Papa's Hot Doggeria is the seventh Gameria in the Papa Louie restaurant management series. It was announced on October 25, 2012, and was released on November 19, 2012. Taylor and Peggy, the winners of Papa's Next Chefs 2012, make hot dogs for the customers and fans at Griller Stadium.


  • 10/25/2012: Sneak Peek: Worker Uniforms [1]
  • 10/30/2012: Sneak Peek: New Customer!: [2]
  • 11/07/2012: Sneak Peek: Inside the Stadium! [3]
  • 11/12/2012: Preview: Papa's Hot Doggeria!!! [4]
  • 11/14/2012: Sneak Peek: The Pop Station! [5]
  • 11/15/2012: Sneak Peek: New Furniture Strategy! [6]
  • 11/19/2012: Papa's Hot Doggeria is released! [7]


Papa's Hot Doggeria is a home run!

It's opening day at Griller Stadium but the season tickets are all sold out! Looks like the only way to watch the games is to work for your old pal Papa Louie.

In Papa's Hot Doggeria you'll need to grill up juicy Hot Dogs, top them with a variety of condiments, and serve them to all the rowdy fans. You'll also have your hands full popping up fresh popcorn, and pouring a crazy amount of drinks for your hungry customers. Meet all new faces, cheer on your favorite team, and even take a swing in the Home Run Derby!


Taylor/Peggy/Custom Worker is excited for the opening day of baseball season at Griller Stadium. He/She waits in line for season tickets. However, when he/she finally gets to the ticket window, the ticket seller brings out the "Sold Out" sign, meaning that Taylor/Peggy/custom worker is now out of luck. He/She sadly walks away, but then sees an ad for Papa's Hot Doggeria, saying that the Hot Doggeria needs a worker and that he worker will have the best seats in the game. He/She gets excited, and thinks that would be the best way to see the game. The next day, he/she comes to the stadium and Papa Louie meets him/her and gives him/her the keys to the Hot Doggeria. Then he leaves to go watch the game. When the game starts, Taylor/Peggy/Custom Worker excitedly watches the game through binoculars, eating popcorn, seeing Pinch Hitwell at bat. Suddenly, Cletus' face comes into focus, blocking his/her view. He/She is then startled when they see Sue, Lisa, Cletus and Kingsley in line for food. Taylor/Peggy/Custom Worker spills his/her popcorn, and realizes that the job may not be as easy as he/she had thought.

New Features

  • A new furniture scoring system is introduced. Furniture now has visible points and freshness ratings.
  • Furniture is now categorized by theme by means of colored letter icons, and matching three or more themed items will boost points.
  • The counter's color and trim can be changed.
  • Customers do more things in the lobby, such as using gadgets.
  • Customers have more dance moves.
  • Customers have more reactions to their orders.
  • Badges and upgrades are unlocked with ingredients (i.e. you can't buy the Kielbasa alarm or see the Kielbasa badge until Kielbasa is unlocked).
  • After serving a customer, the player will be redirected to the most necessary station (if needed to grill meat only, it'll go to the Grill Station; if needed to take orders only, it'll go to the Order Station).
  • The hats can be used on any hair style, instead of coming with a certain one.
  • The help section has been revamped: instead of a large black background with green buttons, the help area can now be scrolled down and reviewed.


  1. Taylor/Peggy (Tutorial)
  2. Wendy (After Tutorial)
  3. Clover (Random)
  4. Robby (Random)
  5. Tony (Random)
  6. Roy (Random)
  7. Timm (Time)
  8. Ninjoy (Time)
  9. Skyler (Time)
  10. Gino Romano (Time)
  11. Mandi (Time)
  12. Tohru (Day 2)
  13. Scooter (Rank 2)
  14. Greg (Rank 3)
  15. Rita (Rank 4)
  16. Shannon (Rank 5)
  17. Marty (Rank 6)
  18. Zoe (Rank 7)
  19. Penny (Rank 8)
  20. Professor Fitz (Rank 9)
  21. Little Edoardo (Rank 10)
  22. Rico (Rank 11)
  23. Yippy (Rank 12)
  24. Chuck (Rank 13)
  25. Big Pauly (Rank 14)
  26. Wally (Rank 15)
  27. Clair (Rank 16)
  28. Nick (Rank 17)
  29. James (Rank 18)
  30. Kahuna (Rank 19)
  31. Prudence (Rank 20)
  32. Radlynn (Rank 21)
  33. Cletus (Rank 22)
  34. Maggie (Rank 23)
  35. Cecilia (Rank 24)
  36. Ivy (Rank 25)
  37. Hugo (Rank 26)
  38. Mitch (Rank 27)
  39. Sasha (Rank 28)
  40. Connor (Rank 29)
  41. Johnny (Rank 30)
  42. Willow (Rank 31)
  43. Kingsley (Rank 32)
  44. Allan (Rank 33)
  45. Lisa (Rank 34)
  46. Sarge Fan! (Rank 35)
  47. Mindy (Rank 36)
  48. Edna (Rank 37)
  49. Bruna Romano (Rank 38)
  50. Doan (Rank 39)
  51. Utah (Rank 40)
  52. Olga (Rank 41)
  53. Alberto (Rank 42)
  54. Matt (Rank 43)
  55. Mary (Rank 44)
  56. Georgito (Rank 45)
  57. Carlo Romano (Rank 46)
  58. Kayla (Rank 47)
  59. Cooper (Rank 48)
  60. Akari (Rank 49)
  61. Franco (Rank 50)
  62. Hank (Rank 51)
  63. Gremmie (Rank 52)
  64. Xandra (Rank 53)
  65. Captain Cori (Rank 54)
  66. Vicky (Rank 55)
  67. Sue (Rank 56)
  68. Foodini (Rank 57)
  69. Papa Louie (Rank 58)


