reach Winter SundaeSaurus SundaeSaurus Sticker
5 New Year Baking Unlock all New Year toppings New Year Logo New Year Sticker
6 Playing Cupid Unlock all Valentine's Day toppings Heart Heart Sticker
7 Go Green Unlock all St. Paddy's Day toppings Shamrock Shamrock Sticker
8 Easter Basket Unlock all Easter toppings Easter Egg Easter Egg Sticker
9 Springtime Pies Unlock all Cherry Blossom Festival toppings Cherry Blossom Cherry Blossom Sticker
10 Summer Fan Unlock all Summer Luau toppings Bucket of Sand Bucket of Sand Sticker
11 Patriotic Unlock all Starlight Jubilee toppings Rocket Candy Rocket Sticker
12 Conventional Unlock all Comet Con toppings Planet Planet Sticker
13 Jam Session Unlock all Grōōvstock toppings Music Note Music Note Sticker
14 Trick or Treat Unlock all Halloween toppings Skull Skull Sticker
15 Thankful Unlocks all Thanksgiving toppings Autumn Leaf Autumn Leaf Sticker
16 Holiday Pies Unlock all Christmas toppings Tree Cookie Tree Cookie Sticker
17 Make 'Em Wait Serve the first customer last Awesome Saucer Awesome Saucer Sticker
18 Hot and Ready Have Quinn's order ready when she arrives and serve immediately Checkpoint in Papa Louie Platformer Games Checkpoint Sticker
19 Preferential Treatment Have Whiff's order ready when he arrives and serve immediately Powder Point Woollies Powder Point Woollies Sticker
20 Bronze Beginning Earn 5 Bronze Customer Awards Pizza Slice Pizza Slice Sticker
21 Repeat Customers Earn 15 Bronze Customer Awards Luau LePunch Luau LePunch Sticker
22 Silver Medal Earn 10 Silver Customer Awards Grilled Cheese Sandwich Grilled Cheese Sandwich Sticker
23 Restaurant Regulars Earn 15 Gold Customer Awards Warp Key Warp Coin Sticker
24 Order Expert Get a 100% Waiting Score on 20 orders Tomato Red Tomato Sticker
25 Build Expert Get a 100% Building Score on 20 orders Peachbuzzy Peachbuzzy Sticker
26 Oven Expert Get a 100% Baking Score on 20 orders Cupcake Cupcake Sticker
27 Topping Expert Get a 100% Topping Score on 20 orders Dill Wheel Dill Wheel Sticker
28 Perfect! Get a Perfect Score on 30 orders Burgerzilla Burgerzilla Sticker
29 Award Winning Pies Get 5 Blue Ribbons from Jojo the Food Critic Blue Ribbon Blue Ribbon Sticker
30 Month's Pay Receive your wages on four Pay Days Donut Donut Sticker
31 Piggy Bank Don't spend any money in the Shop for 7 days Disco Plumm Disco Plumm Sticker
32 One-Stop Shopping Buy any 50 items from the Shop Party Subs Party Subs Sticker
33 Advertiser Buy any 8 Posters from the Shop Burgerburgh Sizzlers Burgerburgh Sizzlers Sticker
34 Interior Decorator Buy any 8 Furniture items from the Shop Radish Radish Sticker
35 Updated Wardrobe Buy any 8 Clothing items from the Shop Brown Onion Brown Onion Sticker
36 New Coat of Paint Buy any 4 Flooring or Wallpaper from the Shop Jill Berry Jill Berry Sticker
37 Upgrade Master Buy all of the Upgrades in the Shop. Wildberry Derps Wildberry Derps Sticker
38 New Threads Change your worker's shirt, pants, jacket, and shoes Fizzo Fizzo Sticker
39 Romano Family Serve everyone in the Romano Family Quartet Tastyville Tomatoes Tastyville Tomatoes Sticker
40 Scarlett and the Shakers Serve everyone in Scarlett and the Shakers Honeydoo Honeydoo Sticker
41 New Faces Serve all of the new customers Slice of Pie Slice of Pie Sticker
42 The Gang's All Here Serve all of the customers! Papa Louie Papa Louie Sticker
43 Costumed Closers Serve all of the Costumed Closers during Halloween Radley Madish Radley Madish Sticker
44 Game Show Contestant Earn a Prize in each of Foodini's Mini-Games Game Ticket Game Ticket Sticker
45 Grand Prize Winner Earn 5 Prizes or more in each of Foodini's Mini-Games Mangoby Mangoby Sticker
46 Rare Reward Win a Rare Bonus Prize in a Mini-Game by earning a Star Medal Jellyback Jellyback Sticker
47 Recipe Collection Earn 15 Special Recipes from customers Sundae Sundae Sticker
48 Complete Cookbook Earn 40 Special Recipes from customers Pepperjack Pepper Jack Sticker
49 Successful Specials Earn 3 Special Stars when serving Today's Special Dill Worm Dill Worm Sticker
50 Recipe Master Master a Special Recipe by earning 5 Special Stars Cheesecake Wheel Cheesecake Wheel Sticker
51 Super Special Master 10 Special Recipes by earning 5 Stars on each Blue Barry Blue Barry Sticker
