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Papa's Cluckeria To Go! is the sixteenth game in the Papa Louie restaurant time-management series and is also the sixteenth To Go! app. The app was first announced on November 15, 2021. Wylan B and Olivia are the workers in this game, as they were the winners of Papa's Next Chefs 2021. The game takes place in Oilseed Springs. It was officially launched on February 22, 2022, although the game appeared in app stores one day before the official release date.


The Chicken Sandwich Wars have begun! When Papa Louie opens the first chicken sandwich restaurant in Oilseed Springs, rival chefs suddenly appear in town to give Papa Louie some competition!

You'll be in charge of running Papa's Cluckeria, where you'll bread, batter, and fry foods to craft a variety of different sandwiches. Pile the sandwiches high with toppings and sauces and create refreshing swirled slushes to serve your picky customers. Work your way through the holidays as you serve seasonal sandwiches and slushes, unlock new ingredients, and earn Daily Specials with delicious sandwich recipes -- and try to outlast your competition!

HOLIDAY FLAVORS - As you reach new ranks, the seasons and holidays in Oilseed Springs will change, and your customers will start ordering holiday-themed meals! You'll unlock new slush flavors, buns, toppings, and sauces for each holiday of the year, and your customers will love trying these new festive flavors!

FOOD TRUCK FUN - After you hire a Driver, you can send them out in a Food Truck between days to serve whatever you like! Use your imagination to create your own unique sandwiches, then serve them from the Food Truck and see who shows up to try them. You can even mix and match ingredients from different holidays in the Food Truck for creative combinations!

SERVE SPECIAL RECIPES - Earn Special Recipes from your customers and serve them as the Daily Special in the Cluckeria! Each Special has a bonus you can earn for serving a prime example of that recipe. Master each special to earn a special prize!

Game Features

  • Hands-on chicken sandwich shop in the Papa Louie universe
  • Multi-task between frying foods, stacking sandwiches, and crafting slushes
  • Custom chefs and drivers
  • 12 separate holidays to unlock, each with more ingredients
  • Earn and master 40 unique Special Recipes
  • 90 colorful Stickers to earn for completing tasks
  • 141 customers to serve with unique orders
  • Use Stickers to unlock new outfits for your customers
  • 149 ingredients to unlock
  • New Food Truck Gameplay Mode

Blog Announcement

You heard it here first, Papa Louie is entering the Chicken Sandwich Wars! Coming soon to tablets and phones… Papa’s Cluckeria To Go! [2]


  • 06/10/2021: Wylan B and Olivia win Papa's Next Chefs 2021 [3]
  • 10/18/2021: The Chicken Sandwich Wars are Coming…[4]
  • 10/25/2021: A New Chef Has Appeared… [5]
  • 11/01/2021: A New Chef Has Appeared… [6]
  • 11/08/2021: New Chefs Have Appeared… [7]
  • 11/15/2021: New Chefs Have Appeared… [8]
  • 11/22/2021: Sneak Peek: Worker Uniforms! [9]
  • 11/29/2021: Sneak Peek: Oilseed Springs! [10]
  • 12/06/2021: Sneak Peek: Swirled Slush! [11]
  • 12/13/2021: Sneak Peek: New Holiday!!! [12]
  • 12/20/2021: Sneak Peek: New Customer! [13]
  • 12/27/2021: Sneak Peek: Breaking News! [14]
  • 01/03/2022: Sneak Peek: The Fry Station! [15]
  • 01/10/2022: Sneak Peek: The Build Station! [16]
  • 01/17/2022: Sneak Peek: The Slush Station! [17]
  • 01/24/2022: Sneak Peek: New Game Mode! [18]
  • 01/31/2022: Sneak Peek: Free Play in the Food Truck! [19]
  • 02/07/2022: Sneak Peek: Cluckeria Work Continues… [20]
  • 02/18/2022: Sneak Peek: The Launch Date! [21]
  • 02/22/2022: Out Now: Papa's Cluckeria to Go! [22]
  • 02/28/2022: Bonus Feature: Food Truck Surprise! [23]


The workers in this game are Wylan B, Olivia, and the Custom Worker. The uniform is chicken-themed and consists of a short-sleeved chicken skin-like salmon shirt with gray buttons and lines, a black chicken wattle-like bowtie, white pants with chicken feather patterns held by a red belt with a gold buckle, a white chicken-themed hat with chicken eyes, a golden yellow beak brim and a red comb, a white vest with chicken feather patterns and gray buttons, and salmon chicken feet-like shoes with white laces and black accent colors and soles.