  1. Bertha (Monday)
  2. Boomer (Tuesday)
  3. Xolo (Wednesday)
  4. Pinch Hitwell (Thursday)
  5. Quinn (Friday)
  6. Kenji (Saturday)
  7. Jojo (Sunday)


Closers are in bold.













Rank Number Rank Name Total XP (+2100 each rank from Rank 13 onwards) Payday increase (+$5 each rank) Unlocks
1 Newbie Start $100
2 Trainee 300 $105 Scooter, Onions
3 Tray Cleaner 750 $110 Greg, Tomato Wedges
4 Cashier 1,350 $115 Rita, Italian Sausage
5 Sausage Griller 2,100 $120 Shannon, Papa's Ballpark Mustard
6 Mustard Master 3,000 $125 Marty, Sport Pepper
7 Pepper Sport 4,050 $130 Zoe, Marinara Sauce
8 Marinara Master 5,250 $135 Penny, Hoagie Roll
9 Bun Buddy 6,600 $140 Professor Fitz, Hyper Green
10 Thirst Quencher 8,100 $145 Little Edoardo, Sauerkraut
11 Sauerkrauter 9,750 $150 Rico, Kielbasa
12 Kielbasa Cooker 11,550 $155 Yippy, Candy Jack
13 Candy Jacksmith 13,500 $160 Chuck, Pineapple Relish
14 Pineapple Pro 15,600 $165 Big Pauly, Diet Fizzo
15 Calorie Cutter 17,700 $170 Wally, Mayo
16 Master of Mayonnaise 19,800 $175 Clair, Kettle Corn
17 Corn Kettler 21,900 $180 Nick, Pretzel Bun
18 Pretzel Pro 24,000 $185 James, Fajita Veggies
19 Fajita Fan 26,100 $190 Kahuna, Dr. Cherry
20 Drink Doctor 28,200 $195 Prudence, Pickle
21 Pro Pickler 30,300 $200 Radlynn, Veggie Dog
22 Vegetarian 32,400 $205 Cletus, Chocolate Popcorn
23 Chocolatier 34,500 $210 Maggie, Hot Sauce
24 Hot Sauce Hero 36,600 $215 Cecilia, Lemon Mist
25 Lemon Mist Master 38,700 $220 Ivy, Pumpernickel Bun
26 Pumpernickel Pro 40,800 $225 Hugo, Red Hot Popcorn
27 Red Hot Hero 42,900 $230 Mitch, Salsa
28 Salsa Server 45,000 $235 Sasha, Cheddarwurst
29 Cheddar Champ 47,100 $240 Connor, Tangerine Pop
30 Soda Jerk 49,200 $245 Johnny, Bacon
31 Bacon Buddy 51,300 $250 Willow, Cinnamon Swirl
32 Cinnamon Swirler 53,400 $255 Kingsley, Mushrooms
33 Mushroom Master 55,500 $260 Allan, Root Beer
34 Root Beer Buddy 57,600 $265 Lisa, Cheddar Corn
35 Cheese Champ 59,700 $270 Sarge Fan, Wild Onion Sauce
36 Onion Wrangler 61,800 $275 Mindy, Purple Burple
37 Burple Buddy 63,900 $280 Edna, Cotton Puffs
38 Candy Fan 66,000 $285 Bruna Romano
39 Cheese Grater 68,100 $290 Doan
40 Chili Champion 70,200 $295 Utah
41 Relish Pickler 72,300 $300 Olga
42 Ketchup Squirter 74,400 $305 Alberto
43 Hot Dog Hero 76,500 $310 Matt Neff
44 Chicago Dogger 78,600 $315 Mary
45 Bun Splitter 80,700 $320 Georgito
46 Tomato Slicer 82,800 $325 Carlo Romano
47 Baseball Buddy 84,900 $330 Kayla
48 Pinch Hitter 87,000 $335 Cooper
49 Hot Dog Warrior 89,100 $340 Akari
50 Employee Of The Year 91,200 $345 Franco
51 Order Expert 93,300 $350 Hank
52 Grill Expert 95,400 $355 Gremmie
53 Build Expert 97,500 $360 Xandra
54 Pop Expert 99,600 $365 Captain Cori
55 Restaurant Manager 101,700 $370 Vicky
56 Restaurant Legend 103,800 $375 Sue
57 Doggeria Master 105,900 $380 Foodini
58 Stadium Superstar 108,000 $385 Papa Louie
59+ Better Than Papa! +2100 points for each Rank +$5 for each Rank


This is a list of every item that can be bought on the shop.


