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Papa's Cupcakeria is the 8th game in the Papa Louie restaurant management series that was released by Flipline Studios on August 7, 2013. The winners of Papa's Next Chefs 2013, James and Willow, are the default workers in the game, but players have the ability to create their own custom worker if they please. Seasons are introduced in this game, and with it comes the ability to unlock special ingredients that will be used exclusively during a specific time frame. There are over 100 menu items, many of them being seasonal toppings. This game takes place in Frostfield.


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  • 8/07/2013: Papa's Cupcakeria is released to the world! [7]


Cook a ridiculous amount of delicious cupcakes for all your wacky customers in Papa's Cupcakeria!

Papa's Cupcakeria just opened up in the picturesque town of Frostfield and you've been "hired" to run the restaurant all by yourself. You will need to master all 4 of the stations to become a cupcake crafting master.

Take your customers quirky orders in the Order Station. Prep the pan with wrappers and gooey batter in the Batter Station. Cook the cupcakes to perfection in the Bake Station. Finally, frost the cupcakes and cover them with delicious decorations in the Build Station.

As you level up and build a loyal customer fan base, you will notice the seasons changing all around you. Celebrate the 12 holidays with special clothing, furniture, and awesome seasonal toppings. With over 100 menu items, 90 achievements, tons of furniture, over 80 customers, and all the holidays you can imagine, this is by far the most epic restaurant Papa Louie has ever opened!


Papa's Cupcakeria - Roy and Papa Louie inside the car before crash

from the intro

Papa Louie and Roy witness Mayor Mallow, the mayor of the town of Frostfield, give the official seal of approval to open Papa Louie's new restaurant, Papa's Cupcakeria. While waiting at a stop on their way back to the shop, a black car hits them from behind. Roy taps the car's window, and the driver is revealed to be James/Willow/Custom Worker. He/she gets out of the car to apologize, but Roy is angry about the incident and demands payment; James/Willow/Custom Worker happens to have no money, which makes Roy more frustrated. Papa Louie instead pays Roy and offers James/Willow/Custom Worker a job in order to help pay for their expenses. He takes off Roy's Cupcakeria cap and places it on James/Willow/Custom Worker's head, thus making him/her the new worker of the Cupcakeria, much to their dismay.


Papa's Cupcakeria Chefs

The workers are James and Willow, plus the custom worker that players can create. The uniforms are striped pink and brown. The caps colors are pink, black, white and brown, with a cupcake in front and a cherry on top.




Bold means closer.



You can earn up to 3 tickets per day (depending on your quality ratings) to play one of 7 Foodini minigames, with a different one available at the end of each day of the week. You can choose to use all your tickets on that day's game or save them up for a game you'd rather play more of later in the week.

There are also several badges available from the minigames, including:

  • Game Show Contestant (play all of the minigames) +$25
  • Winner! (earn a prize) +$15
  • Skillful Contestant (earn a prize in each game) +$20
  • Big Winner (earn 20 prizes) +$30
  • Grand Prize Winner (earn at least 5 prizes in each game) +$50
  • Sharpshooter (shoot 20 flying Lettuce Larks in Saucy Shot) +$35



Basic Liners

Normal Liners!

Normal Liners

  • Liner A (Pink/White Vertical Stripes)
  • Liner B (Blue/White Polka Dots)
  • Liner C (Yellow/White Swirls)
  • Liner D (Green/White Horizontal Stripes)