Wylan B/Olivia/Custom Worker visits a job fair to look and apply for a job. There, they find and meet Papa Louie, who shows them his very special top secret project opening in Oilseed Springs: Papa's Cluckeria. Papa then hires them, and gives them a new uniform. Three weeks later, they meet Papa at Papa’s Cluckeria. Papa then shows them around the restaurant, and his secret recipe. Just then, they get a notification on their phone, where they find out that Papa's Cluckeria is competing with other restaurants in the Great Chicken Sandwich Wars. Papa leaves, leaving them exasperated as they has to get to work.

Breaking News

#1: Mortadello's Pigeon Sliders Plummet!

At rank 21, as Day of the Dead approaches, Nowtime News brings viewers an update where Duke Gotcha reports that Mortadello's Bird Meat has shut down due to numerous health violations. In the meantime, the Chicken Sandwich Wars continue on with new, non-bird meat alternatives such as pork. Pally is also seen taking a BotWurst employed by Guy Mortadello to a home for robots after it has nowhere else to go.

#2: NuSalad Mixers Miss the Mark

At rank 41, as Valentine's Day approaches, Nowtime News tunes in as the Valentine's Day begins, where Duke Gotcha mentions that NuCoop Fry Lab has closed its doors as their NuSalad Mixers have been beaten out by Cluckeria's Slushes. The NuSalad Mixers were causing indigestion amongst the investors. The money is taken by NuMarcus, who goes on vacation, while Gabitha shows no sign of interest.  

#3: Crumple Family Chicken: New Recipe

At rank 61, when Summer Luau begins, Nowtime News tunes in for an update. Duke Gotcha introduces the viewers to a new recipe of Crumple Family Chicken that sparks curiosity among the fans. Consequently, Bonnie and Yalanda outrank Papa Louie in the market share report. However, the dramatic irony is that Papa Louie's secret recipe is in Bonnie's back pocket.

#4: Crumple Sisters in Court (Outro)

At Rank 65, before you unlock Papa Louie, Nowtime News rolls out an update. Duke Gotcha informs viewers that the Crumple Sisters are being questioned in court about stealing Papa Louie's secret recipe. Quinn handles the case efficiently and the Crumple Sisters are found guilty and put in prison, thereby ensuring Papa's Cluckeria's victory over the Chicken Sandwich Wars.  

#5: Crumple Family Mystery

The day after the player has served all of the customers, Duke Gotcha informs the viewer that the Crumple Sisters have escaped prison. A Warp Coin is seen under the sisters' beds, hinting at its use.




(Debutants in bold)


(Closers in bold)


(New holidays in bold)

Mini Games


Meats and Meat Alternatives

Fryable Food Cluckeria All (1).png

Batters and Breadings

Breadings and Batter Pic.png


Breads Cluckeria All.png



Slush Sizes

Slush Flavors

Slush Flavors Cluckeria All.jpg

Holiday Ingredients

Holiday ingredients consist of a bun, two sauces, two toppings, and a slush flavor.