Name Cost Description
Doorbell $30.00 You will hear when new customers enter, no matter where you are.
Alert when new customers enter.
Grill Booster 1 $120.00 Hold down the booster to cook your food faster.
Cook faster.
Grill Booster 2 $120.00 Hold down the booster to cook your food faster.
Cook faster.
Grill Booster 3 $120.00 Hold down the booster to cook your food faster.
Cook faster.
Grill Booster 4 $120.00 Hold down the booster to cook your food faster.
Cook faster.
Hot Dog Alarm $150.00 These alarms will automatically alert you when to flip or remove Hot Dogs.
Alerts when cooking.
Italian Sausage Alarm $150.00 These alarms will automatically alert you when to flip or remove Ital. Sausages.
Alerts when cooking.
Kielbasa Alarm $150.00 These alarms will automatically alert you when to flip or remove Kielbasa.
Alerts when cooking.
Veggie Dog Alarm $150.00 These alarms will automatically alert you when to flip or remove Veggie Dogs.
Alerts when cooking.
Cheddarwurst Alarm $150.00 These alarms will automatically alert you when to flip or remove Cheddarwurst Dogs.
Alerts when cooking.
Soda Booster $150.00 Hold down the booster to pour your drinks faster
Pour drinks Faster.
Popcorn Booster $150.00 Hold down the booster to pop your popcorn faster
Pop corn faster.