Holiday Liners

Holiday Liners Picture
Valentinesday logo Liner A - Pink/Black Plaid
Liner B - Pink/Brown Vertical Stripes
Liner C - White/Red Hearts
Liner D - Red Cheetah Print
Valentine liners
Stpaddy logo Liner A - Green, Dark Green Shamrocks
Liner B - Irish Flag Design
Liner C - Brown, Two Green Horizontal Lines
Liner D - Gold/Little White Dots
St Paddy's Day's Liners
EasterHoliday Liner A - Purple Wavy Lines, Yellow Dots
Liner B - Grass and Dirt
Liner C - Colorful Tulips
Liner D - Easter Bunny's Face
Easter Day Liners!
Onionfest logo Liner A - Sarge's Sign
Liner B - Purple/Green/Brown Polkadots
Liner C - Purple Swirls
Liner D - Purple/Green Stripes
Onionfest Liner
Summer luau logo Liner A - Yellow, White Diagonal Lines
Liner B - Water Pods
Liner C - Suns
Liner D - Waves/Sunshine
Summer Luau Liner
Starlightjubilee logo2 Liner A - White Stars, Blue Background
Liner B - Red/White Stripes
Liner C - Red/Blue Stars
Liner D - Red/Blue/White Stars
Starlight Jubilee Liners
Baseball season logo Liner A - Baseball
Liner B - Bat
Liner C - Popcorn Cup
Liner D - Batter's Sign
Baseball Liners
Pirate bash logo Liner A - Jolly Roger
Liner B - Shark
Liner C - Anchors
Liner D - Blue/Black Horizontal Stripes
Pirate bash former
Halloween logo Liner A - Jack-O-Lantern
Liner B - BOO Sign
Liner C - Cat's Eyes
Liner D - Orange/Black Stripes
Halloween former
Thanksgiving logo Liner A - Orange Big Diagonal Lines
Liner B - Turkey Feathers
Liner C - Orange Swirls
Liner D - Thanksgiving Dawn
Thanksgiving former
Christmas logo Liner A - Candy Cane's Stripes
Liner B - Pine Trees
Liner C - Present's Tie
Liner D - Red/Green Dots
Christmas liners
New year logo Liner A - White/Pink Fire
Liner B - Colorful Diamonds
Liner C - Colorful Tiger Fur
Liner D - Rainbow
New year liners


All cakes





Holiday Ingredients

Holiday Rank/Day Ingredient Picture
Valentinesday logo Rank 6
Day 2
Rank 7
Day 4
Rank 8
Chocolate Strawberry
X and O Sprinkles
Watermelon Drizzle
Candy Heart
Frosted Rose
Valentines toppings
Stpaddy logo Rank 11
Day 2
Rank 12
Day 4
Rank 13
Mint Bar
Pistachio Drizzle
Mint Shavings
Chocolate Coin
St Paddy's Day Toppings!
EasterHoliday Rank 16
Day 2
Rank 17
Day 4
Rank 18
Bunny Ear Candy
Jelly Beans
Cotton Candy Drizzle
Candy Egg
Tulip Cookie
Easter Day Toppings2
Onionfest logo Rank 21
Day 2
Rank 22
Day 4
Rank 23
Gummy Onion
Purple Burple Drizzle
Sarge Gobstopper
Frosted Onion
Onionfest Toppings
Summer luau logo Rank 26
Day 2
Rank 27
Day 4
Rank 28
Paper Umbrella
Tropical Charms
Honey Drizzle
Gummy Pineapple
Summer Luau Toppnigs
Starlightjubilee logo2 Rank 31
Day 2
Rank 32
Day 4
Rank 33
Candy Rocket
Powsicle Drizzle
Silver Star Sprinkles
Festive Flag
White Chocolate Star
Starlight jubilee toppings
Baseball season logo Rank 36
Day 2
Rank 37
Day 4
Rank 38
Pretzel Bat
Crushed Peanuts
Butterscotch Drizzle
Candy Baseball
Baseball season toppings
Pirate bash logo Rank 41
Day 2
Rank 42
Day 4
Rank 43
Anchor Cookie
Blueberry Wave Drizzle
Cannonball Gum
Jolly Roger
Gummy Kraken
Pirate bash toppings
Halloween logo Rank 46
Day 2
Rank 47
Day 4
Rank 48
Candy Jack-O-Lantern
Spooky Sprinkles
Licorice Drizzle
Candy Corn
Sugar Skull
Halloween toppings
Thanksgiving logo Rank 51
Day 2
Rank 52
Day 4
Rank 53
Chocolate Acorn
Pumpkin Pie Drizzle
Autumn Leaves Sprinkles
Feather Cookie
Harvest Stripe Cookie
Thanksgiving toppings
Christmas logo Rank 56
Day 2
Rank 57
Day 4
Rank 58
Candy Present
Crushed Candy Canes
Santa Cookie Drizzle
Gingerbread Man
Tree Cookie
Christmas toppings
New year logo Rank 61
Day 2
Rank 62
Day 4
Rank 63
New Year Topper
Flavor X Drizzle
Stache Sprinkles
New year toppings