Holiday Rank/Day Ingredient Picture
Starlight BBQ Updated.png
Rank 6
Day 2
Rank 7
Day 4
Rank 8
Day 6
Smoked Cheddar Bun
Mac n' Cheese
Mambo Sauce
Powsicle Slush
Baked Beans
Lone Star Pit Sauce
Cluckeria Starlight BBQ Holiday Ingredients.png
BavariaFest Updated logo.png
Rank 11
Day 2
Rank 12
Day 4
Rank 13
Day 6
Pretzel Bun
Blockmalz Slush
Marzen Mustard
Cluckeria BavariaFest Holiday Ingredients.png
Maple Mornings New Logo.png
Rank 16
Day 2
Rank 17
Day 4
Rank 18
Day 6
Hash Brown Patty
Maple Syrup
Cinnamon Swirl Slush
Sausage Patty
Hollandaise Sauce
Cluckeria Maple Mornings Holiday Ingredients.png
Day of the Dead Logo.png
Rank 21
Day 2
Rank 22
Day 4
Rank 23
Day 6
Pan De Muerto Bun
La Catrina Sauce
Chamoyada Slush
Mole Mística
Cluckeria Day of the Dead Holiday Ingredients.png
Thanksgiving logo.png
Rank 26
Day 2
Rank 27
Day 4
Rank 28
Day 6
Mashed Potatoes
Pumpkin Spice Slush
Wojapi Sauce
Christmas Updated Logo.png
Rank 31
Day 2
Rank 32
Day 4
Rank 33
Day 6
Jack Frost Bun
Canned Cranberry
Creamy Pistachio Sauce
Dr. Dasher Slush
Arugula Wreaths
Krampus Sauce
New Year Updated Logo.png
Rank 36
Day 2
Rank 37
Day 4
Rank 38
Day 6
Rainbow Rye Bun
Bolivian Chiles
Wild Onion Sauce
Tutti Frutti Slush
Potato Chips
Midnight Marsala
Valentine’s Day Updated Logo.png
Rank 41
Day 2
Rank 42
Day 4
Rank 43
Day 6
Pink Poppyseed Bun
Heartbeet Arrabbiata
Hot Rods Slush
Nogada Sauce
Lucky Lucky Matsuri Updated Logo.png
Rank 46
Day 2
Rank 47
Day 4
Rank 48
Day 6
Cheung Chau Bun
Lotus Root
Karashi Mayo
Iyokan Slush
Easter logo2.png
Rank 51
Day 2
Rank 52
Day 4
Rank 53
Day 6
Pasqua Bun
Pickled Carrots
Wildflower Carbonara
Cotton Candy Slush
Mixed Microgreens
Blackberry Remoulade
Comet Con New Logo.png
Rank 56
Day 2
Rank 57
Day 4
Rank 58
Day 6
Lunar Loaf Bun
Astro Elixir
Galaxy Grape Slush
Space Ration ZX26
Hyper Green Sauce
Summer luau logo.png
Rank 61
Day 2
Rank 62
Day 4
Rank 63
Day 6
Hawaiian Bun
Kalua Ham
Mango Chili Sauce
Luau Punch Slush
Grilled Plantains
Hula Hula Sauce