Name and Theme Cost Description + Points
FurniLogoH Bat Fence $30.00 A baseball-themed fence.
Waiting Bonus + 30 Points
FurniLogoH Bookshelf $150.00 Grab a book while you wait.
Waiting Bonus + 30 Points
FurniLogoH Small Doggeria Table $35.00 A small baseball table.
Waiting Bonus + 10 Points
FurniLogoH Medium Doggeria Table $55.00 A medium baseball table.
Waiting Bonus + 20 Points
FurniLogoH Large Doggeria Table $75.00 A large baseball table.
Waiting Bonus + 30 Points
FurniLogoH Lemon Lime Gum $85.00 Refreshing citrus gum!
Lemon Mist Bonus + 20 Points
FurniLogoH Peanut Barrel $55.00 Snack while you wait!
Waiting Bonus + 30 Points
FurniLogoH Low Ball Lamp $80.00 Shine some light on the Hot Doggeria!
Waiting Bonus + 20 Points
FurniLogoH High Ball Lamp $80.00 Shine some more light on the Hot Doggeria!
Waiting Bonus + 20 Points
FurniLogoM Red Fireplace $120.00 Keeps your customers toasty!
Waiting Bonus + 30 Points
FurniLogoM Waffle Table $75.00 Don't eat the table!
Waiting Bonus + 40 Points
FurniLogoM Lumberjack Log $60.00 Take a break from chopping trees.
Waiting Bonus + 30 Points
FurniLogoM Large Pine Tree $75.00 Bring the forest inside in a big way!
Waiting Bonus + 40 Points
FurniLogoW Jukebox $450.00 Put on some tunes for your guests.
Waiting Bonus + 60 Points
FurniLogoW Spicy Garlic Flag $35.00 Show your love for Spicy Garlic Sauce.
Waiting Bonus + 20 Points
FurniLogoW Teriyaki Flag $25.00 Fly the flag of Terryaki Sauce.
Waiting Bonus + 10 Points
FurniLogoW Atomic Flag $50.00 You like spicy sauces. Be Proud!
Waiting Bonus + 20 Points
FurniLogoW Black Cherry Gum $85.00 Just what the doctor ordered.
Dr. Cherry Bonus + 20 Points
FurniLogoF Palm Tree $100.00 Bring that island feel indoors!
Waiting Bonus + 20 Points
FurniLogoF Treats Cooler $120.00 Have a treat!
Waiting Bonus + 40 Points
FurniLogoF Steak and Jake Arcade Game $500.00 Play Steak and Jake's arcade game. Beware, it's tough!
Waiting Bonus + 60 Points
FurniLogoF Cotton Candy Gum $85.00 So sugary!
Cotton Puffs Bonus + 20 Points
FurniLogoT Desert Cactus $100.00 Bring the desert indoors!
Waiting Bonus + 30 Points
FurniLogoT Chilifeather $80.00 Show that you're a Hotshot Champion!
Waiting Bonus + 20 Points
FurniLogoT Catcus Mccoy Arcade Game $450.00 Keep customers busy with McCoy's game!
Waiting Bonus + 60 Points
FurniLogoT Tangerine Gum $85.00 Sweet and tangy!
Tangerine Pop Bonus + 20 Points
FurniLogoB Hanging Plant $80.00 Bring some nature inside the restaurant.
Waiting Bonus + 20 Points
FurniLogoB Burger Block Wall $30.00 A wall of glass-block windows.
Waiting Bonus + 30 Points
FurniLogoB Burgeria Balloons $40.00 Celebrate!
Waiting Bonus + 30 Points
FurniLogoB Newspaper Stand $80.00 Set out some reading material.
Waiting Bonus + 40 Points
FurniLogoP Pizza Boxes $100.00 A large stack of pizza boxes.
Waiting Bonus + 30 Points
FurniLogoP Yellow Onion $100.00 Secret weapon of the Onion Ring.
Waiting Bonus + 30 Points
FurniLogoP Papa Louie Arcade $400.00 Papa's arcade machine is back!
Waiting Bonus + 50 Points
FurniLogoP Chocolate Gum $85.00 Chocolicious.
Chocolate Corn Bonus + 20 Points
FurniLogoO Foodini Velvet Ropes $100.00 A fancier Velvet Rope.
Waiting Bonus + 50 Points
FurniLogoO Foodini Hat $90.00 Foodini's famous hat.
Waiting Bonus + 30 Points
FurniLogoO Comic Books $150.00 Flip through some comics while you wait!
Waiting Bonus + 30 Points
FurniLogoO Gumballs $70.00 Something to chew while they wait.
Waiting Bonus + 20 Points
FurniLogoL Small Gilded Table $100.00 A small, gilded table.
Waiting Bonus + 20 Points
FurniLogoL Medium Gilded Table $150.00 A medium gilded table.
Waiting Bonus + 20 Points
FurniLogoL Large Gilded Table $200.00 A large gilded table to make your shop look fancy.
Waiting Bonus + 30 Points
FurniLogoL Papa Bust $250.00 Honor Papa with this solid-gold bust!
Waiting Bonus + 40 Points
FurniLogoL Velvet Rope $75.00 Keep customers in line with these classy barriers.
Waiting Bonus + 20 Points
FurniLogoL Marble Pillar $120.00 Hold up the roof with these fancy pillars.
Waiting Bonus + 30 Points
FurniLogoL Romano Painting $120.00 The Romano Family will love this tribute.
Waiting & Romano Tip Bonus + 30 Points
FurniLogoL Phonograph $175.00 A classy way to listen to some music.
Waiting Bonus + 30 Points
FurniLogoL Jacksmith Arcade $400.00 Play the medieval hit Jacksmith!
Waiting Bonus + 50 Points