52 Cookbook Mastery Master 20 Special Recipes by reaching 5 Stars on each Flipline Studios Flipline Studios Sticker
53 Pie Professional Unlock all of the Crust Flavors Pasta Pasta Sticker
54 Flavorful Fillings Unlock all of the Standard Fillings Papa's Moustache Papa's Mustache Sticker
55 Upper Crust Unlock all of the Top Crusts, Crumbs, and Meringues Army Onion Army Onion Sticker
56 Pie Pourables Unlock all of the Standard Pourable Toppings Chip McMint Chip McMint Sticker
57 Decorations Unlock all of the Standard Placeable Toppings Maple Mountain Flapjacks Maple Mountain Flapjacks Sticker
58 Syrup Sampler Unlock all of the Standard Syrups and Creams Pancakes Pancakes Sticker
59 Cloudy Closer Serve a Cloud Nine Special to Mayor Mallow Mallow Men Mallow Men Sticker
60 Rocky Rhonda Serve a Rocky Road Special to Rhonda Rocky Road Rocky Road Sticker
61 Rhuby Rudy Tuber Serve a Rhuby Tuber Special to Rudy Sarge Sarge Sticker
62 Penny Coolada Serve a Piña Coolada Special to Penny Pina Coolada Pina Coolada Sticker
63 Neapolitony Serve a Neapolitan Pie Special to Tony 2 Spatulas Spatulas Sticker
64 Royal Rico Serve a Royal Anne Special to Rico Tacodale Hardshells Tacodale Hardshells Sticker
65 Try Some Toffee Serve a Shoofly Pie Special to Prudence Burger Slider Burger Slider Sticker
66 Captain Apple Serve a Caramel Apple Special to Captain Cori S.S. Louie S.S. Louie Sticker
67 Boomin' Banana Serve a Banana Cream Pie Special to Boomer Banana Pants Banana Pants Sticker
68 Wallyberry Add extra blueberries on top of Wally's pie Anchovy Anchovy Sticker
69 Cordial Bomb Use Chocolate Crust and Chocolate Syrup Drizzle on Cherissa's pie Cordial Bomb Cordial Bomb Sticker
70 Cookie Scout Use Creameo Crust and Grape Jelly Cookies on Yippy's pie Blondie Bop Blondie Bop Sticker
71 Greenery Use Key Lime Filling and Pistachios on Julep's pie Lettuce Lark Lettuce Lark Sticker
72 Peanut Butter Pauly Use Peanut Butter Crust, Peanut Butter Fluff and Crushed Peanuts on Big Pauly's pie Nutty Butter Nutty Butter Sticker
73 Spooktacular Serve 20 customers during Halloween wearing any Halloween clothing Buffalo Wing Buffalo Wing Sticker
74 Holiday Spirit Serve 100 customers while wearing clothing that matches the seasons Portallini Gondoliers Portallini Gondoliers Sticker
75 Santa's Helper Serve 20 customers during Christmas wearing a Christmas Hat and Fur Parka Starlight City Buffaloes Starlight City Buffaloes Sticker
76 Daredevil Serve Boomer while wearing a Stunt Helmet and Cape Burger Burger Sticker
77 Team Player Serve Pinch Hitwell while wearing a Logo Cap and Baseball Jersey Whiskview Black Birds Whiskview Black Birds Sticker
78 Holiday Outfit Wear a shirt, belt, jacket, and hat to match the current holiday Bacobites Bacobites Sticker
79 Color Coordinated Dress your chef and server in the exact same outfit but with different colors. Frostfield Batters Frostfield Batters Sticker
80 Christmas in July Use only Christmas decorations (3 or more items) in your lobby during July. Powseeker Powseeker Sticker
81 Bubble Gum Bonanza Have 10 different kinds of bubble gum in the lobby at once. Oniontown Crushers Oniontown Crushers Sticker
82 Dance Party Use lots of musical furniture so 3 or more customers are dancing in the lobby Cheddar Mack Cheddar Mack Sticker
83 Get the Tables! Fill your lobby with 12 large tables Daisy from Papa Louie 2 Daisy Sticker
84 Loose Change Grab 250 coins while playing Papa's Raceway Coin Coin Sticker
85 Stubborn Plumber Try to click 20 different red pipes in Rico's Chiliworks Chilifeather Chilifeather Sticker
86 Cookie Clickin' Strike out in Mitch's Mess by clicking 3 different cookies Taco Taco Sticker
87 Roasted Marshmallows Leave 3 Marshmallow Pies in the oven at the end of the day Blue Shroom Blue Shroom Sticker
88 Wasteful Baker Throw away 5 fully-cooked pies in one day Calypso Island Coconuts Calypso Island Coconuts Sticker
89 Friendly Fill-Up When dining in, fill the customer's pie with their friend's favorite fillings instead Sakura Bay Samurais Sakura Bay Samurais Sticker
90 Fire Drill Leave 3 Rhubarb Pies in the oven at the end of the day Habandito Habandito Sticker


  • The representative Gameria color of Papa's Bakeria is maroon.