Rank Number Rank Name Total XP (+1,800 per Rank after Rank 11) Payday increase (+$5 each rank) Unlocks
1 Newbie Start/0 $100
2 Trainee 300


Matt, Shaved Coconut
3 Tray Cleaner 750 $110 Mitch, Marshmallows
4 Cashier 1,350 $115 Carlo Romano, Strawberry Drizzle
5 Strawberry Fan 2,100 $120 Ivy, Blueberry Cake


Blueberry Buddy

3,000 $125 Scarlett, Creameo Bits, Valentine's Day, Chocolate Strawberry


Strawberry Dipper 4,050 $130 Roy, Strawberry Cake, Watermelon Drizzle
8 Valentine Fan 5,250 $135 Sue, Frosted Rose
9 Candy Heart Hero 6,600


Hugo, Nutty Butter Cups
10 Peanut Butter Fan 8,100 $145 Lisa, Vanilla Drizzle
11 Vanilla Buddy 9,750 $150 Georgito, St. Paddy's Day, Mint Bar
12 Mint Master 11,550 $155 Gino Romano, Mint Shavings
13 Pistachio Pal 13,500 $160 Skyler, Chocolate Coin
14 Shamrock Champ 15,600 $165 Zoe, Rock Candy
15 Rock Star 17,850


Doan, Violet Frosting
16 Top Froster 18,750 $175 Xandra, Easter, Bunny Ear Candy
17 Bunny Buddy 20,550 $180 Mandi, Cotton Candy Drizzle
18 Cotton Candy Fan 22,350 $185 Kingsley, Tulip Cookie
19 Egg Hunter 24,150 $190 Cletus, Carrot Cake
20 Carrot Champ 25,950 $195 Mindy, Lollipop Bits
21 Candy Crusher 27,750 $200 Sarge Fan, Onionfest, Gummy Onion
22 Gummy Buddy 29,550 $205 Rico, Sourballs
23 Sour Master 31,350 $210 Nick, Frosted Onion
24 Onion Wrangler 33,150 $215 Allan, Green Frosting
25 Green Guru 34,950 $220 Cecilia, Lemon Cake
26 Lemon Zester 36,750 $225 Nevada, Summer Luau, Paper Umbrella


Beach Buddy 38,550 $230 Clover, Honey Drizzle
28 Honey Buster 40,350 $235 Kahuna, Bananas
29 Banana Fan 42,150 $240 Utah, Teal Frosting
30 Teal Hero 43,950 $245 Chuck, Cloudberry
31 Cloud Topper 45,750 $250 Boomer, Starlight Jubilee, Candy Rocket
32 Rocketeer 47,550 $255 Cooper, Silver Star Sprinkles
33 Star Master 49,350 $260 Alberto, White Chocolate Star
34 Flag Flier 51,150 $265 Clair, Red Velvet Cake
35 Velvet Fan 52,950 $270 Shannon, Dark Blue Frosting
36 Frosting Fan 54,750 $275 Pinch Hitwell, Baseball Season, Pretzel Bat
37 Pretzel Batter 56,550 $280 Bertha, Butterscotch Drizzle
38 Peanut Buddy 58,350 $285 Taylor, Popcorn
39 Corn Popper 60,150 $290 Peggy, Confetti Cake
40 Confetti Champ 61,950 $295 Greg, Red Frosting
41 Red Froster 63,750 $300 Captain Cori, Pirate Bash, Anchor Cookie
42 Anchorman 65,550 $305 Robby, Cannonball Gum
43 Cannon Fan 67,350 $310 Wally, Gummy Kraken
44 Kraken Champ 69,150 $315 Gremmie, Zebra Stripe Cake
45 Zebra Striper 70,950 $320 Akari, Black Frosting
46 Frosting Hero 72,750 $325 Sasha, Halloween, Candy Jack-O-Lantern
47 Pumpkin Carver 74,550 $330 Ninjoy, Licorice Drizzle