Name Cost Description
FurniLogoH Diet Fizzo Poster $45.00 Half the calories!
Diet Fizzo Bonus + 20 Points
FurniLogoH Hot Dog Poster $50.00 Hot Diggity!
Hot Dog Bonus + 20 Points
FurniLogoH Sport Pepper Poster $35.00 Sporty!
Sport Pepper Bonus + 10 Points
FurniLogoH Stadium Poster $50.00 A limited edition print.
Waiting Bonus + 20 Points
FurniLogoH Mustard Poster $40.00 Classic yellow!
Mustard Bonus + 10 Points
FurniLogoH Ketchup Poster $40.00 The original hot dog condiment.
Ketchup Bonus + 10 Points
FurniLogoH Bun Poster $50.00 Warm and fluffy!
Regular Bun Bonus + 20 Points
FurniLogoH Large Window $75.00 Get a view of the outside.
Waiting Bonus + 30 Points
FurniLogoH Thin Window $45.00 Get a (smaller) view of the outside.
Waiting Bonus + 20 Points
FurniLogoH Tall Window $75.00 Let some light in.
Waiting Bonus + 30 Points
FurniLogoH Round Window $55.00 Peek out the porthole.
Waiting Bonus + 20 Points
FurniLogoM Cinnamon Poster $75.00 Sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar.
Cinnamon Swirl Bonus + 30 Points
FurniLogoM Kettle Corn Poster $55.00 A sweet snack!
Kettle Corn Bonus + 20 Points
FurniLogoM Mushrooms Poster $50.00 There's always room.
Mushrooms Bonus + 20 Points
FurniLogoM Kraut Poster $45.00 Great on sausages!
Sauerkraut Bonus + 20 Points
FurniLogoM Turkeys Poster $55.00 Show you're a fan of the Toastwood Turkeys!
Waiting Bonus + 20 Points
FurniLogoW Bacon Poster $35.00 Crispy and greasy.
Bacon Bonus + 10 Points
FurniLogoW Cheesy Poster $65.00 Look out for Pizza Monsters!
Cheese Bonus + 20 Points
FurniLogoW Red Hot Poster $55.00 So spicy!
Red Hot Corn Bonus + 20 Points
FurniLogoW Hot Sauce Poster $50.00 Add a little kick to your hot dogs.
Hot Sauce Bonus + 20 Points
FurniLogoF Pineapple Poster $35.00 Add a tropical flavor to your hot dogs.
Pineapple Relish Bonus + 10 Points
FurniLogoF Woollies Poster $40.00 Show you're a fan of the Woollies!
Waiting Bonus + 20 Points
FurniLogoF Flipline Poster $25.00 Thanks for playing!
Waiting Bonus + 20 Points
FurniLogoF Pickle Poster $45.00 Pickle dogs!
Pickle Bonus + 10 Points
FurniLogoT Salsa Poster $15.00 A frankfurter fiesta!
Salsa Bonus + 10 Points
FurniLogoT Fajita Poster $25.00 Add some peppers to your hot dogs.
Fajita Veggies Bonus + 10 Points
FurniLogoT Chiliria Poster $30.00 Keep Rico's dream alive of opening his own Chiliria!
Chili Bonus + 20 Points
FurniLogoT Cheddar Poster $25.00 Cheese please!
Cheddar Corn Bonus + 10 Points
FurniLogoT Root Beer Poster $35.00 A fan favorite.
Root Beer Bonus + 20 Points
FurniLogoB Jojo Poster $30.00 Show your love for the Food Critic!
Jojo Score Bonus + 10 Points
FurniLogoB Candy Jack Poster $60.00 Buy me some peanuts and Candy Jack!
Candy Jack Bonus + 20 Points
FurniLogoB Hoagie Poster $60.00 Be a Hero!
Hoagie Roll Bonus + 20 Points
FurniLogoB Mayo Poster $20.00 Cool and creamy.
Mayo Bonus + 10 Points
FurniLogoP Ballpark Poster $50.00 Only found at Griller Stadium, a regional favorite!
Ballpark Mustard Bonus + 20 Points
FurniLogoP Marinara Poster $45.00 Imported from the Marinara Saucequeducts.
Marinara Bonus + 10 Points
FurniLogoP Pumpernickel Poster $50.00 It's pumperiffic!
Pumpernickel Bonus + 10 Points
FurniLogoP Tomato Poster $55.00 Get a better score with tomatoes!
Tomato Bonus + 20 Points
FurniLogoO Veggie Dog Poster $55.00 Not a fan of meat? No problem!
Veggie Dog Bonus + 20 Points
FurniLogoO Kielbasa Poster $50.00 Tastes great!
Kielbasa Bonus + 10 Points
FurniLogoO Wild Onion Poster $55.00 Add some sweet onion sauce. It's wild!
Wild Onion Bonus + 20 Points
FurniLogoO Purple Burple Poster $60.00 Burp!
Purple Burple Bonus + 20 Points
FurniLogoL Hyper Green Poster $55.00 It's the thirst-quenchiest!
Hyper Green Bonus + 20 Points
FurniLogoL Relish Poster $25.00 Tasty on a hot dog.
Relish Bonus + 10 Points
FurniLogoL Buttered Poster $50.00 Drenched in butter!
Butter Popcorn Bonus + 20 Points
FurniLogoL Pretzel Poster $45.00 Try something different.
Pretzel Bun Bonus + 10 Points
FurniLogoL Cheddarwurst Poster $60.00 Filled with ripples of tasty cheese!
Cheddarwurst Bonus + 20 Points
FurniLogoL Samurais Poster $55.00 Show you're a fan of the Samurais!
Waiting Bonus + 30 Points

Wallpaper and Flooring

Name Price Description
FurniLogoH Wooden Wall $60.00 A light wood wall.
FurniLogoH Baseball Wall $60.00 Show your love for baseball!
FurniLogoH Green Carpet $60.00 Green carpeting for the shop.
FurniLogoH Yellow Tile $60.00

Yellow tile floor.