Special Picture Bonus Prize
Bacon Bomb Bacon Bomb.jpg 180% points Onion Knit Hat
Bagel Ablaze Bagel Ablaze.jpg 2x Coin.png Cardigan
Battered Barbecue Battered Barbecue.jpg +2 Ticket.png Big Knapsack
Big Bavarian Big bavarian.png +1 Customer Star.png Fade Polo
Blazin' Beef Blazin' Beef (Cluckeria).jpg 170% points Gladiator Helmet
Bourbon BBQ Chicken Bourbon BBQ Chicken.jpg +1 Customer Star.png Western Shirt
Breakfast Biscuit Breakfast Biscuit.jpg 160% points Short Armwarmers
Buffalo Bacon Biscuit Buffalo Bacon Biscuit.png 2x Coin.png Striped Pants
Cabbage Patch Cabbage patch.png +2 Ticket.png Fedora
Catch of the Day Catch of the day.png +1 Ticket.png Striped Apron
Cemita Poblana Cemita Poblana.jpg 2.3x Coin.png Mardi Gras Crown
Cheesy Chivito Cheesy Chivito.jpg 2x Coin.png Leather Jacket
Cheesy Chops Cheesy Chops.jpg +1 Customer Star.png 3D Glasses
Cluckeria Classic Cluckeria classic.png 1.5x Coin.png Hot Tank
Coronation Chicken Coronation Chicken.jpg +2 Ticket.png Silver Medal
Cotolette Alla Pizzaiola Cotolette Alla Pizzaiola.jpg +1 Customer Star.png Color Block Tank
Crab Banh Mi Crab Banh Mi.jpg +1 Ticket.png Popped Collar Buttondown
Crabby Croissant Crabby Croissant.jpg 200% points Gold Medal
Farmers Market Farmers Market.jpg 155% points Racing Cap
Fischbrötchen Fischbrötchen.jpg +1 Customer Star.png Camping Pack
Fish Fry Fish fry.png 155% points Chef's Hat
Harcsapaprikas Harcsapaprikas.jpg 2.1x Coin.png Striped Cadet Cap
Honey Mushroom Honey Mushrooms.jpg 2x Coin.png Sweatbands
Honky Tonk Haddock Honky tonk haddock.png 160% points Bronze Medal
Jägerschnitzel Jägerschnitzel.jpg +1 Ticket.png Raccoon Cap
Katsu Sando Katsu Sando.jpg 185% Points Kung Fu Shirt
Kickin' Chicken Kickin chicken.png 150% points Pirate Hat
Luau Delight Luau Delight.jpg +1 Customer Star.png Army Helmet
Mighty Marinara Mighty Marinara.jpg +1 Customer Star.png Paisley Beanie
Nashville Veggie Nashville veggie.png 2.5x Coin.png Accent Polo
Papa's Paprikash Papa's Paprikash.jpg 2x Coin.png Two Tone Pants
Parmesan Pile-Up Parmesan Pile-Up.jpg 190% points Viking Helmet
Peri Pickle Peri Pickle.jpg 2.3x Coin.png Cropped Overshirt
Rahmschnitzel Rahmschnitzel.png 2x Coin.png Onion Jenny Crown
Seafood Sampler Seafood Sampler.jpg 2.2x Coin.png Gaming Glove
Southern Steak Stack Southern Steak Stack.jpg +1 Ticket.png Checkered Belt
Spicy Skipper Spicy Skipper.jpg +1 Customer Star.png Wedding Suit
Towering Teriyaki Towering Teriyaki.jpg 140% points Ringed V-Neck
Trancapecho Trancapecho.jpg 2x Coin.png Headphones
Whitefish Jubilee Whitefish Jubilee.jpg 190% points Dotted Shirt