Spooky Sprinkler 76,350 $335 Professor Fitz, Sugar Skull
49 Halloween Hero 78,150 $340 Scooter, Orange Frosting
50 Orange Fan 79,950 $345 Penny, Deep Purple Frosting
51 Purple Pro 81,750 $350 Hank, Thanksgiving, Chocolate Acorn
52 Acorn Harvester 83,550 $355 Big Pauly, Autumn Leaves Sprinkles
53 Leaf Raker 85,350 $360 Tohru, Harvest Stripe Cookie
54 Cookie Champ 87,150 $365 Timm, Mocha Frosting
55 Mocha Manager 88,950 $370 Prudence, Sunglow Frosting
56 Sunglow Hero 90,750 $375 Santa, Christmas, Candy Present
57 Gift Giver 92,550 $380 Rita, Santa Cookie Drizzle
58 Santa Fan 94,350 $385 Wendy, Tree Cookie
59 Tree Trimmer 96,150 $390 Marty, Forest Green Frosting
60 Forest Fan 97,950 $395 Tony, Kiwi Cake
61 Kiwi Juicer 99,750 $400 Papa Louie, New Year, New Year Topper
62 Better Than Papa! 101,550 $405 Stache Sprinkles
63 Better Than Papa! 103,350 $410 Candle
64 Better Than Papa! 105,150 $415
65 Better Than Papa! 106,950 $420
66+ Better Than Papa! +1800 points for each Rank +$5 for each Rank Holidays all over again!




  • Doorbell ($30) You'll hear when knew customers enter, no matter where you are.
  • Oven booster (4) ($120) Hold down the booster to cook your food faster.
  • Oven alarm (4) ($150) These alarms will automatically alert you when to remove cupcakes.
  • Fill guides ($100) Shows a clear fill line for adding batter to wrapper cups.
  • Double batter ($300) Pour batter into both cups at the same time.
  • Frosting copier ($400) Click to copy frosting to the second cupcake exactly like the first!


