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Papa's Freezeria is the fourth game in the Papa Louie restaurant time-management game series. The game takes place on Calypso Island, with the workers being Alberto and Penny. A trailer was released on Flipline Studios' YouTube channel on June 21, 2011, before an official announcement was made on the Flipline Studios Blog on July 12, 2011. The game was officially released on August 5, 2011.


Beat the Summer Heat with Papa's Freezeria!

You've just landed an amazing summer job on the tropical island of Calypso. Papa's Freezeria is an ocean front ice cream shop that will surely be a relaxing way to spend the summer. That is until Papa Louie takes off, leaving you in charge during the peak of tourist season. Boat loads of customers are coming to Calypso Island in search of the best Freezer treats around.

This latest game features dozens of syrups, candies, and toppings that unlock as you play, and a variety of new and returning customers looking to beat the heat with your ice cream sundaes. The time-management and hands-on gameplay of the series is back, with new challenges related to blending ingredients and serving the right amount of ice cream in sundae cups. Challenging "Closer" customers and the Food Critic return from "Papa's Taco Mia!", as well as weekly paychecks, upgrades, and 80 in-game Badges to earn while serving ice cream.

New to the series, the sundae shop features over 100 lobby decorations that you can purchase in the Furniture Shop, with each item affecting your scores while playing. You can place decorations any way you like in your lobby, letting you fully customize your shop with wallpaper, posters, furniture and more. Go for a Tiki Island theme, add bookshelves and coffee stands, fill the room with jukeboxes - the choice is yours!

Game Features

  • Time-management cooking sim in the Papa Louie universe
  • All-new sundae-building mechanics
  • Unlock a variety of toppings, syrups, and ingredients
  • Over 50 unique customers to serve
  • Challenging "Closer" customers and Food Critic return
  • 80 in-game achievements to earn
  • Fully customizable lobby, with over 100 items to purchase
  • Weekly paychecks and raises as you level up
  • Free to play online!

Blog Announcement

We are super excited to announce Papa Louie’s next restaurant extravaganza: Papa’s Freezeria!

The biggest addition to this game is the fully customizable lobby! Now you can use your hard earned tips to buy all sorts of furniture, wallpaper, and flooring that can be arranged however you like. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!


  • 07/12/2011: Sneak Peek: Papa’s Freezeria! [3]
  • 08/05/2011: Papa’s Freezeria grand opening! [4]



Alberto/Penny is reading the training manual for his/her new job at Papa's Freezeria, Papa Louie's new restaurant on Calypso Island. The manual indicates "Stress-Free Work", and workers can decorate the store as he/she wishes (provided that they pay for it themselves in fine print). Now wearing the official uniform, Papa Louie gives him/her a tour of his new restaurant. Papa then leaves him/her for his next adventure, immediately after which Alberto/Penny notices what appears to be a ship in the distance. Upon taking a closer look, he/she sees that the cruise ship S.S. Louie is heading towards the dock. Upon arrival, all of Papa Louie's customers exit the ship, and head over to the Freezeria, much to his/her dismay.


The workers in this game are Alberto and Penny. The default uniform consists of a violet and white striped shirt with a red collar, dark red pants, and white shoes with black laces and soles.

Chefs freezeria


(Debutants in bold)


(Debutants in bold)


(Closers in bold)