Rank Number Rank Name Total XP (+ 1800 each Rank after Rank 11) Payday increase (+$5 each Rank) Unlocks
1 Trainee 300 $100.00
2 Slaw Specialist 750 $105.00 Emmlette, Buttermilk Biscuit
3 Biscuit Baker 1350 $110.00 Rudy, Sweet Tea Slush
4 Sweet Tea Server 2100 $115.00 Koilee, Fish Filet, Tartar Sauce
5 Fish Fanatic 3000 $120.00 Julep, Watercress
6 Watercress Wrangler 4050 $125.00 Marty, Starlight BBQ, Smoked Cheddar Bun
7 Cheddar Champ 5250 $130.00 Boomer, Mambo Sauce
8 Mambo Master 6600 $135.00 Lisa, Baked Beans
9 Bean Buddy 8100 $140.00 Janana, Banana Peppers
10 Banana Pepper Pro 9750 $145.00 Chase, Nashville Hot Sauce
11 Nashville Fan 11550 $150.00 Mayor Mallow, Pretzel Bun, Pretzel Crust Breading, Schnitzel
12 Schnitzel Server 13350 $155.00 Prudence, Bierkäse
13 Bierkäse Buddy 15150 $160.00 Shannon, Bratwurst
14 Bratwurst Griller 16950 $165.00 Skyler, Country Gravy
15 Country Gravy Fan 18750 $170.00 Timm, Root Beer Slush
16 Root Beer Tapper 20550 $175.00 Cooper, Maple Mornings, Waffle
17 Waffle Wrangler 22350 $180.00 Johnny, Maple Syrup
18 Maple Master 24150 $185.00 Simone, Sausage Patty
19 Sausage Server 25950 $190.00 James, Fried Egg
20 Egg Expert 27750 $195.00 Budwin, Peri Peri Sauce
21 Peri Peri Pro 29550 $200.00 Mitch, Day of the Dead, Pan De Muerto Bun, Pork Chop, Cheez Puff Breading
22 Pork Chopper 31350 $205.00 Maggie, La Catrina Sauce
23 Catrina Lover 33150 $210.00 Franco, Tamalito
24 Tamalito Pro 34950 $215.00 Ninjoy, Purple Burple Slush
25 Burple Buddy 36750 $220.00 Kenji, Multigrain Bun
26 Multigrain Master 38550 $225.00 Sienna, Thanksgiving, Frybread
27 Frybread Fan 40350 $230.00 Taylor, Gravy
28 Gravy Guru 42150 $235.00 Big Pauly, Turducken
29 Turducken Stuffer 43950 $240.00 Mary, Pineapple Slush
30 Pineapple Expert 45750 $245.00 Little Edoardo, Paprikash Sauce
31 Paprikash Pro 47550 $250.00 Santa, Christmas, Jack Frost Bun, Country Steak, Panko Breading
32 Steak Server 49350 $255.00 Skip, Creamy Pistachio Sauce
33 Pistachio Fan 51150 $260.00 Cecilia, Arugula Wreaths
34 Arugula Guru 52950 $265.00 Bruna Romano, Kaiser Onion Roll
35 Kaiser Server 54750 $270.00 Georgito, Grilled Portobello Cap
36 Portobello Buddy 56550 $275.00 Xolo, New Year, Rainbow Rye Bun
37 Rainbow Baker 58350 $280.00 Didar, Wild Onion Sauce
38 Wild Onion Warrior 60150 $285.00 Whippa, Potato Chips
39 Chip Champ 61950 $290.00 Sarge Fan, Pickled Red Onions
40 Onion Pickler 63750 $295.00 Zoe, Sticky Bourbon Sauce
41 Bourbon Buddy 65550 $300.00 Scarlett, Valentine's Day, Pink Poppyseed Bun, Eggplant, Tempura Batter
42 Eggplant Pro 67350 $305.00 Ivy, Heartbeet Arrabbiata
43 Heartbeet Hero 69150 $310.00 Roy, Prosciutto
44 Prosciutto Pro 70950 $315.00 Drakson, Dragonfruit Slush
45 Dragonfruit Fan 72750 $320.00 Kaleb, Bagel
46 Bagel Buddy 74550 $325.00 Crystal, Lucky Lucky Matsuri, Cheung Chau Bun
47 Cheung Chau Champ 76350 $330.00 Trishna, Karashi Mayo
48 Karashi Mayo Master 78150 $335.00 Cameo, Kimchi
49 Kimchi Champ 79950 $340.00 Treble, Coronation Sauce
50 Coronation Coordinator 81750 $345.00 Radlynn, Radish Sprouts
51 Radish Fan 83550 $350.00 Cletus, Easter, Pasqua Bun, Sweet Belgian Batter, Cod
52 Cod Catcher 85350 $355.00 Penny, Wildflower Carbonara
53 Carbonara Pro 87150 $360.00 Mandi, Mixed Microgreens
54 Microgreens Mixer 88950 $365.00 Rollie, Brioche Bun
55 Brioche Baker 90750 $370.00 Vicky, Bubblegum Slush
56 Bubblegum Buddy 92550 $375.00 Iggy, Comet Con, Lunar Loaf Bun
57 Lunar Lander 94350 $380.00 Akari, Astro Elixir
58 Astronaut 96150 $385.00 Tony Solary, Space Ration ZX26
59 Space Explorer 97950 $390.00 Amiria, Kiwi Slush
60 Kiwi Buddy 99750 $395.00 Deano, Sliced Avocado
61 Avocado Expert 101550 $400.00 Kahuna, Summer Luau, Soft Shell Crab
62 Crab Catcher 103350 $405.00 Hacky Zak, Mango Chili Sauce
63 Mango Master 105150 $410.00 Nevada, Grilled Plantains
64 Plantain Griller 106950 $415.00 Chuck, Pineapple Ring
65 Pineapple Pro 108750 $420.00 Papa Louie, Pepperjack Cheese
66+ Better Than Papa! + 1800 each Rank + $5 each Rank Holidays all over again.