  • Vday icon Sm. Valentine Table - $35.00, 10 pts
  • Vday icon Md. Valentine Table - $55.00, 20 pts
  • Vday icon Lg. Valentine Table - $75.00, 30 pts
  • Vday icon Valentine Fence - $30.00, 30 pts
  • Vday icon Jukebox - $450.00, 60 pts
  • Vday icon Strawberry Gum - $30.00, 30 pts
  • Stpaddy icon Sm. Shamrock Table - $35.00, 10 pts
  • Stpaddy icon Md. Shamrock Table - $55.00, 20 pts
  • Stpaddy icon Lg. Shamrock Table - $75.00, 30 pts
  • Stpaddy icon Pot O' Gold  - $85.00, 30 pts
  • Stpaddy icon Mint Gum - $85.00, 20 pts
  • Stpaddy icon Mccoy Arcade Game - $450.00, 60 pts
  • Easter icon Sm. Easter Table - $35.00, 10 pts
  • Easter icon Md. Easter Table - $55.00, 20 pts
  • Easter icon Lg. Easter Table - $75.00, 30 pts
  • Easter icon Easter Glass Block - $30.00, 30 pts
  • Easter icon SnJ Arcade Game - $500.00, 60 pts
  • Onionfest icon Sm. Onion Crate - $35.00, 10 pts
  • Onionfest icon Md. Onion Crate - $55.00, 20 pts
  • Onionfest icon Lg. Onion Crate - $75.00, 30 pts
  • Onionfest icon Papa Louie Arcade - $400.00, 50 pts
  • Onionfest icon The Great Onion - $130.00, 50 pts
  • Sluau icon Sm. Luau Table - $35.00, 10 pts
  • Sluau icon Luau Boombox - $65.00, 20 pts
  • Sluau icon Luau Punch Table - $75.00, 30 pts
  • Sluau icon Luau Umbrella - $85.00, 30 pts
  • Sluau icon Surfboard - $150.00, 30 pts
  • Starlightjubilee icon Sm. Jubilee Table - $35.00, 10 pts
  • Starlightjubilee icon Md. Jubilee Table - $55.00, 20 pts
  • Starlightjubilee icon Lg. Jubilee Table - $75.00, 30 pts
  • Starlightjubilee icon Red Flag - $25.00, 10 pts
  • Starlightjubilee icon Blue Flag - $50.00, 20 pts
  • Bseason icon Sm. Baseball Table - $35.00, 10 pts
  • Bseason icon Md. Baseball Table - $55.00, 20 pts
  • Bseason icon Lg. Baseball Table - $75.00, 30 pts
  • Bseason icon Bat fence - $30.00, 30 pts
  • Bseason icon Jacksmith Arcade - $400.00, 50 pts
  • Bseason icon Chocolate Gum - $85.00, 20 pts
  • Pirate bash icon Sm. Kraken Table - $35.00, 10 pts
  • Pirate bash icon Md. Pirate Table - $55.00, 20 pts
  • Pirate bash icon Lg. Pirate Table - $75.00, 30 pts
  • Pirate bash icon Cannon - $120.00, 40 pts
  • Pirate bash icon Jolly Roger Flag - $50.00, 20 pts
  • Pirate bash icon Blueberry Gum - $85.00, 20 pts
  • Halloween icon Sm. Halloween Table - $35.00, 10 pts
  • Halloween icon Md. Halloween Table - $55.00, 20 pts
  • Halloween icon Lg. Halloween Table - $75.00, 30 pts
  • Halloween icon Belltower Ghost - $60.00, 20 pts
  • Halloween icon Hanging Bats - $100.00, 40 pts
  • Thanksgiving icon Sm. Harvest Table - $35.00, 10 pts
  • Thanksgiving icon Md. Harvest Table - $55.00, 20 pts
  • Thanksgiving icon Lg. Harvest Table - $75.00, 30 pts
  • Thanksgiving icon Newspaper Stand - $80.00, 40 pts
  • Thanksgiving icon Autumn Tree - $130.00, 40 pts
  • Christmas icon Sm. Holiday Table - $35.00, 10 pts
  • Christmas icon Festive Phonograph - $55.00, 20 pts
  • Christmas icon Lg. Holiday Tavle- $75.00, 30 pts
  • Christmas icon Christmas Tree - $95.00, 40 pts
  • Christmas icon Fireplace - $120.00, 40 pts
  • New year icon Sm. Rainbow Table - $35.00, 10 pts
  • New year icon Md. Rainbow Table - $55.00, 20 pts
  • New year icon Lg. Rainbow Table - $75.00, 30 pts
  • New year icon Stache Lamp - $100.00, 30 pts
  • New year icon New Year Fence - $30.00, 30 pts
  • New year icon Rainbow Gum - $85.00, 20 pts


  • Vday icon Valentine's Day Poster ($20) 10 pts
  • Stpaddy icon Chips Poster ($45) 20 pts
  • Easter icon Easter Poster ($45) 20 pts
  • Onionfest icon Flufftastic Poster ($45) 30 pts
  • Starlightjubilee icon Jubilee Poster ($45) 20 pts
  • Starlightjubilee icon Whip Poster ($35) 20 pts
  • Bseason icon Baseball Poster ($45) 20 pts
  • Bseason icon Coconut Poster ($50) 30 pts
  • Pirate bash icon Pirate Poster ($45) 20 pts
  • Halloween icon Halloween Poster ($45) 20 pts
  • Thanksgiving icon Thanks Poster ($45) 20 pts
  • Thanksgiving icon Choco Poster ($30) 20 pts
  • Christmas icon Wreath Poster ($45) 20 pts
  • New year icon New Year Poster ($45) 20 pts
  • New year icon Cake Poster ($30) 20 pts
  • Large Window ($75) 30 pts


  • Vday icon Valentine Block Wall ($60) 20 pts
  • Vday icon Heart Wall ($60) 20 pts
  • Vday icon Pink Carpet ($60) 20 pts
  • Stpaddy icon Shamrock Wall ($60) 20 pts
  • Stpaddy icon Green Striped Wall ($60) 20 pts
  • Stpaddy icon Green Carpet ($60) 20 pts