Cup Sizes

Freezeria cups



Mixing Syrups



Whipped Creams

Freezeria toppings


Sauce Toppings

Placeable Toppings


Rank Number Rank Name Minimum Total Points Weekly Pay Unlocks
1 Newbie 0 $100 -
2 Trainee 300 $105 Strawberry Syrup
3 Tray Cleaner 750 $110 Chocolate Chips
4 Cashier 1,350 $115 Kingsley
Large Cup
5 Part-Time Worker 2,100 $120 Doan
Creameo Bits
6 Ticket Handler 3,000 $125 Mint Syrup
7 Order Attendant 4,050 $130 Edna
8 Blender Apprentice 5,250 $135 Bananas
9 Chocolate Champ 6,600 $140 Butterscotch Syrup
10 Strawberry Server 8,100 $145 Small Cup
11 Vanilla Fan 9,750 $150 Shaved Mints
12 Banana Pro 11,550 $155 Chuck
13 Mint Master 13,500 $160 Banana Syrup
14 Creameo Pro 15,600 $165 Chocolate Cream
15 Peanut Buddy 17,850 $170 Sasha
Yum n' Ms
16 Cherry Champ 20,250 $175 Cookies
17 Marshmallow Master 22,800 $180 Blueberry Syrup
18 Candy Fan 25,500 $185 Sarge Fan!
Gummy Onions
19 Cookie Dough Pro 28,350 $190 Connor
Tropical Charms
20 Gummy Master 31,350 $195 Mindy
Rainbow Sherbet Syrup
21 Pineapple Fan 34,500 $200 Big Pauly
22 Sprinkle Server 37,800 $205 Peggy
23 Mint Shaver 41,250 $210 Allan
24 Banana Slicer 44,850 $215 Cecilia
25 Butterscotch Lover 48,600 $220 Clover
26 Cream Whipper 52,500 $225 Rita
27 Blueberry Expert 56,550 $230 Georgito
28 Sherbet Swirler 60,750 $235 Zoe
29 Blender Buddy 65,100 $240 Gino Romano
30 Syrup Specialist 69,600 $245 Tohru
31 Sundae Blender 74,250 $250 Mitch
32 Freezer Fan 79,050 $255 Sue
33 Master of Mixing 84,000 $260 Carlo Romano
34 Blender Expert 89,100 $265 Kayla
35 Sundae Topper 94,350 $270 Rico
36 Mixable Master 99,750 $275 Bruna Romano
37 Ice Cream Machine 105,300 $280 Roy
38 Blending Boss 111,000 $285 Akari
39 Top Topper 116,850 $290 Cletus
40 Part-Time Manager 122,850 $295 Vicky
41 Master of Sundaes 129,000 $300 Franco
42 Best Blender 135,300 $305 Maggie
43 Ice Cream King 141,750 $310 Little Edoardo
44 Sundae Shop Manager 148,350 $315 Olga
45 Dessert Legend 155,100 $320 Taylor
46 Freezeria Master! 162,000 $325 Ninjoy
47+ Better Than Papa! +7,050 (increases by 150 each rank) +$5 each rank -


Picture Name Cost Description
Doorbell Upgrade Transparent Doorbell $30.00 You'll hear when new customers enter, no matter where you are.
Booster Freezeria Blender Booster 1 $80.00 Hold down this Blender Booster to speed up the blending process.
Booster Freezeria Blender Booster 2 $80.00 Hold down this Blender Booster to speed up the blending process.
Booster Freezeria Blender Booster 3 $80.00 Hold down this Blender Booster to speed up the blending process.
Booster Freezeria Blender Booster 4 $80.00 Hold down this Blender Booster to speed up the blending process.
Chunky Alarm Freezeria HD Regular Alarm $90.00 Set this Alarm for when sundaes are blended to Regular.
Regular Alarm Freezeria HD Smooth Alarm $90.00 Set this Alarm for when sundaes are blended to Smooth.
Smooth Alarm Freezeria HD Chunky Alarm $90.00 Set this Alarm for when sundaes are blended to Chunky.
Auto Ice Cream Freezeria HD Auto Ice Cream $250.00 Automatically pours ice cream to the ideal amount for the best score!
Sundae Hat Freezeria Sundae Hat $60.00 So proud, you even wear the sundaes!
(Improves Waiting Score)
Straw Hat Freezeria Straw Hat $120.00 Stay in the shade with this straw hat.
(Improves Waiting Score)
Captain Hat Freezeria Captain Hat $180.00 Permission to come aboard?
(Improves Waiting Score)
Chef Hat Freezeria Chef Hat $180.00 Just like Papa!
(Improves Waiting Score)
Pirate Hat Freezeria Pirate Hat $180.00 Scourge of the Seven Sundaes!
(Improves Waiting Score)
Viking Helmet Freezeria Viking Helmet $300.00 Look like a Viking!
(Improves Waiting Score)
Royal Crown Freezeria Royal Crown $1000.00 Proof that you're Freezer Royalty!
(Improves Waiting Score)