FurniLogoM Evergeen Wall $60.00 Deep in the forest!
FurniLogoM Silverware Wall $60.00 Ready to dig in!
FurniLogoM Herringbone Floor $60.00 A mosaic tile pattern.
FurniLogoM Hardwood Flooring $60.00 A fine hardwood floor.
FurniLogoW Wingeria Wall $60.00 Based on the Wingeria!
FurniLogoW Red Stripe Wall $60.00 Red stripe walls.
FurniLogoW Black Wood Floor $60.00 Black hardwood flooring.
FurniLogoW Red Checker Tile $60.00 Large red and yellow tiles.
FurniLogoF Swirl Wall $60.00 A light swirly wall.
FurniLogoF Sunset Wall $60.00 A calming sunset.
FurniLogoF Purple Carpet $60.00 Thick purple carpet.
FurniLogoF Lawn Floor $60.00 Smells like freshly-mowed grass.
FurniLogoT Hardshells Wall $60.00 Desgined like the team uniform.
FurniLogoT Hard Taco Wall $60.00 Crunchy!
FurniLogoT Linoleum Floor $60.00 Shiny and smooth.
FurniLogoT Wood Floor $60.00 Solid hardwood!
FurniLogoB Parsley Wall $60.00 Blue skies.
FurniLogoB Burger Block Wall $60.00 Blue and white bricks and blocks.
FurniLogoB Parsley Tile Floor $60.00 Large blocks.
FurniLogoB Blue Stripe Floor $60.00 Blue patterned flooring.
FurniLogoP Green Stripe Wall $60.00 Like the Tastyville uniforms.
FurniLogoP Multigrain Wall $60.00 The nostalgic Multigrain Fields.
FurniLogoP Tomato Floor $60.00 Tomato decals on the floor!
FurniLogoP Multigrain Tile $60.00 From Papa's adventures.
FurniLogoO Foodini Curtain $70.00 From Foodini's game show.
FurniLogoO Ticket Wall $70.00 Gotta get your tickets!
FurniLogoO Golden Tile Floor $75.00 So sparkly!
FurniLogoO Foodini Floor $75.00 Purple with stars.
FurniLogoL Gray Brick Wall $70.00 Small gray bricks.
FurniLogoL White Wall $70.00 White wall with a block pattern.
FurniLogoL Teal Curtain $70.00 A blue-green curtain.
FurniLogoL Cobblestone Floor $75.00 Varied sizes of stones.
FurniLogoL Dark Stripe $75.00 A rich carpet.
FurniLogoL Light Tile Floor $75.00 Light and gray tiles.