  • Worker Visor ($25)
  • Vday icon Valentine Hat ($110)
  • Easter icon Bunny Ears ($75)


There are 90 badges in Papa's Cupcakeria:


Name Achievement Reward
Playing Cupid Unlock all Valentine's Day toppings 2 Ticket + $30
Go Green Unlock all St. Paddy's Day toppings 2 Ticket + $30
Easter Candy Unlock all Easter toppings 2 Ticket + $40
Onion Obsession Unlock all Onionfest toppings 2 Ticket + $40
Summer Fun Unlock all Summer Luau toppings 3 Ticket + $50
Patriotic Unlock all Starlight Jubilee toppings 3 Ticket + $50
Stadium Favorites Unlock all Baseball Season toppings 3 Ticket + $60
Scourge of the Seas Unlock all Pirate Bash toppings 3 Ticket + $60
Trick or Treat Unlock all Halloween toppings 4 Ticket + $70
Cupcake Harvest Unlock all Thanksgiving toppings 4 Ticket + $70
Holiday Cakes Unlock all Christmas toppings 4 Ticket + $80
New Year Celebration Unlock all New Year toppings 4 Ticket + $80


Name Achievement Reward
Papa's Return Unlock Papa Louie 10 Ticket + $150
Spring has Sprung Reach Spring $40
Summer Vacation Reach Summer $60
Fall Harvest Reach Autumn $80
Winter Wonderland Reach Winter $100
Completed Calendar Unlock all of the Holidays $120


Name Achievement Reward
Icing on the Cupcake Unlock all of the Frostings $50


Name Achievement Reward
Head in the Clouds Serve 30 orders with Cloudberries $25
Very Cherry Serve 30 orders with Cherries $25
Peanut Buttery Serve 30 orders with Nutty Butter Cups $25
Flufftastic Serve 30 orders with Marshmallows $25
Choco Chipper Serve 30 orders with Chocolate Chips $25
Sprinkle Service Serve 30 orders with Rainbow Sprinkles $25
Tropical Topping Serve 30 orders with Shaved Coconut $25
Crushed Cookies Serve 30 orders with Creameo Bits $25
Candy Crusher Serve 30 orders with Lollipop Bits $25
Rock Show Serve 30 orders with Rock Candy $25
Nilla Drizzle Serve 30 orders with Vanilla Drizzle $25
Chocolate Lover Serve 30 orders with Chocolate Drizzle $25
Strawberry Syrup Serve 30 orders with Strawberry Drizzle $25
Top Topper Unlock all of the Standard Toppings $50


Name Achievement Reward
Learning the Basics Serve 4 cupcake orders $10
Plain Vanilla Serve 30 orders with Vanilla Cake Batter $25
Chocolate Cake Serve 30 orders with Chocolate Cake Batter $25
Velvety Smooth Serve 30 orders with Red Velvet Cake Batter $25
Eat Your Veggies Serve 30 orders with Carrot Cake Batter $25
Berry Blast Serve 30 orders with Strawberry Cake Batter $25
Baking Blue Serve 30 orders with Blueberry Cake Batter $25
Earn Your Stripes Serve 30 orders with Zebra Cake Batter $25
Cupcake Party Serve 30 orders of Confetti Cake Batter $25
Let Them Eat Lemons Serve 30 orders with Lemon Cake Batter $25
Kiwi Confection Serve 30 orders with Kiwi Cake Batter $25
Batter Up Unlock all of the Cake Batters $50

Customer Awards

Name Achievement Reward
Bronze Beginning Earn 5 Bronze Customer Awards $30
Repeat Customers Earn 15 Bronze Customer Awards $50
Silver Medal Earn 10 Silver Customer Awards $70
Restaurant Regulars Earn 15 Gold Customer Awards $100
Halfway There Earn 40 Gold Customer Awards $250
Go For the Gold Earn Gold Customer Awards on all Customers! 5 Ticket + $500