Lobby Items

See Papa's Freezeria/Lobby Items


Name Achievement Reward Badge Picture
Work up the Ranks Reach Rank 5 $30 Freezeria 1217
Regular Worker Reach Rank 10 $50 Freezeria 1219
Freezer Career Reach Rank 20 $70 Freezeria 1221
Long Haul Reach Rank 30 $90 Freezeria 1223
Better Than Papa! Reach Rank 46 $200 Freezeria 1225
Spending Spree Buy any 50 items from the Furniture Shop $50 Freezeria 1227
Poster Motivation Buy any 8 Posters from the Furniture Shop $15 Freezeria 1229
Interior Decorator Buy any 8 floor decorations from the Furniture Shop $15 Freezeria 1231
Mixing Gear Buy all of the Mixer Upgrades $50 Freezeria 1233
Serving in Style Buy all of the hats $100 Freezeria 1235
Bronze Beginning Earn 5 Bronze Customer Awards $30 Freezeria 1237
Customer Service Earn 15 Bronze Customer Awards $50 Freezeria 1239
Silver Medal Earn 10 Silver Customer Awards $70 Freezeria 1241
Coming Back For More Earn 15 Gold Customer Awards $100 Freezeria 1243
Go For the Gold Earn Gold Customer Awards on all customers! $500 Freezeria 1245
Watch the Meter Get 20 Meter Bonus rewards in the Build Station $10 Freezeria 1247
Ice Cream Rewards Get 30 GREAT or AWESOME Bonuses on the Ice Cream Machine $20 Freezeria 1249
Mixable Meter Get 40 GREAT or AWESOME Bonuses on the Mixable Machine $25 Freezeria 1251
Super Syrup Bonus Get 50 GREAT or AWESOME Bonuses on the Syrup Machine $30 Freezeria 1253
Jackpot! Get 250 Meter Bonus rewards in the Build Station $100 Freezeria 1255
Build Expert Get a 100% Building Score on 20 orders $70 Freezeria 1257
Blender Expert Get a 100% Mixing Score on 20 orders $70 Freezeria 1259
Topping Expert Get a 100% Topping Score on 20 orders $70 Freezeria 1261
Order Expert Get a 100% Waiting Score on 20 orders $70 Freezeria 1263
Perfect! Get a Perfect Score on 30 orders $100 Freezeria 1265
Critically Acclaimed Get a Blue Ribbon from Jojo the Food Critic $40 Freezeria 1267
Best Restaurant Get 5 Blue Ribbons from Jojo the Food Critic $100 Freezeria 1269
Quality Assurance Get 90% Service Quality or higher on five different days $50 Freezeria 1271
High Quality Get 95% Service Quality or higher on 20 different days $100 Freezeria 1273
Romano Family Serve everyone in the Romano Family Quartet $150 Freezeria 1275
Franchise Friends Serve the employees of Papa's Pizzeria, Burgeria, and Taco Mia! $150 Freezeria 1277
Closer Collection Serve all of the Closers $50 Freezeria 1279
The Gang's All Here Serve all of the customers! $300 Freezeria 1281
First Paycheck Get your first paycheck on Pay Day $10 Freezeria 1283
Month's Pay Receive your wages on four Pay Days $50 Freezeria 1285
Syrup Sampler Unlock all of the Mixing Syrups $25 Freezeria 1287
Cup Selection Unlock all of the Cup Sizes $20 Freezeria 1289
Mixable Master Unlock all of the Mixables $25 Freezeria 1291
Topping Pro Unlock everything in the Topping Station $25 Freezeria 1293
Sundae Cap Serve 30 Customers while wearing the Sundae Hat $50 Freezeria 1295
Beach Bum Serve 40 Customers while wearing the Straw Hat $55 Freezeria 1297
Anchors Aweigh Seve 50 Customers while wearing the Captain Hat $60 Freezeria 1299
Culinary Cap Serve 60 Customers while wearing the Chef Hat $65 Freezeria 1301
Seven Seas Serve 70 Customers while wearing the Pirate Hat $75 Freezeria 1303
Sundaes from the North Serve 80 Customers while wearing the Viking Helmet $90 Freezeria 1305
Freezer Royale Serve 100 Customers while wearing the Crown $150 Freezeria 1307
Cherry on Top Serve 10 Sundaes with Cherries $10 Freezeria 1309
Sandwich Cookie Serve 30 Sundaes with Creameo Cookies $10 Freezeria 1311
Cookies Ahoy Serve 30 Sundaes with Cookies $15 Freezeria 1313
Banana Split Serve 30 Sundaes with Bananas $15 Freezeria 1315
Gum'yuns Serve 20 Sundaes with Gummy Onions $15 Freezeria 1317
Peanut Buttery Serve 20 Sundaes with Nutty Butter Cups $15 Freezeria 1319
Fruity Sundae Serve 30 Sundaes with Strawberries $25 Freezeria 1321
Candy Shop Serve 30 Sundaes with Yum n' Ms $25 Freezeria 1323
Tropical Treat Serve 30 Sundaes with Pineapple $25 Freezeria 1325
Do the Dough Serve 30 Sundaes with Cookie Dough $25 Freezeria 1327
Cookies n' Cream Serve 30 Sundaes with Creameo Bits $25 Freezeria 1329
Berry Blast Serve 30 Sundaes with Blueberries $25 Freezeria 1331
S'mores Serve 30 Sundaes with Marshmallows $25 Freezeria 1333
Chocolatey Serve 30 Sundaes mixed with Chocolate Syrup $25 Freezeria 1335
Berry Mixer Serve 30 Sundaes mixed with Strawberry Syrup $25 Freezeria 1337
Cool Mint Serve 30 Sundaes mixed with Mint Syrup $25 Freezeria 1339
Bananarama Serve 30 Sundaes mixed with Banana Syrup $25 Freezeria 1341
Plain Vanilla Serve 30 Sundaes mixed with Vanilla Syrup $25 Freezeria 1343
Follow the Rainbow Serve 30 Sundaes mixed with Rainbow Sherbet Syrup $25 Freezeria 1345
Choc on Top Serve 30 Sundaes with Chocolate Topping $15 Freezeria 1347
Buttery Serve 30 Sundaes with Butterscotch Topping $25 Freezeria 1349
Light and Fluffy Serve 30 Whipped Cream $25 Freezeria 1351
Rich and Creamy Serve 30 Sundaes with Chocolate Whipped Cream $25 Freezeria 1353
Berrylicious Serve 30 Sundaes with Strawberry Topping $25 Freezeria 1355
Do the Blue Serve 30 Sundaes with Blueberry Topping $25 Freezeria 1357
Semi-Sweet Serve 30 Sundaes with Chocolate Chips $10 Freezeria 1359
Rainbow Sprinkles Serve 30 Sundaes with Sprinkles $10 Freezeria 1361
Nuts for Sundaes Serve 30 Sundaes with Nuts $15 Freezeria 1363
After Dinner Serve 30 Sundaes with Shaved Mints $15 Freezeria 1365
Breakfast for Dessert Serve 20 Sundaes with Tropical Charms $15 Freezeria 1367
Getting Started Serve 4 Sundaes in Medium Cups $5 Freezeria 1369
Medium Master Serve 30 Sundaes in Medium Cups $25 Freezeria 1371
Super Size Serve 30 Sundaes in Large Cups $25 Freezeria 1373
Light Dessert Serve 30 Sundaes in Small Cups $25 Freezeria 1375