  • This and Papa's Bakeria To Go! are both the twelfth game of their type.
  • This is the first game to utilize a new font.
  • This is the first game where female workers can wear dresses. This is also the first game where male workers can wear skirts or dresses.
  • If playing with custom workers, players can choose the worker's dream job. At the start of the game, he or she can apply for a job at any of these six locations:
    • Dance Studio (pre-chosen for Timm and Cecilia)
    • Beauty Salon
    • Bookstore
    • Clothing Company
    • Comic Shop
    • Video Games
  • The space which was formerly the Whiskview Dance Studio (or any of the other five businesses above) is open during the holidays as other businesses during the first "year" of the game. The stores that open next to the Bakeria are:
  • Because Whiskview Mall is large, there are a lot of stores that players do not see during the daily sequence before the game begins. However, a number of customers carry around shopping bags from some of these stores, including:
    • Vita-Mad SuppleMax
    • Shoe-Fly Co.
    • Sport Buddies
    • Surf Shack
  • During the Halloween season, closers will dress up in costumes:
    • Whiff dresses like a Viking and carries a hammer with him.
    • The others still wear their updated versions of their regular Halloween costumes:
      • Radlynn wears a white overcoat with a Radley Madish Mask
      • Quinn's cat costume changes from black to brown.
      • Xolo has white gloves.
  • Maggie, Cooper, Clair and Mary are among the customers whose updated "Cleaned-Up" looks are actually the outfits they wore in older games.
  • This is the first Gameria where the minigame Hallway Hunt isn't included.
  • This is one of 6 games (inclusive HD and To Go!) where none of the debutants won Papa's Next Chefs or became a chef.
  • Some customers who appeared in Papa Louie 2: When Burgers Attack! and Papa Louie 3: When Sundaes Attack! have their style B/C as the one in the game.
  • Duke Gotcha can be the last customer, as he's the last filler customer to be unlocked. This happens if the player ranks up too fast using a special.
  • Customers' regular and holiday orders can now be seen on the 'Customer Information' tab.
  • This is the first Gameria where the first holiday is not a new holiday.
  • Some customers will carry items into the restaurant to celebrate the holidays:
    • New Year - Rainbow Noisemaker (X Wand with Xandra)
    • Valentine's Day - Rose (Cupid Bow & Arrows with Scarlett)
    • St. Paddy's Day - Ireland Flag (Gold Horseshoe with Georgito)
    • Easter - Basket of Grass (Carrot with Cletus)
    • Cherry Blossom Festival - Paper Lantern (Paper Fan with Tohru)
    • Summer Luau - Paper Fan
    • Starlight Jubilee - Sparkler
    • Comet Con - Lightsaber
    • Groovstock - Tambourine
    • Halloween - Jack-o-lantern Basket (Skull Basket with Willow)
    • Thanksgiving - Turkey Leg
    • Christmas - Candy Cane
  • This is the first game where there is an option to switch between customers' outfits; this is due to the introduction of the sticker system.
  • No customer orders 4 different fillings in their pie, despite the fact that there are 4 filling spaces in the fill meter and the order tickets.
  • During Halloween, the mannequins from Fashion Flambé are seen in various places around the mall during the closing sequence.
  • The upper crust (excluding meringues and crumbs) will match the color of the base crust.
  • This is the first and only Gameria where the player can "customize" the intro.
  • This, along with its app remake, are the only games where the holiday lineup starts in January and spans only one calendar year.
    • They are also the only games where the restaurant is located in an indoor location, which is Whiskview Mall.
  • This is the only version of the game that celebrates Cherry Blossom Festival and Comet Con.


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