Service Quality

Name Achievement Reward
Order Expert Get a 100% Waiting Score on 20 orders $70
Oven Expert Get a 100% Baking Score on 20 orders $70
Build Expert Get a 100% Building Score on 20 orders $70
Batter Expert Get a 100% Batter Score on 20 orders $70
Critically Acclaimed Get a Blue Ribbon from Jojo the Food Critic $40
Award Winning Cupcakes Get 5 Blue Ribbons from Jojo the Food Critic $100
Quality Assurance Get 90% Service Quality or higher on five different days $50
High Quality Get 95% Service Quality or higher on 20 different days $100
Perfect! Get a Perfect Score on 30 orders 3 Ticket + $100


Name Achievement Reward
First Paycheck Get your first paycheck on Pay Day $10
Month's Pay Receive your wages on four Pay Days $50
One-Stop Shopping Buy any 50 items from the Shop 3 Ticket + $50
Advertiser Buy any 8 Posters from the Shop $15
Interior Decorator Buy any 8 Furniture items from the Shop $15
Updated Wardrobe Buy any 8 Clothing items from the Shop $15
New Coat of Paint Buy any 4 Flooring or Wallpaper from the Shop $15
Upgrade Master Buy all of the Upgrades in the Shop $100
New Threads Change your worker's shirt, pants, hat, and shoes $20


Name Achievement Reward
Romano Family Serve everyone in the Romano Family Quartet $150
Scarlett and the Shakers Serve everyone in the band 'Scarlett and the Shakers' $50
Cupcake Closers Serve all of the Closers $50
New Faces Serve all of the new customers $50
Worker Reunion Serve all of the workers from Papa's other restaurants $60
The Gang's All Here Serve all of the customers! 5 Ticket + $300
Costumed Closers Serve all of the Costumed Closers during Halloween $50
Lump of Coal Burn Santa's Cupcakes $35
Jack Attack Serve 12 customers wearing the Jack O'Lantern mask $30
Team Player Serve Pinch Hitwell wearing the Batters shirt, pants, and hat $30
Fancy Serve Georgito wearing the Green Top Hat and Monocle $30
Sarge Service Serve Sarge Fan wearing the Sarge Sweater and Onion Knit Hat $30
25 Days of Christmas Serve 25 customers wearing the Santa hat $30
Beach Buddies Serve Chuck wearing the Tropical Shirt, Sunglasses, Puka Wrist, Puka Necklace $40
Daredevil Serve Boomer wearing the Red Cape and Boomer Helmet $40


Name Achievement Reward
Game Show Contestant Play all of Foodini's Mini-Games $25
Winner! Earn a Prize in one of Foodini's Mini-Games $15
Skillful Contestant Earn a Prize in each of Foodini's Min-Games $20
Big Winner Earn 20 Prizes in Foodini's Mini-Games $30
Grand Prize Winner Earn 5 Prizes or more in each of Foodini's Mini-Games $50
Sharpshooter Shoot 20 flying Lettuce Larks in Saucy Shot $35