Name Price Description (Male) Description (Female)
Worker Visor $25.00 The classic Gameria visor.
Blue Bandana $55.00 Keep your head covered with this bandana.
Jojo Beret $75.00 Now you're prepared to be a Food Critic too.
Ranger Hat $75.00 Join the Maple Mountain Rangers!
Orange Cap $25.00 A backwards orange cap.
Green Cap $25.00 A backwards green cap.
Pink Hat $25.00 A backwards pink cap.
Chef Hat $125.00 Just like Papa Louie!
Royal Crown $250.00 Gameria Royalty!
Sombero $95.00 Ready for a fiesta!
Straw Hat $85.00 Stay in the shade.
Pirate Hat $100.00 Ahoy!
Foodini Hat $120.00 Fit for a game show host!
Cowboy Hat (This becomes a standard clothing if your chef is Peggy) $110.00 Go for a Western look.
Fur Cap $100.00 Stay warm in this fur cap.
Viking Helmet $150.00 Show off your wild side -- or your weird side.
Knit Hat $85.00 A red knit winter hat.
Yellow Hat $85.00 A long yellow winter hat.
Batters Hat $45.00 Baseball cap for the Batters.
Samurais Hat $45.00 Baseball cap for the Samurais.
Woolies Hat $45.00 Baseball cap for the Woollies.
Gondoliers Hat $45.00 Baseball cap for the Gondoliers.
Turkeys Hat $45.00 Baseball cap for the Turkeys.
Wingeria Shirt $65.00 Just like the Wingeria!
Tropical Shirt $50.00 Chuck's favorite shirt! Chuck's favorite shirt, now for ladies!
Green Shirt/Green Top $50.00 A green striped shirt. A green striped top.
Western Shirt $75.00 Giddy'up!
White Shirt/White Top $90.00 A crisp white dress shirt. A loose and casual white top.
Pastel Shirt/Pastel Top $65.00 A light blue shirt. A cute pink top.
McCoy Shirt $70.00 Dress like you're under the Curse of Thorns.
Rugby Shirt $50.00 The perfect shirt for summer.
Papa Louie Tee $70.00 Papa Pride!
Sarge Sweatshirt $80.00 Sarge Fan would be so jealous.
Aqua Zip-up $90.00 Zip it up!
Xolo Tank/Xandra Tank $100.00 Blend in with Xolo and Xandra!
Star Shirt/Star Top $80.00 You're a star!
Guppy Sweater $85.00 Show your love for the Guppy!
Turtleneck $85.00 Stylish and sophisticated.
Owly Tee $60.00 Mandi's favourite shirt, now for guys! Mandi's favorite shirt!
Red Tee (This becomes a standard clothing if your chef is Taylor) $60.00 A plain red T-shirt.
Plaid Shirt (This becomes a standard clothing if your chef is Peggy) $70.00 A western plaid shirt.
Black Pants $25.00 Basic black pants.
White Pants/White Skirt $25.00 Clean white pants. Clean white skirt.
Blue Pants $25.00 A pair of blue pants.
Blue Jeans (This becomes a standard clothing if your chef is either Taylor or Peggy) $30.00 Keep it casual with blue jeans.
Stonewash Jeans $30.00 Lighter, stonewashed blue jeans. -
Blue Skirt $40.00 - A casual blue skirt.
Khaki Pants $35.00 Comfortable khaki slacks. -
Khaki Skirt $40.00 - A comfortable khaki skirt.
Orange Pants $35.00 Bright orange pants!
White Stripes $40.00 Black and white pinstripe pants. -
Striped Skirt $50.00 - A black and white pinstripe skirt.
Pinestripe Pants $40.00/$30.00 Fancy brown pinstripe pants. Fancy pants!
Purple Pants/Purple Skirt $40.00 Funky purple-striped pants! A funky purple skirt.
Star Pants $45.00 Star-studded red pants, perfect for Starlight City.
Fireman Pants $50.00 Slide down the firepole in these Fireman Pants. -
Plaid Pants/Plaid Skirt $50.00 Red plaid pants. Classic red plaid skirt.
Camo Pants $40.00 A pair of camo pants.
Summer Skirt $40.00 - Yellow and white polka-dotted skirt.
Polkadot Skirt $50.00 - Retro pink and black polkadots!
Samurais Jacket $120.00 A Samurais jacket.
Turkeys Jacket $120.00 A Turkeys jacket.
Batters Jacket $120.00 A Batters jacket.
Woollies Jacket $120.00 A Woollies jacket.
Gondoliers Jacket $120.00 A Gondoliers jacket.
Lab Coat $150.00 Is there a doctor in the house?
Harrington Jacket $150.00 A classic light weight jacket.
Down Vest $150.00 Stay warm and cozy in this down vest.
Denim Vest $150.00 A casual denim vest.
Bomber Jacket $150.00 Take flight in this bomber jacket.
Blazer $125.00 Get dressed up for work.
Windbreaker $75.00 Keep warm in this lightweight windbreaker.
Blue Shirt (This becomes a standard clothing if your chef is Taylor) $65.00 Wear it over a T-shirt.
Brown Shoes $50.00 Basic brown shoes.
B-Ball Shoes $50.00 Hit the court with these shoes.
White Shoes $50.00 Clean bright shoes.
Black Shoes $50.00 Black shoes with brown accents.
Pink Shoes $60.00 Light pink shoes.
Blue Shoes $60.00 Connor's favorites on the courts.
Gray Shoes $50.00 A pair of gray shoes.
Red Shoes $60.00 Bright red kicks.
Maroon Shoes $60.00 Dark maroon shoes.
Red Laces $50.00 Black shoes with red laces.
Yellow Laces $50.00 White shoes with bright yellow laces.
Fancy Shoes $60.00 Fancy shoes for hitting the town.
Anchor Belt $45.00 Anchor's Aweigh!
Checker Belt $45.00 Check it out.
Rivet Belt $65.00 A riveted belt.
Pyramid Belt $55.00 A belt covered in pyramid studs.
Bright Belt $45.00 A fabric belt with bright stripes.
Patterned Belt $45.00 A fabric belt with blue and purple patterns.
Wallet Chain $65.00 A belt with a wallet chain.
Utility Belt $85.00 Plenty of pockets and pouches to store your goodies.
White Belt $65.00 A white riveted belt.
Green Belt $45.00 A green fabric belt.
Western Belt (This becomes a standard clothing if your chef is Peggy) $45.00 It has a large belt buckle.
Sunglasses $60.00 Black sunglasses.
Monocle $90.00 Fancy and sophisticated.
Rose-colored Glasses $75.00 Makes everything look rosy.
Round Glasses (This becomes a standard clothing if your chef is a custom worker) $60.00 Large round glasses.
Gold Wireframes (This becomes a standard clothing if your chef is a custom worker) $60.00 Gold wireframes glasses.
Reading Glasses $60.00 Need help reading the tickets?
Aviators $75.00 Large aviator sunglasses.
Silver Frames (This becomes a standard clothing if your chef is a custom worker) $60.00 Silver wireframes glasses.
Black Glasses (This becomes a standard clothing if you chef is a custom worker) $60.00 Black stylish glasses.
Eye Patch $60.00 Arrrr! Set sail while wearing this eyepatch.
Clown Nose $50.00 Your customers will stop taking you seriously.
Orange Backpack $70.00 Stock it with your stuff!
Green Backpack $70.00 Fill it with books, or clothes!
Brown Bag $80.00 Keep all of your stuff handy. For boys AND girls!
Messenger Bag $90.00 Hit the streets in this stylish messenger bag.
Camping Pack $120.00 Hit the trails with this hiking backpack.
Red Cape $150.00 Look like a superhero in this red cape!
Purple Cape $150.00 Look like a count in this purple cape!
Plaid Scarf $60.00 Keep yourself warm in this plaid wool scarf.
Necklace $100.00 A sparkling necklace.
Puka Necklace $50.00 Some puka shells strung onto a necklace.
Red Necktie $50.00 A solid red necktie. -
Red Bag $50.00 - Hit the town with this bright red bag.
Striped Necktie $60.00 A striped necktie. -
Pink Purse $50.00 - You'll look great with this pink purse.
Foodini Bowtie $50.00 Just like Foodini! -
Foodini Bag $60.00 - A must-have for Foodini fans!
Green Bowtie $50.00 A green bowtie. -
Teal Bag $70.00 - Keep all your belongings safe in this bag.
Bracelets $20.00 Colorful plastic bracelets.
Gold Bracelets $50.00 Shiny gold bracelets.
Puka Wristband $40.00 Some puka shells for your wrists.
Gray Wristwatch $20.00 Got the time?
Gold Wristwatch $80.00 Tell time in style.