Sticker Number Name Achievement Sticker Earned Sticker Picture
1 Fall Harvest Reach Autumn Toastwood Turkeys 003 - Fall Harvest.png
2 Winter Wonderland Reach Winter SundaeSaurus 4-0.png
3 Spring has Sprung Reach Spring Cheddar Mack 082 - Dance Party.png
4 Summer Vacation Reach Summer Hot Dog 002 - Summer Vacation.png
5 Patriotic Unlock all Starlight BBQ toppings Rocket 011 - Patriotic.png
6 Folk Festival Unlock all BavariaFest toppings Pretzel 09 Folk Festival.png
7 Rise and Shine Unlock all Maple Mornings toppings Pancakes 058 - Syrup Sampler.png
8 Día de los Muertos Unlock all Day of the Dead toppings Skull Day of the Dead Sticker.png
9 Fall Flavors Unlock all Thanksgiving toppings Autumn Leaf 15-0.png
10 Holiday Cheer Unlock all Christmas toppings Christmas Tree 16.png
11 Happy New Year Unlock all New Year toppings New Year Logo New Year updated logo.png
12 Playing Cupid Unlock all Valentine's Day toppings Heart 006 - Playing Cupid.png
13 Lots of Luck Unlock all Lucky Lucky Matsuri toppings Daruma 059 - Daruma.png
14 Springtime Sandwiches Unlock all Easter toppings Easter Egg 008 - Easter Basket.png
15 Out of This World Unlock all Comet Con toppings Planet 012 - Conventional.png
16 Summer Fun Unlock all Summer Luau toppings Sand Bucket 010 - Summer Fun.png
17 Make 'Em Wait Serve the first customer last Tomato 024 - Order Expert.png
18 Hot and Ready Have Quinn's order ready when she arrives and serve immediately Checkpoint from Papa Louie games 18.png
19 Gotcha's Gotta Go Have Duke Gotcha's order ready when he arrives and serve immediately Powder Point Woollies 19.png
20 Bronze Beginning Earn 5 Bronze Customer Awards Chilifeather 085 - Stubborn Plumber.png
21 Repeat Customers Earn 15 Bronze Customer Awards Habandito 090 - Fire Drill.png
22 Silver Medal Earn 10 Silver Customer Awards Cheese Sandwhich 22.png
23 Restaurant Regulars Earn 15 Gold Customer Awards Warp Key 23.png
24 Order Expert Get 100% Waiting Score on 20 orders Blondie Bop 70.png
25 Frying Expert Get 100% Cooking Score on 20 orders Peachbuzzy 025 - Build Expert.png
26 Build Expert Get 100% Build Score on 20 orders Cupcake 26.png
27 Slush Expert Get 100% Slush Score on 20 orders Dill Wheel 027 - Topping Expert.png
28 Perfect! Get a Perfect Score on 30 orders Burgerzilla 028 - Perfect!.png
29 Award Winning Restaurant Get 5 Blue Ribbons from Jojo the Food Critic Blue Ribbon 029 - Award Winning Pies.png
30 Month's Pay Receive your wages on 4 pay days Donut 030 - Month's Pay.png
31 Piggy Bank Don't spend any money in the Shop for 7 days Disco Plumm 31.png
32 One-Stop Shopping Buy any 50 items from the Shop Party Subs 032 - One-Stop Shopping.png
33 Advertiser Buy any 8 Posters from the Shop Burgerburgh Sizzlers 33.png
34 Interior Decorator Buy any 8 Furniture items from the Shop Radish 34-0.png
35 Updated Wardrobe Buy any 8 Clothing items from the Shop Yellow Onion 35.png
36 New Coat of Paint Buy any 4 Flooring or Wallpaper from the Shop Jill Berry 036 - New Coat of Paint.png
37 Upgrade Master Buy all of the Upgrades in the Shop Wing 73.png
38 New Threads Change your worker's shirt, pants, hat, belt, jacket, and shoes. Papa's Moustache 54.png
39 Romano Family Serve everyone in the Romano Family Quartet Tastyville Tomatoes 39.png
40 Scarlett and the Shakers Serve all the band members of Scarlett and the Shakers Honeydoo 040 - Scarlett and the Shakers.png
41 The Gang's All Here Serve all of the customers! Papa Louie 42-0.png
42 Costumed Closers Serve all of the Costumed Closers during Day of the Dead Radley Madish 43.png
43 Game Show Contestant Earn a Prize in each of Foodini's Mini-Games Ticket 44.png
44 Grand Prize Winner Earn 5 Prizes or more in each of Foodini's Mini-Games Frostfield Batters 079 - Color Coordinated.png
45 Rare Reward Win a Rare Bonus Prize in a Mini-Game by earning a Star Medal Jellyback 046 - Rare Reward.png
46 Special Collector Earn 5 Special Recipes from customers Piece of Pie 41-0.png
47 Recipe Collection Earn 15 Special Recipes from customers Sundae 047 - Recipe Collection.png