  • The representative gameria color of Papa's Cupcakeria is pink.
  • This is the only game (including Cupcakeria To Go! and HD) where customers order two of something but with different toppings. However, there are some customers who will order the same toppings for each cupcake.
  • Instead of being scooped from bins, toppings like chocolate chips and sprinkles are poured from shakers.
  • Georgito, Pinch Hitwell, Boomer, Sarge Fan, and Chuck all have their own badge. They involve the worker wearing certain clothes when serving them.
  • There was a glitch where Rank 5's name was invisible during the early versions of the game. It has since been fixed.
  • Saucy Shot, which is played the same way as Hot and Cool Shot from past Gamerias, is the only new mini-game played after a day of serving customers.
    • This is also the first Gameria not to feature Customer Cravings. This is mainly because customers' orders can vary depending on the holiday.
  • The jingle you hear when you unlock a new customer and/or ingredient have changed in this game, and has been used ever since.
  • The title screen music is a remix of Leaf Landing and Lettuce Lane themes from Papa Louie 2 with a playful melody.
  • The badge "Better than Papa" is replaced by "Papa's Return" in this game.
  • All closers like all of the holidays.
  • There are no badges for achieving on certain ranks but there is one for unlocking Papa Louie.
  • How the closers dress for Halloween:
    • Trishna: Princess
    • Radlynn: Radley Madish
    • Xolo: Clown
    • Mayor Mallow: Ghost
    • Quinn: Cat
    • Kenji: Luchador
    • Jojo: Superhero
  • This is the first Gameria to feature Wally as an unlockable customer that is not on Rank 15.
  • After unlocking Papa Louie and the season changes, Louie won't be the first customer to come in.
  • Some customers wear something different when it's their favorite holiday. Some examples are Sasha, Xandra, and Hank.
  • The closer is always the one seen walking off at the end of the day, even if they are not the last customer served.
  • Kingsley, Rico, Clover, and Rita wear new outfits, which first appeared as costume options in Papa Louie 2: When Burgers Attack!
  • Some of the closers, especially Xolo, will order different Frostings when the holidays change.
  • There is a mistake for one of the prizes in Pizza Pachinko: the prize in question is a skirt from the Tastyville Tomatoes outfit, but the description says, "From the Buffalo's uniform".
  • There is a glitch when a player (custom or not) wears a short sleeve jacket and wears a long sleeve shirt, there will be gaps showing skin.
  • This is the first Gameria since Papa's Pizzeria where gold customers could just come whenever they want rather than come when everyone else is gold as well. Because of this, getting the "Go For The Gold" badge will take longer when compared to the other previous Gamerias.
    • Customers can arrive during their favorite holiday even if they're a gold customer. Once you reach the point where 7 customers come in every day, 3 of them will favor the current holiday, another 3 who don't favor the current holiday, and then the closer.
  • If you look closely at Frostfield's town clock, the hour and minute hand matches the user's computer time, making the first Gameria to have its own built in time.

    The clock. The computer's time was 7:52, and so is the clock's

  • All customers who debuted on a certain holiday will have it as a favorite holiday.
  • Some customers bring some stuff in to celebrate the holidays:
    • Valentine's Day - Rose
    • St. Paddy's Day - Irish Flag
    • Easter - Basket Full of Grass
    • Onionfest - Onion Staff
    • Summer Luau - Hand Fan
    • Starlight Jubilee - Sparkler
    • Baseball Season - Foam Finger or Baseball Mittens (from Hot Doggeria)
    • Pirate Bash - Hook Hand
    • Halloween - Jack-O-Lantern Basket
    • Thanksgiving - Turkey Leg
    • Christmas - Candy Cane
    • New Year - Rainbow Noisemaker
  • There is a glitch with the alarms. When you swap the position of an uncooked cupcake and a ringing one using the raw one, the raw one will be on the alarming cooker but the alarm is still moving and the cooked one's alarm wouldn't ring.
  • The "We Love Jojo" poster does not return in this game.
  • The basic liners will never return after holidays are unlocked.
  • Some of the drink tables are marked as certain holiday tables. For example: the large Christmas Table holds the coffee maker and cups while the large Summer Luau table holds the punch bowl and coconut cups.
  • There is a glitch in the Build Station. If you click on a topping while the cupcakes are being sent for evaluation, the topping will be poured from the customer's face, but this does not effect your score.
  • If a customer orders different toppings on each cupcake, and each combinations are on the opposite sides than what they originally ordered, it will not affect your score.
  • This is the last gameria in which the other chef in the game is a tutorial customer.
  • This is the first gameria where there is an indication between bronze, silver, and gold customers
  • This is the last gameria where the other chef, or other gender chef appears in the game as a customer. This is because servers and the dining room have been introduced in Pastaria onwards.
  • This is the only gameria where anything can be unlocked after Papa Louie appears.
  • This is the first game where Foodini is not unlocked before Papa Louie.
  • The order of holiday toppings is this pattern: Topping, sprinkles, drizzle, topping, topping, then topping, drizzle, sprinkles, topping, topping.
  • This is the first game where when you unlock a holiday, certain ingredients are already unlocked
  • This is the first Gameria where Rita does not wear her Burgeria uniform. Instead, she wears an updated version of her original outfit from Papa's Pizzeria, but wears a skirt instead of jeans.


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