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Papa's Ballpark Mustard is a standard sauce available in Papa's Hot Doggeria/HD/To Go!. It is unlocked with Shannon when the player reaches Rank 5.

The "In the Ballpark" badge is earned when the player serves 30 orders with Papa's Ballpark Mustard.

Customers who order this

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Hot Doggeria

Hot Doggeria HD/To Go!

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Specials using this ingredient

Hot Doggeria HD/To Go!


  • According to a blog post from Flipline Studios [1], Ballpark Mustard is the game's version of a brown mustard that is a favorite condiment among residents of northern Ohio called "Stadium Mustard." In Cleveland, OH, home of Flipline Studios, there are two major companies that produce this style of mustard, and are sold to the city's major stadiums: Progressive Field, home of the Cleveland Indians Major League Baseball team and FirstEnergy Stadium, home of the Cleveland Browns of the National Football League. [2] [3]


Appears in Picture Bonus Points Cost Theme
Papa's Hot Doggeria/HD/To Go!
Papa's Ballpark Mustard Poster.JPG
Papa's Ballpark Bonus 20 points $55.00 (Hot Doggeria)

$45.00 (HD/To Go!)

FurniLogoP.png(Hot Doggeria

Thanksgiving icon.png (HD/To Go!)

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