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Papa's Cheeseria is the 11th game in the Papa Louie restaurant management series that will be released by Flipline Studios on a future date.


Big-big-BIG news today everyone!!

As Papa’s Next Chefs is rolling through the semi-finals, we wanted to unveil papa’s next big restaurant….Papa’s Cheeseria!!!

In this newest addition to the Papa franchise, you will be grilling up the toasty-est…
Grilled Cheese Sandwiches in the world! These will be some truly monster grilled cheese sandwiches, featuring tons of toppings, breads, and of course…. CHEEESE!

And what do you know… April is National Grilled Cheese Month!!!  So we’ll be spending this month showing you weekly sneak peeks of all the fun you’ll have in Papa’s Cheeseria!


  • 4/7/15- Papa's Cheeseria is announced! [2]



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