48 Complete Cookbook Earn 40 Special Recipes from customers Tacodale Hardshells 64.png
49 Successful Specials Earn 3 Special Stars when serving Today's Special Dill Worm 49.png
50 Recipe Master Master a Special Recipe by earning 5 Special Stars Cheesecake Wheel 50.png
51 Super Special Master 10 Special Recipes by earning 5 Stars on each Whiskview Black Birds 77.png
52 Cookbook Mastery Master 20 Special Recipes by earning 5 Stars on each Flipline Studios logo 052 - Cookbook Mastery.png
53 Deep Fried Unlock all of the Fryable Foods Flapjacks 57.png
54 Batter Up Unlock all of the Breading and Batters Chip McMint 056 - Pie Pourables.png
55 Sandwich Stacker Unlock all of the Standard Toppings Burger 076 - Daredevil.png
56 Super Sauces Unlock all of the Standard Sauces Awesome Saucer 17.png
57 Bun Buddy Unlock all of the Standard Buns Music Note 13-0.png
58 Slush Server Unlock all of the Standard Slush Flavors Pepper Jack 48.png
59 Mayor Marinara Serve a Mighty Marinara Special to Mayor Mallow Mallow Men Sticker 59.png
60 Barbecue with Rico Serve a Battered Barbecue Special to Rico Lettuce Lark 071 - Greenery.png
61 Peggy Alla Pizzaiola Serve a Cotolette Alla Pizzaiola Special to Peggy S.S Louie 66.png
62 Maggie's Market Serve a Farmer's Market Special to Maggie Sarge 61.png
63 Towering Taylor Serve a Towering Teriyaki Special to Taylor Portallini Gondoliers 074 - Holiday Spirit.png
64 Steak Stacker Serve a Southern Steak Stacker Special to Mousse Rocky Road 60.png
65 Scüterschnitzel Serve a Jägerschnitzel Special to Scooter Banana Pants 67.png
66 Chester Chivito Serve a Cheesy Chivito Special to Chester Starlight City Buffaloes 75.png
67 Boopsy and Brötchen Serve a Fishbröten Special to Boopsy & Bill Wildberry Derps 037 - Upgrade Master.png
68 Xolo Sando Serve a Katsu Sando Special to Xolo Mangoby 45.png
69 Penny's Paprikash Serve a Papa's Paprikash Special to Penny Piña Colada 62.png
70 Crowning the King Serve a Coronation Chicken Special to Kingsley Dual Spatulas 63-0.png
71 Phony Phranco Substitute a Phony Farms Veggie Patty in Franco's sandwich Nutty Butter 72.png
72 Captain Coronation Add Coronation Sauce to Captain Cori's sandwich Cordial Bomb 69.png
73 Belgian Biscuit Substitute Sweet Belgian Batter in Cooper's sandwich Blue Barry 051 - Super Special.png
74 Eggy Iggy Add a Fried Egg to Iggy's sandwich Strawbuzzy 001 - Spring Has Sprung.png
75 Kiwi Gulper Add Kiwi Slush flavoring to Big Pauly's slush Army Onion 55.png
76 Holiday Spirit Serve 100 customers while wearing clothing that matches the season Luau LePunch 021 - Repeat Customers.png
77 Santa's Helper Serve 20 customers during Christmas wearing a Christmas Hat and Fur Parka Daisy 083 - Get the Tables!.png
78 Wrong Restaurant Serve Roy while wearing a Pizzeria Polo and Pizzeria Cap Pizza Slice 20.png
79 Everyone's a Critic Serve Jojo while wearing a Turtleneck and Beret Calypso Island Coconuts 88.png
80 Holiday Outfit Wear a shirt, belt, jacket, pants, hat, and shoes to match the current holiday Bacobites 78.png
81 Color Coordinated Dress your Chef and Driver in the exact same outfit but with different colors Coin 084 - Loose Change.png
82 Bubble Gum Bonanza Have 10 different kinds of bubble gum in the lobby at once Oniontown Crushers 081 - Bubble Gum Bonanza.png
83 Dance Party Use lots of musical furniture so 3 or more customers are dancing in the lobby Anchovy 068 - Wallyberry.png
84 Stubborn Plumber Try to click on 20 red pipes in Rico’s Chiliworks Powseeker 080 - Christmas in July.png
85 Coupon Clipper Send 10 Customer Coupons to your customers Blue Shroom 087 - Wasteful Baker.png
86 Extra Crispy Leave the fryer full of cooking foods at the end of the day Pasta 53.png
87 Slush in the Trash Throw away 4 flavored Slushes in one day Taco 086 - Cookie Clickin'.png
88 Special Delivery Serve 50 delivery orders to customers Sakura Bay Samurais 89.png
89 Mobile Meals Serve any 10 meals from the Food Truck Fizzo 038 - New Threads.png
90 Food Truck Fanatics Lure 3 Regular Customers to the Food Truck by preparing their normal order Burger Slider 65.png