  • The representative gameria color of Papa's Hot Doggeria is cyan [8].
  • Pinch Hitwell wears a different uniform every time he comes in, according to what team is playing that day. He is the first (and currently the only) character to do so.
  • This game has 9 order spaces, just like Papa's Burgeria, however, only 6 is used for building spaces.
  • Both chefs Taylor and Peggy also appeared as first day customers in Papa's Pancakeria.
  • The Hot Sauce in this game is in the same bottle as the Mild Sauce from Papa's Taco Mia!.
  • The Fajita Veggies in this game are the same as the Peppers from Papa's Taco Mia!
  • If a worker (custom or not) wears Taylor's blue shirt (which is considered as a jacket) and a long sleeve shirt, then there will be gaps showing some skin.
  • This is the first Gameria since Papa's Taco Mia! where the customer looks down at the food instead of tasting it.
  • The first two posters on the scoreboard show what kind of hot dog and bun the first two customers will order. When the day ends, these posters do not appear.
  • This is the first game where you can see the first customer, but not the second, but still their orders.
  • This game gave six hints about the upcoming games. The first was Radlynn's shirt who has Radley Madish on it (thus giving a clue about Papa Louie 2), and the second is the team Frostfield Batters (which gave a clue about Papa's Cupcakeria), the third is the team Portallini Gondoliers (giving the clue of Papa's Pastaria, the fourth clue is the team Powder Point Woolies poster (giving the clue about Papa's Donuteria), the fifth is the team Toastwood Turkeys (giving the clue about Papa's Cheeseria), and the sixth is the team Sakura Bay Samurais (giving the clue about Papa's Sushiria).
  • After some ingredient is unlocked, the next rank will have a name that references it.
  • Xandra's order is the largest. Her order is also the only one to fill the entire order ticket.
  • Before all the popcorns are unlocked, some customers will not order popcorn.
  • Every customer will order popcorn once the one they want is unlocked. The popcorns they want don't change like the sodas might.
  • Some customers change their sodas if they are not unlocked with it, such as Timm.
  • This is the first game that introduces the concept of themes, specifically for use when it came to decorating the lobby within the game. Tony and Matt have revealed this in one of Quinn's Q&A. Each symbol represents the previous restaurants as well as one the main protagonist and his mini-game show host. In games with holidays, each symbol represents a holiday.
    • FurniLogoH: Hot Doggeria
    • FurniLogoW: Wingeria
    • FurniLogoM: Pancakeria
    • FurniLogoF: Freezeria
    • FurniLogoT: Taco Mia
    • FurniLogoB: Burgeria
    • FurniLogoP: Pizzeria
    • FurniLogoL: Papa Louie
    • FurniLogoO: Foodini
  • There's a glitch where the popcorn won't go into the box and will be on the outside. If the popcorn is sticking out and it's the one the customer wanted along with the soda they wanted they'll still give you 100% on the pop station.
  • A glitch can occur if a player clicks the 'next' button in the Build Station before a sauce or topping completely lands on a Hot Dog. The sauce or topping will stick up, but it doesn't greatly affect the score.
  • This is the final gameria featuring the minigame Customer Cravings because holidays are introduced in Papa's Cupcakeria and beyond causing the customers' orders to change every holiday. This is also the final gameria to not have holidays.
  • This is the final gameria (except for Papa's Cheeseria's Fry Station and Papa's Bakeria's Top Station) where the pourable toppings are in scoops, where later they are in shakers. This is also the last gameria where you can stop the pouring of toppings early by holding down the mouse button while pouring.
  • This is the only gameria (not counting Freezeria HD and Wingeria HD) that uses restaurants for the themes instead of holidays.
  • This is the only gameria that uses a different sound for the start of the day.



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