The Jay Is Games reward for the best of 2011

  • January 13, 2012: Tony Solary revealed that Papa's Freezeria and Cactus McCoy and the Curse of Thorns were both nominated for "Best of 2011" awards by Jay Is Games. While Cactus McCoy took first place in the Action-Platform category [5], Papa's Freezeria finished second in the Simulation or Strategy category. [6]


  • The representative Gameria color of Papa's Freezeria is purple.
  • This is the last Gameria in which the player has to get a gold award on every customer to unlock Papa Louie. Starting in Papa's Pancakeria, he will be the last customer unlocked by rank (reach "Better Than Papa!" ranking in Papa's Pancakeria, the rank before "Better Than Papa!" from Papa's Wingeria onwards).
  • This game has 8 order spaces, 5 are for building.
  • This Gameria is the first game where Papa Louie is not unlocked in his regular outfit. His swimsuit is available as a style C in Papa Louie 2: When Burgers Attack!
  • All customers order whipped cream with their sundaes, either regular or chocolate.
  • Every customer who debuted in the game (Utah, Ivy, Ninjoy, Kahuna, Gremmie, Captain Cori) has a yellow background for their picture on the customers section.
  • This is the first Gameria to introduce the speed boosters to help the food item cook faster.
    • This is also the only Gameria where the players also have a disadvantage to the booster, this being that it will overheat if used for too long at max speed.
  • Tony, Gremmie, and Hugo all order the same cup, mixing time, mixable, and syrup.
  • Kahuna and Ivy have the exact same order in Freezeria, but Ivy's is in a small cup and Kahuna's in a large cup.
  • This is the first Gameria where the build station isn't the one with toppings, but the one with things that make the sundaes, the second being Papa's Bakeria. The toppings are in the Top Station.
  • This game is sponsored by Armor Games on the Flipline Studios website.
  • This is the first Gameria where the customers eat the food instead of looking at it when the order is finished.
  • Beginning from this game, there is no cash register on the counter when the player takes orders.
  • There are 144 possible cup size/mixable/syrup combinations.
  • This is the first Gameria to introduce the new restaurant decoration system.
  • Edna is the first customer to order the Chunky Blend and Mindy is the first to order the Smooth Blend.
  • This is the last Gameria that does not feature Mini-Games.
  • This is the last Gameria that does not feature a parade.


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