  • The representative colors for this Gameria are salmon and white.
  • This is the first gameria where Halloween is not in the holiday line-up.
  • This game has 149 ingredients, making it surpass Papa's Sushiria/To Go! as the game with the most ingredients.
    • Although, if the cup sizes are excluded, there is a total of 146 real ingredients, which would still make it the game with the most ingredients.
  • There are 80 possible battered/breaded meats that the player can make in this game, with all of them being ordered by at least one customer.
  • In regular gameplay wherein the first slush is different from the second slush, the player can make 182 different slush combinations from the standard ingredients.
    • During a holiday in regular gameplay, the number increases to 210 different combinations.
    • In the Food Truck where you can combine slushes from two different holidays, the number increases to 650 different slush combinations.
    • The number of different slush combinations when one allows the same slush to be used twice this time are as follows: 196 when using just the standard ingredients, 225 with one holiday ingredient, and 676 in the Food Truck.
    • With cup sizes involved, just multiply the above results by 3.
  • This is the first gameria to have a second gameplay mode.
    • This is the first gameria to have a free play mode.
  • This is the second app to have a smiling chef on its icon, with the first being Clover in the Papa's Sushiria To Go! app icon.
  • This is the first game since Papa's Hot Doggeria to debut 6 new customers.
  • This is the first game where Comet Con is celebrated in May, making it the third holiday to be celebrated in three different seasons, alongside Big Top Carnival and Sugarplex Film Fest.
  • This is the first gameria where Mousse is a closer but Whippa is not.
  • This is the first gameria since Papa's Taco Mia!/HD/To Go! to feature Rico as a closer.
  • Okalani can be the last customer when using a special to rank up quickly.
  • As usual, some of the Closers have a pattern in ordering different ingredients during holidays:
    • Yuko always orders the holiday-exclusive slush flavor.
    • Duke Gotcha always orders at least one holiday-exclusive topping.
    • Quinn always orders the holiday-exclusive bun and one of the holiday-exclusive sauces.
    • Mousse usually orders at least one holiday-exclusive sauce with the exception of Easter.
    • Petrona usually orders a holiday-exclusive topping, with the exception of Thanksgiving.
  • This is the second game to have BavariaFest icon.png represent BavariaFest instead of BavariaFest icon2.png in order to have the blue color represent Easter icon.png Easter with Papa's Pizzeria HD being the first.
  • This is the first game to have Christmas icon2.png represent Christmas instead of Christmas icon3.png in order to have the red color represent Lucky Lucky Matsuri icon.png Lucky Lucky Matsuri.
  • This is the first game where each customer who has a Style H outfit when unlocked with their favorite holiday in previous Gamerias wears it, even if they're not unlocked with the holiday.


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